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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 06:13 pm

For Benson Henderson Bigger Is Better | UFC Lightweight Adds Pounds For Edgar Fight

“I’m a little bigger now. I’ve put on a little bit of size, yes. I wanted to do it the right way. No, no one does that. That’s not how it works. It takes three, four years to put on 10 pounds of solid muscle, actual legit muscle. It takes a long time, so I put on as much size as I would like to. I did put on a little bit of size. It has not personally affected my cardio at all. I’m able to go seven, eight rounds hard, fresh for each round, so it hasn’t really affected me negatively at all.”

On the recent UFC 144 media call that took place last week, UFC number one contender to the lightweight title, Benson Henderson, told the media that he has gained weight for this fight and plans on using it to beat Frankie Edgar.

You can listed to the full recorded audio HERE.


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35 Responses to “For Benson Henderson Bigger Is Better | UFC Lightweight Adds Pounds For Edgar Fight”

  1. Josh T says:

    Dope. Next UFC LW Champ!

  2. cody says:

    first hes got this

  3. frankie's mother says:

    hope he beats frankie’s ass

    • Sweet game plan says:

      I can already see next Saturday’s comments from all you….Oh Frankie has heart..oh Frankie is p4p the best, I knew Frankie was too fast for him..Frankie is my favorite fighter now……………………..listen Benson is a animal and will give Frankie trouble, but you guys should know, Frankie just plain and simple refuses to lose

      • Stevo the great says:

        Well it might be hard to refuse to lose in a guillotine or a rear naked choke. Frankie will win if he punches, but if it’s a ground fight Frankie has nothing on Bendo…….I think Bendo will take it, dude has mad skills!

      • frankie's mother says:

        no i will not say frankie is my favorite fighter.. i said i hope he loses.. there is a chance edgar might win of course.. u are such a faggot.. a lot of people refuse to lose but still lose.. oh yeah fuck your mother u stupid fag

  4. Chartmonster says:

    LW King Benson! Watchout FE fans..

  5. deepcountrykauai says:

    And new UFC lightweight champion of the world…..

  6. Matt says:

    He’s gotta catch Edgar first.

    • Dick Niaz says:


      Wrong strategy. Speed, speed, speed….

      Fe is fast as fuck, Bendo is gonna have to get his hands on Frankie, AND keep him down to win. I don’t see that happening. Cardio in the gym also doesn’t = cardio against a fighter that is WAY faster than anyone you’ve ever fought.

      I personally got Frankie as a heavy heavy favorite here. I’m not even an Edgar fan, I prefer fighters that finish or at least try to, and Frankie seems to have a VERY effective game plan that values winning rounds over going for finishes (last fight KO doesn’t change that to me) good for him.

      Pettis was speedy and crafty, Frankie is a bad matchup for Bendo.

  7. Scotty says:

    Just hope he comes in on weigh! He already pushes it with bringing in the towel or he extra hour.. Now he put on some size, he is going to have to do a little bit more to cut weight! So hopefully it doesn’t effect him.. But I see him beating Frankie but won’t hold the title long though!

  8. Joey says:

    nope BARBOZA is coming!!!

  9. hookercut says:

    yeah ben is the man wicked work ethic and mad cardio will be a great match up can see any one taking it but i like BENDO

  10. TrigenicKin says:

    If only size truly mattered when it comes to fighting. What a dumbass, the only thing he’s done is make his weight cut that much harder.

    • Dick Niaz says:

      I tend to agree here (unlike Taylor)

      If size where the key to winning fights, Brock would still have the belt, GSP would be about .500 in his last 10 fights and Gray Maynard and Gleison Tibau would be going in for their rubber match to decide which 190 pounder would claim the 155 strap.

      Frankie imo is the fastest fighter in MMA relative to the speed of his opponents. He makes top fighters look slow as all hell. It has been a very long time since anyone has been able to get a hold of Frankie, keep him down or even attempt to do any damage or submit him on the ground. His defensive wrestling coupled with his footwork and his boxing and head movement makes him VERY hard to get down, and if you do get him down, he gets up immediately.

      If Maynard couldn’t keep Frankie on the mat, what makes you think Bendo will? I see no reason to think Bendo has significantly better wrestling, maybe equal.

      Buzz like a butterfly sting like a butterfly…. 50-45 Edgar (maybe 49-46, even less likely 48-47 but Cecil could get in there and do his thing, anyway, all logical signs point to Edgar UD)

  11. TrigenicKin says:

    If only size really mattered when it came to fighting, all he’s done is make his weight cut harder on himself. What a dumbass.

  12. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think the extra muscle tissue will slow Bendo down much. I see this fight ending in the first round with Bendo as the new champ. Edgar’s ability to take punishment will not help him this time, Bendo will not gass out like Maynard did.

  13. Magoo says:

    Didn’t make a difference with Maynard, I believe it will be in Frankie’s favor, somewhere along the way this extra weight could lose Bendo some cardio,especially if it goes longer then 3 rounds. Go Frankie Go!

  14. E716 says:

    Ben is a beast but it truly is the dumbest thing i heard if you count frankie out of this fight or any fight

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