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Friday, 02/07/2014, 06:27 am

Following Arrest, Thiago Silva Faces Multiple Charges, Including Attempted Murder

We’re going to be talking about this for days, so grab your popcorn.

As everyone is well aware, Thiago Silva, was arrested last night following a police stand-off at his Florida, home.

As we reported earlier, the UFC light-heavyweight fighter is having marital problems, including issues with famed jiu jitsu coach, Pablo Popovitch.

We got his mughsot earlier and a statement from Silva, now we have the charges he will face.

Check it:

Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon
Resisting office-obstuct without violence
Two counts of commit/attempt specified felony could cause death.(Attempted murder)

Want more on Thiago Silva’s legal issues, including what sent him over the edge? Click Here.


10 Responses to “Following Arrest, Thiago Silva Faces Multiple Charges, Including Attempted Murder”

  1. JJErler says:

    Did he shoot the gun? How is pointing a gun at someone attempted murder?

    • tim says:

      what else is the point of doing so? hello?
      “this is my weapon, and if u dont do what i want, i will tickle you with it, ok?”

      • Miguel de la Pena says:

        To scare someone. Hello?

        • hello? says:

          i just wonder what the us army do in the world with all their weapons. “they scare the shit out of all people! they NEVER kill or murder people!” bunkt.

        • Miguel de la Pena says:

          Yeah, if you have a gun, the only use is to kill or murder. Intimidation doesn’t exist? Hello? debunkt!

      • You're dumber than soap. says:

        That would be the aggravated assault with a firearm, jackass.

        • dumbass-soap-star says:

          i dont care what it is called. I DONT NEED A GUN to scare someone! stupid, just dumb if u need a weapon to scare someone.
          i served army in germany – and i THINK we didnt need the guns to scare someone else – just to kill !!!!
          THAT´S what a weapon is made for. JACKASS!

    • Brandon Canterbury says:

      If it had no bullets it wouldn’t be, but if it did than he will be charged.

  2. JJErler says:


    The judge explained, “The court does not believe at this time there’s enough set forth in the affidavit to support an attempted murder based on these facts.”

    He continued, “It just seems if he wanted to shoot Mrs. Silva, he would’ve done it. He didn’t do it.”

    The judge says he will pursue charges for aggravated assault with a firearm.

    Read more:

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