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Monday, 04/15/2013, 07:35 am

Following Gonzaga Win Browne Wants Top 10 Opponent

“I think I’m starting to get some of the recognition that I may not have gotten before, and I think it’s due. I think I’ve put in some of my time — what’s this like my sixth or seventh fight in the UFC? And I’m coming off of one loss in my career and, yeah, I think it’s time for me to start moving up and get those shots like [Antonio] Silva and some of the guys in the top-10. If that doesn’t put me in the top-10 I’m sure I’ll be there shortly.”

Travis Browne put came back with a vengeance last weekend against Gabrielle Gonzaga. Stopping the former title challenger in the very first frame of action.

He now seeks top 100 competition.


2 Responses to “Following Gonzaga Win Browne Wants Top 10 Opponent”

  1. year of the lourd says:

    poor editing :(

    Gabrielle? That’s a girl’s name! and Top 100 competition? hahaha!

  2. TheTude says:

    His next fight should be against the Hunt JDS loser. Ive always thought Browne vs Hunt would be a great fight as would Brown vs JDS

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