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Monday, 01/07/2013, 05:43 am

Following Guillard Victory Varner Eyes Rematch With Lauzon | UFC NEWS

“I want to start my retribution tour. I want to start fighting the guys that I’ve lost to. First would definitely be Joe Lauzon. I’d really like to fight Joe again.”

“I’m not going to take anything away from Joe. Joe’s awesome and he had an amazing game plan for me. The fact that he broke me down so technically, to the littlest move, like my head position on my double leg, and was able to capitalize on it, that’s incredible. It speaks volumes about him as a fighter and as a technician. I definitely feel that if we were to fight again and I had a full training camp, I would win that fight. I think it would be different.”

“I have to earn that fight with Donald, but I think with Lauzon, that would be a fight that I could arguably fight right away. It could be my next fight.”

– UFC lightweight fighter via


4 Responses to “Following Guillard Victory Varner Eyes Rematch With Lauzon | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    dude Joe Lauzon just lost a fight…
    Sorry Varner but that makes no sense.

    • @GetEducatedMMA says:

      No it does make sense. Because he may have llost but he was of higher rank then varner so the loss brings him down to varners rank. Not just that, Joe has a win over Varner, and there both 1-1 in their last two bouts. So actually, it makes perfect sense

    • Nick says:

      yeah, actually it makes sense. It was a great fight and would be a great fight again. They are both still in similar spots in the division, bro

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Oh oh it’s magoo bro, just so u know I got ur user name and email, why can’t this site get it right? It’s disregarded Sasquatch just letting u know.

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