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Monday, 10/10/2011, 02:39 pm

Five Fighters Medically Suspended Following UFC 136

Five UFC 136 competitors have been medically suspended for injuries suffered during last weekend’s UFC 136 event in Houston, Texas.

The lengthiest of which was handed to down to main event participant Gray Maynard, who will be out 60 days for his knockout loss to UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar.

UFC 136 took place Saturday, October 8 from the Toyota Center in Houston Texas. The pay-per-view event featured a main event for the UFC’s lightweight title in a trilogy fight between champion Frankie Edgar and Challenger Gray Maynard that saw Edgar knockout his opponent in the fourth round. In the co-main event, Jose Aldo was able to outpoint Kenny Florian after five-rounds of action to win a unanimous decision victory.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation released the medical suspensions list this afternoon. Besides the aforementioned Maynard suspension, Frankie Edgar, Leonard Garcia, Eric Shafer and Mike Massenzio will all be sidelined for a specified amount of time.

The full list of medical suspensions is as follows:
• Frankie Edgar: Suspended until Nov. 23
• Gray Maynard: Suspended until Dec. 8
• Leonard Garcia: Suspended until Nov. 23
• Eric Schafer: Suspended until Nov. 8
• Mike Massenzio: Suspended until Nov. 23


16 Responses to “Five Fighters Medically Suspended Following UFC 136”

  1. Frankie says:

    I’m a bitch..

  2. DC says:

    F*ck Frankie edgar!

  3. JD says:

    What are the exact reasons for their suspensions?

    Anyone knows? 😉

  4. jeff says:

    I’m a Maynard fan going into this fight, was and still am. But after that performance by Edgar one can’t help but give the guy some respect. Dana White’s words at the post pc hold true to some extent if not completely. Gotta give respect where respect’s due, and after Saturday’s win, Edgar got mines.

  5. Sean says:

    I believe medical suspensions are mandatory when a guy is knocked out (Maynard), when they sprain a wrist or get stitches it’s a much shorter mandatory leave.

    By the way DC, show some damn respect to the Champ, he’s proven himself again.

  6. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    They always go overboard with the suspensions.

    • jeff says:

      I wouldn’t exactly say overboard, I think they’re just about right. Look, unless you’re a doctor (btw, i’m not) we don’t know exactly what is going on inside someone’s body after a fight. These doctors are just looking out for the best interest and health of the fighters so that we, the fans, will continue to see good fights out of them. Besides, most of these fighters have families to look after, so let’s keep them safe and healthy as much as possible shall we?

    • King says:

      Not really. All those blows to the head are extremely damaging. If someone gets knocked out or concussed even in football, they are sidelined for weeks or even the entire season such as michael westbook even though they wear a helmet. It’s not worth rushing it. The head needs to heal. I’m a huge fan, but the UFC is being smart.

  7. DaTruthDude says:

    LOL! These fags still can’t get over the fact that Edgar owned BJ when it’s been OVER A YEAR! It’s like the same BJ fags who still harp on Grease Gate after over TWO YEARS. I’m a BJ fan and will be cheering him on as he faces Diaz, but Jesus guys get over it. Frankie is a better fighter and GSP is a better fighter. You morons are the very definition of fanboyism.

  8. Random Person says:

    IF nobody chased edgar around the octagon, there would be no fight. IF Edgar fought himself it would be a draw of the lamest degree. Edgar is a chump.

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