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Monday, 10/10/2011, 12:29 pm

Florian: "You have not seen the last of Ken-Flo"

Authentic Sports Management today issued the following statement from Kenny “Ken-Flo” Florian:

“First, I’d like to thank Jose Aldo for giving me the opportunity to compete for the featherweight title last Saturday. I gave the fight my all, but Jose won that night. I would also like to thank the UFC, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for their continued support.

I am passionate about mixed martial arts, and I love being involved in this sport. It is incredible to see how much MMA has grown and that, today, there are millions of people who enjoy the UFC as much as I do.

Second, everyone is asking what is next for me. The only response I can give right now is that I’m going to take some time. I want to rest, spend some time with my family and friends, and then evaluate all of my options. I’ll speak with Dana, and my manager, Glenn Robinson, and we will figure out my next move. When I make that decision, my fans will be the first to know. One way or another, you haven’t seen the last of Ken-Flo!”


36 Responses to “Florian: "You have not seen the last of Ken-Flo"”

  1. Kenny is going to try to make 135.He’s gunna challenge Cruz,fail,then

    • Ian Mearns says:

      No shit dude this guy is like the proverbial gate keeper every time i think of him i think of him crying about how he deserves a title shot and then getting choked out.

    • Dheeraj says:

      hes probaly going to have his daddy buy him the belt…. he’s a loser… if you cant hang with the bigdoggs (brazilians) get off the Fn porch!

      • sup says:

        you F****king dick your acting like being the number 2 guy is easy i would like to see you make the top 100 in any weight class. if being the number 2 fighter makes you a loser then your the biggest f***king disappointment.

  2. Jmad says:

    Next time we hear from Florian he’ll be announcing his move to bantanweight.

  3. MFbrian88 says:

    His next move is…drum roll……UFC commentator.

  4. Patrick says:

    Kenny aint a bad fighter i think 135 be very rough for him its tough to make 145 for him

  5. Tim says:

    You guys need to stop talkin shit he’s a great fighter and I actually thought he won that fight he got robbed

  6. HawaiiRN808 says:

    Kenny is a great fighter, but will NEVER win a belt in the UFC. If he wants to fulfill his dream of being a champion, he should go to a minor league organization and get his plastic belt there.

  7. Brown452 says:

    Florian won that fight, and Im not the only one who thinks that. Aldo hasn’t been the same in his last 2 fights and his next one maybe his last holding the title.

    • Fe says:

      LOL Kenny did not win that fight mate, he didn’t do anything accept hump Aldo up against the cage and fail numerous TD attempts.
      The only reason I can see for people thinking he won that fight was because Joe Rogan had his head up Kenny’s ass the whole fight and was so bias…..

      ….e.g Kenny’s ‘lieing flat on his back with Aldo kicking him and JR says “Kenny’s good from here”

      I do like Kenny though and hope he comes back soon to be used as a gate keeper because thats all he’ll be now.

  8. d says:

    he should replace goldberg as a commentator. would be so much better than that clueless tool

  9. Tom says:

    Needs to fire brother. Best coach in corner and brother won’t shut up.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Great Comment. My Bro and I have been saying that for quite a while. Kenny’s brother is the world chanp at throwing F-Bombs and that’s about all.

  10. Random Person says:

    He should be a judge.

  11. Tim says:

    Kenny threw slot more combinations and controlled the clinch pretty much the entire time of the fight it’s almost as if the judges gave the fight to Aldo because he was the favor to win these judges suck and there needs to be something done about it

  12. Glenn says:

    I thought Kenny won that fight too. 3 out of 5 rounds.

  13. Nova Uniao Rules says:

    Tim You are a nut. Leaning on someone for 2 minutes at a time on the fence should not give you a victory. Even Ken Flo knew he lost. You are the only one that thinks he won. Are you really Kenny’s brother. He leaned on Aldo the whole time. Whose face was busted up? Who got mounted 3 times? Who couldn’t take down there opponent? Kenny was all those. Jose hit him when ever he wanted. Tim learn something about mma before you talk thanks.

    • Alex says:

      Problem just is that people comment on stuff which they have no clue about. If you dont know how to score a mma fight, please stop commenting on them and embarras yourself! Aldo ofc won that fight and there is no doubt about!

  14. TheMajor says:

    If you think about it doing no damage from mount looks a lot worse then not getting a takedown. Kenny retained guard quick and got back up. Aldo scored well on aggression I’m sure, id give control to kenny for the most part, damage might not be too far apart, MMA is hard to judge Aldo did look better though. I believe kenny could of took the fight if he took that heelhook; I forget which round he got the grips but he let go for some reason. Could of been a different night. Oh well.

  15. kg says:

    to many florian fan boys. let be reall kenny didnt do anything to aldo. he didnt get 3 rounds not even close. he will probably move to another weight class or go to bellator or something and get a belt there. let him be a gate keeper and call it a day. as far as i am concerned you shouldnt get multiple title shots.

  16. Darrell Crosby says:

    Kenny is a very good fighter just not top of the food chain at 155 or 145. That said he’s probably gotten as much out of his natural talents as anyone and shouldn’t be on the receiving end of snide comments IMHO. The fight was properly scored 4 rounds to 1 for Jose but it was somewhat disconcerting to see Jose be so conservative for the 2nd fight in a row. While it may be smart to not attack more and expose yourself to the counters that were a big part of KenFlo’s strategy; I certainly hope he doesn’t intend to continue to fight as if he is a Jackson camp fighter. To those who much talent is given much is expected and while Jose has won the last two fights easily I would like to see him to get back to finishing his opponents on a regular basis versus playing it safe like some of his fellow titleholders.

  17. Joe W says:

    Florian’s face was busted up. Aldo landed some really clean and hard shots, but they were overlooked by Florian fanboys Goldberg and Joe Rogan. However, the replays at the end of each round and at the end of the fight clearly showed some clean shots. Florian fought the exact same way he fought BJ two years ago. That doesn’t show me that Florian has evolved at all.

  18. Mike Diaz says:

    Kenny’s options are very limited imo. One, if he really wants to hold a belt he can go kicking cans in another organization or overseas, maybe jump on Fedor’s card as co-main event! Two; which to me is not an option, he can commentate though in Rio he displayed what an absolute tool he is behind the mic ( plus he aint got that persona and plus it looks like his neck just threw up.) Next move, challenge Cruz, choke, and solidy his title as the ” Buffalo Bills of the UFC “……

  19. BJPennRules says:

    Nothing wrong with being the featherweight gate keeper..I think the lightweight division has passed him by I can name 10 LW’s that would destroy him..
    he should stay at FW and be a solid contender, but of course never a champion..he is a good fighter though.

  20. White Lightning says:

    I think Kenflo could have gotten the nod easily, and before you say i know nothing of MMA i have actually been training for 4 years now, And have been watching MMA since 2004. Aldo may have landed more of the harder shots and stuffed the majority of the take downs. But Kenny controlled the majority of the fight with take downs, attempted take downs, and controlling in the clinch and on the cage. He also landed more strikes than Aldo did. And was a little bit more agressive. I had Kenny winning it 3 rounds to 2. But Round 1 was all Kenny, 2 and 5 were Aldos for sure. and rounds 3 and 4 were close. Saying Kenny wasnt even close to getting 3 rounds is absurd. And Kenflo’s face may have had a bit more damage than Aldo’s but it wasnt like it was as bad as Diego Sanchez after his fight with Kampmann.

  21. Mike says:

    Kenny is like the Dan Marino of MMA. Really good, but no gold to show for it.

  22. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Please retire already Kenny you can’t win in big fights and just because you have been a silver spoon your entire life does not mean you should keep getting handed title shots one after another after one win. many fighters have beaten much better fighters than you have and gone on 6 fight win streaks without getting title shots. time for you to quit sucking on Dana’s knob and realize all the favortism and money in the world will never buy you a belt. I have a hard time deciding who is more overrated florian or Fitch (COINFLIP) both need to retire because they will never be the best.

  23. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Great fighter, but not good enough to be the best. Best gatekeeper, maybe…

  24. Artemis Entreri says:

    I’ll be glad to see Florian go; I’m sick of watching him trying to land elbows and go for the cheap cut stoppages all the time.

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