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Monday, 11/26/2012, 10:31 am

Following Second Cancellation Team Larkin Says It’s Obvious Rockhold Doesn’t Want The Fight | MMA NEWS

“If you receive a bout agreement and can’t fight you should say something right away. He’s putting a lot of pressure on matchmakers because they’re trying to put on this final card. What are you doing to Zuffa when you’re pulling out and they’re spending weeks on promoting the fight? Now they have to find a replacement fight and he needs to fight. When you think about it he hasn’t fought in six months. So it’s not only about fighting for a title but also from a financial stand point. It’s frustrating. You signed to fight; you signed a bout agreement so let’s fight.”

“For Luke, of course he wants to keep his title when he goes over to the UFC,” DeWitt said. “That’s going to be a bargaining chip when he restructures his contract for a UFC contract. I can see why this is a dangerous fight and obviously they don’t want to fight us.”

Luke Rockhold has only fought nine times in nearly 5 years. However he has gone on a nine-fight unbeaten streak in that time and managed to catch a Strikeforce title in the process.

While most of his time with Strikeforce has been marred with injuries, the champ has been dominant and pretty much willing to face anyone they put in front of him.

Following the announcement of his injury cancellation this past weekend the manager behind Strikeforce middleweight contender, Lorenz Larkin, told MMA Die Hard he believes Rockhold is pulling a duck job.



6 Responses to “Following Second Cancellation Team Larkin Says It’s Obvious Rockhold Doesn’t Want The Fight | MMA NEWS”

  1. Dana is Greedy says:

    This kid is a finisher I hope UFC picks him up..He fights out of Riverside Mo Val area where alot of good solid gym are popping up hope he gets his shot..Luke definately had something to worry about with him

  2. Xaninho says:

    Melendez did the same thing. They just want to hop over being the Strikeforce champ and get a better contract that way. UFC should acknowledge this bullshit and drive a hard bargain with them. If they’re not happy with the offer they can fight in Legacy or whatever other mma competition.

    • northseapoppa says:

      maybe strip them of their titles and make interim fights, whoever wins will be champ moving over to ufc. People who, like melendez, have cried off fights because they dont want to lose will be left having to reclimb the ladder

  3. strikefarce says:

    I’m soooo sick of melendez and luke. They are everything a champion should never be. They suck out of fights, fake injuries and think they can do as they want in a second rate strikeforce. They both are becoming the jokes of mma and if I was Dana they would not be welcome in ufc. Besides who have they really beat? As for Helendez, he’s fought no one and Luke beat Souza but I don’t think he really did. Grow up, suck it up and shut the fuk up ….. You both are little cry babies and can’t stan either one of ya!!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    I believe that Overeem is going to pusinh Brock with knees in the clinch and pick him apart with hands at punching range. If Overeem can back Brock up standing, he will get a KO/TKO. If Brock can cover up on his way to the clinch and drop levels to a single or double, I believe he will be able to get the fight to the ground and inflict much damage via G n P and possible TKO. Overeem has more tools and avenues to a victory where Brock could get lucky winging punches or win on the ground.

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