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Wednesday, 08/08/2012, 03:01 pm

Fitch Calls BJ Penn A Coward Who Is Not Welcome At AKA

Nov 7, Tuesday:  Jon Fitch used a conference call meant to promote  AKA’s new “Fight Factory” reality series on Nuvo TV to call former UFC 2 division Champ, BJ Penn, a coward.

“Here at AKA, we’ve got fighters who come out to fight, fighters who will face anyone and don’t hide from any opponents.   You’ve also got cowards out there like B.J. Penn who say they want to fight people, but then they run and hide.”

Before Rory MacDonald got injured future UFC Hall of Famer, BJ Penn asked to train at AKA, but Fitch objected because, as Javier Mendes states:

“He still wants to fight Penn.”

The veteran welterweight was asked to clarify if he considered Penn a coward, Fitch said:

“Yes. He’s a coward. He wouldn’t be welcomed here.”

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182 Responses to “Fitch Calls BJ Penn A Coward Who Is Not Welcome At AKA”

  1. Xaninho says:

    I have to agree with Fitch here

    • fitchisabitch says:

      I respect ur opinion bro,even tho it sucks I respect it.but come on bro lets be real here Fitch is a fucking dickhead for saying that.respect the king bitch.Fitch that is……

      • macheetah says:

        Yeah I second that bro Fitch is too scared to stand with anyone, and when he does he gets knocked out! Xaninho is probably a big Fitch fan but damn how can someone agree to that

        • Xaninho says:

          And although I don’t like Fitch, he does have a point.

        • Coffee409 says:

          Fitch has only been KO’d once, dumb ass.

        • macheetah says:

          my point exactly you little turd, he always takes the fight to the ground but that ONE time he decided to try to strike, he got knocked out! Who’s the dumb ass now?! dumb ass

        • yeah boy! says:

          Bj Penn’s never neem KNOCKED DOWN ass wipe! Fitch’s been knocked out in seconds by Hendricks. fucker!!

        • Delta says:

          I wasn’t aware that fighting in a way that uses your strengths to their best advantage was being scared, macheetah.

        • lolol says:

          thats so ignorant if you to say. Every fight starts standing up. Moron. He has stood with every single one of his oppenets for atleast all together 2 rounds. You prob saw him vs that one dude who kod him in like 13 seconds and thats cause he got hurt. He stood with gsp and rocked gsp more than once.

        • Guss says:

          You need to educate yourself there macheetah. This isn’t the WWE and it’s not a popularity contest. It’s MMA. Very few people have the record Fitch does. In the UFC alone, in 16 fights, he’s lost 2 times, and 1 draw. Making 13 wins. Before losing to GSP he was unbeaten in 8 fights. With 5 consecutive wins after that. Before getting a draw and a loss. If you think he’s that much of a pussy and sucks, why don’t you step in the cage with him. Sheeeeeet, you probably couldn’t last 2 min with an amateur fighter. lol Arm chair “fighters” like you just have no clue. If you can even fight at all.

          And yes, Fitch does have a point. I’m a big fan of Penn, have been since he started in the UFC back in 2001. I’m also a fan of Fitch. Some of his fights can be boring, I agree, but no one can take anything away from his accomplishments. This is MMA, you fight using your strengths, and what has gotten you ahead. People have bad days, EVERYONE. Fitch may have won his last few fights by decision, but he at least works when he’s on the top position. A lot of guys will just lay on top of you giving you rabbit punches to get points. Fitch at least throws down heavy hands. Let’s just put it this way, if you aren’t willing to throw down and get punched in the face by professional fighters, you should just sit down and stfu. Don’t disrespect these guys, if you can’t put your ass on the line yourself.

        • Viper says:

          For a guy who was ranked #2 for a while, Fitch likes to fight a lot of unranked guys at the time ( no named guys ). Fitch is the real coward

      • Xaninho says:

        I did not post that. Some loser is posting shit under my name.

        • Yo says:

          The blanket pulls Fitch off in the morning.

        • EP says:

          HAHAHAHAH dude stop thats too much im fucking crying bro …. LMFAO

        • mmadred says:

          you said it all…..

        • chris says:

          Yes yes yes! Well theres my ab workout for the day hahaha

        • Bob'O says:

          Its WrestlingDork. Only a loser like him posts under other members names because he’s a coward. I am sure he will be banned from the new website though bro. ~Bob’O

        • Xaninho says:

          Yeah it’s either Wrestlingfag or that guy with the House avatar. They’re both butthurt because they can’t handle the truth being told.

        • gfy (go F*cK yourself) says:

          the guy with the house avatar?? Dude, I rarely ever come on here and comment, and second of all when I do, I love trolling ur gay ass bc its dun and you are the bigest Silva nuthugger. But seriously, its not me, trust me, bc I just tell you to your face that you’re a little bitch who sucks andy’s cock. also, these comment sections have gotten way out of hand with nuthuggers and just a bunch of losers whob have nothing better to do with their time than be the first to comment *cough*Xaninho*cough* … seriously bro, you have a life?? do you do anything else than keep refrehing this page OVER AND OVER again?? You’re prolly some fat ass sitting behind a computer switching between this page and WoW with you fat Cheeto stained fingers… go rub one out to some porn like you do everyday wishing you could ever know what a real pu*** feels like. You wanna know what one feels like?? just touch your face bc you just one GIANT LITTLE CUNT.

          There, see?? I don’t hide behind fake names. I tell the sh*t straight to ur face. :) That answer ur question buddy?

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m still not convinced it’s not you.

          You only tried to troll me, but never succeeded bitch. I made you eat your words time and time again. You’re not up to my standards.

          But it’s fine, I’m here in my office with enough free time on my hands to have some fun with dumb, fat losers spending their time online hating on superior people in their mommy’s basements *cough*you*cough*

          Now, after you read this, log off, put on a fresh t-shirt without cumstains and go out into the world and make something of yourself. I believe in you, you can at least stop selling yourself on streetcorners sucking cock for 5 bucks a pop.

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re such a pathetic bitchass. Waking up every day only to post bullshit under my name.

      It’s pretty disturbing to see guys like you in their mothers basements sitting in the dark posting shit under someone elses name. So tell me, how many times did you think about going on a killing spree in a mall? Or maybe a movie theatre?

      You are a pathetic loser. I feel sorry for your parents. The disappointment you’re causing them by being such a socially unadapted lamer must be unbearable for them.

      • A.James says:

        You could always use a different name.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        What’s even more pathetic is you actually care that people are posting stuff under your name. Who gives a crap what some online community thinks of you, well obviously you do. Get a life loser, no one likes you anyways

        “Oh no a bunch of internet bj fans are going to be really mad at me, I’m going to go have a good cry” hahahahhaha loser

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I forgot to add Im a cunt

        • Bob'O says:

          Hey WrestlingDork? Some of us do care when someone posts some junk about BJ or another fighter under our names. What part of that does your weak mind not understand?

          Yuh know, It doesn’t suprise me that a puke bag worm boy like you can’t even attempt to have your mentally deranged brain comprehend that or anything else to do with honor and respect.

          You’re a gutless turd brah, why are you even here? When the new website launches cowards like you will no longer be able to hide behind fake names you little bitch. Profanity is gonna be cut down as well. As you can see, I don’t mind a little, but a little bird told me that it’s changing, and for the better!

          You’re either gonna show some honor and respect, or you’re fucking gone brah. People have worked hard to make this not only the home of the Prodigy, but a respectable MMA NEWS website. It’s one of the best, even with dumb shits like you obstructing it’s greatness.

          Do you actually believe that a nobody like you and your opinions are even gonna matter here in a few months? Just learn to be civil, and I am sure you can stick around brah. It’s not persona at all, I just know alot of people are sick and tired of the junk day in and day out.

          BJ is gonna be represented with honor and respect. Use it, or lose it brah. 😉 ~Bob’O

        • Omaeka says:

          He will be banned shortly. :)

        • Xaninho says:

          Want me to start wiping the floor with you again? You know nothing and you are nothing.

          Do you honestly believe I care what you and those other pussies think of me? You are meaningless. You serve no other purpose on earth than being a little bitch to wipe the floor with.

          I think the least likable person on here is you anyway.

        • mj says:

          Only wannabe tough guys say crap like wipe the floor with you. Youre a tool… You wont fight anyone, your too good at talking shit. Im guessing your a horrible athlete who got picked on in HS so now you can hide behind the net and say what you like with no fear of the results. Let me guess, your 6´5 265lbs and have KO´d JDS in a private training sesson you had in between tugging on your little pecker. Cant wait for your reply, tell me how tough you are.

        • Bob'O says:

          WrestlingDork, you wiped the floor with me? LMAO! Keep dreaming worm. You ran from that thread after I exposed you for the coward that you are.

          Hide behind fake names you gutless turd behind a keyboard. You’re the joke of this website, not to mention a disgrace. You’re nothing but a coward. Move out of your parents basement and get a life.

          You’re the guy who could not make the football team because you’re weak and have no heart. They cut you but you kept the jersey so you could wear it around school and act like you were still on the team. You’re an absolute joke bro. ~Bob’O

        • Xaninho says:


          No I’m 5’11” and I walk around at around 190 lbs. I was never horrible at sports and have been practicing different martial arts since I was 9 years old.

          So you think I’m a good shit talker? Thanks for the compliment!

        • Xaninho says:

          @ Bob’o,
          That was the real me referring to Wrestlingfag…I forgot to add an @WrestlingRules.

          The wiping the floor part was because I made him eat his words a couple of times.

        • wtf says:

          the guy with the house avatar?? Dude, I rarely ever come on here and comment, and second of all when I do, I love trolling ur gay ass bc its dun and you are the bigest Silva nuthugger. But seriously, its not me, trust me, bc I just tell you to your face that you’re a little bitch who sucks andy’s cock. also, these comment sections have gotten way out of hand with nuthuggers and just a bunch of losers whob have nothing better to do with their time than be the first to comment *cough*Xaninho*cough* … seriously bro, you have a life?? do you do anything else than keep refrehing this page OVER AND OVER again?? You’re prolly some fat ass sitting behind a computer switching between this page and WoW with you fat Cheeto stained fingers… go rub one out to some porn like you do everyday wishing you could ever know what a real pu*** feels like. You wanna know what one feels like?? just touch your face bc you just one GIANT LITTLE CUNT. There, see?? I don’t hide behind fake names. That answer your question?

        • Xaninho says:

          lmao…Did you really feel the need to copy-paste this essay about you being a stupid ass loser?

      • Xaninho says:

        Oh my god I did not post this besides everyone knows I love fitch! :)

        • xaninho says:

          Damn……. i wanna suck fitch’s cock!!!! i luv it when fitch is in my asshole!!

        • mj says:

          @Xaninho, Come on bud. You dont seem like a retard and maybe you are a BAMF. I dont know you, maybe your a great guy, but you are very good at pushing peoples buttons just to get a rise out of them. So yes you are good at talking shit and maybe you are going to be a great fighter also, but right now… Your going a little far with the internet war, dont you think? Not saying your the only one, just the only one that can be reasonable.

        • Xaninho says:


          I do know how to push people’s buttons. But it’s always as a reaction after one of those losers try to push mine.

    • jbizzle says:

      Fitch was calling BJ out when he(Fitch) was injured and knew he couldn’t fight… so.

    • HIIIPower716 says:

      BJ is a coward but Fitch just lays on top of fighters for 3 rounds…..

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Fitch is a disgrace to MMA and will be released after his next loss

  2. Zack says:

    Too bad Fitch is going to get ktfo twice in a row now.

    • Xaninho says:

      Fitch would take BJ down at will this time and grind him into hamburger meat

      • Xaninho says:

        I also wanna suck fitch’s hamburger meat cuz im big time fag!!!

        • Joey p says:

          U guys need to stop acting like children.

        • Rubberboy says:

          No shit. And here I thought there was going to be somewhat of a mature discussion : /

        • NSHIP says:

          Seriously, stick to the point you are wasting everyones time with meaningless and childish comments. Keep it real and keep it professional at at times folks. BJ Penn will ALWAYS be one of the greatest fighters of all time, his destruction of Diego was one of the greatest stand-up performaces of all-time in the UFC or Pride! However, if someone is challenging him to a fight he needs to take it or retire. Thats the way this sport works. Also, knowing when to retire is extremely important when thinking about yur legacy. At the point BJ has nothing to prove to anyone, he has already proven everything he needs to and he will absoliutely be inducted into the hall of fame at some point, even if he retires today. Personally I would like to see BJ open his own camp and become one of the next great and dominate camps…share some of your talent with some young folks BJ and show them how to be champions like yourself!

        • mj says:

          I dont agree with him, but why post under his name. I would hope BJ would KO Fitch, but to be fair, taking BJ down and grinding out a win…actually was and still would be the game plan. I hope the fight doesnt happen, BJ gains nothing from it and Fitch does. Either way, lets break down fights without starting these board wars. lol They are funny, but we never get to really talk about anything anymore. I have been guilty too lol But we all gotta grow up IMO

      • Marcus Denning says:

        More like… take him down and hump the hell out of his leg for a long period of time.

  3. Evan says:

    Screw waiting for Rory.. Go kick this guys ass BJ!!!

  4. BLANKET BOY fitch rhymes with _itch says:

    Bulaia style……. false crack, medivac! It’s one thing to call BJ a quitter, but a coward….. that’s just one haole with no respect.

  5. Yo says:

    This is more entertaining then your fights Fitch AKA The Cuddler AKA The Sleeper. AKA A Boring Day.

  6. Kenny Powers says:

    Haha at least bjs fights are exciting and all his wins were mostly finishes. Fitch couldn’t even finish his breakfast this morning

  7. EP says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get the fuck outta here. that is too funny. Fitch is calling BJ a coward. Jon Lay n Prey Fitch aka Jon the Bitch Fitch… calling a guy who steps up to fight anybody in any weight class his whole career… a guy who is a legend to the sport… 2x Champ in 2 Diff divisions…. and one of the GOAT… a coward. Go fuck yourself Fitch. I would honestly rather watch paint dry than watch a fitch fight. The guy is a fucking loser. As BJ said to him… just look up on the AKAs wall and see who’s pic is there holding the belt. BJ is farthest thing from a coward in this sport, u can call him a lot of things, but coward is fkn disrespectful and bullshit, he is one of most real fighters and true warrior who goes into every fight to just scrap and make it a fight win lose or draw.

  8. Yo says:

    I gotta laugh again Hahahahahaha

  9. Taylor says:

    This coming from a guy that refuses to fight like a real man. There is nothing manly about leg-humping your way into a victory. We all saw what happened when Fitch tried to stand with a striker. That jaw is glass son. When’s the last time Fitch finished an opponent? How does this dude have any fans? Try winning a belt first before you call out a 2X legend of the sport.

  10. Nick says:

    Hey you finaly woke up good morning

  11. f*ck Fitch the B*tch says:

    i really can’t wait until he get KFTO by Erik Silva. The kid is going put him to sleep faster than the nap he took in his last fight.

  12. 757 says:

    wow Fitch is a disappointment on this one.

  13. steven seagull says:

    Fitch will never be a UFC champ and he knows it.

  14. Drew says:

    Fitch And xaniho are wrong Lorenzo blocked the rematch because A bj won, and Lorenzo along with everyone else saw a lightweight out wrestle a guy walked in that night about 180 and then thought he put bj is a bad position for round 3 bj was never rocked or in anyway going to be finished 30-27 clear as day… If u give Fitch round 3 at 10-8 him what do u say after bj got his back in less then 50 seconds

    • Xaninho says:

      Shut the fuck up. You know I didn’t post that!

    • EP says:

      Fucking A … THANK YOU…. its nice to know there are other people who really know what this sport is about and know what the fuck is up. I agree with you 110%… you hit the nail right on head. Even Dana said BJ won that fight no question. BJ just put Fitch in his place when he told him to look at AKA Wall with himself holding the belt… and fitch got all butt hurt… so he is trying to act tough… Aside from all this…on a side note… Rory aka Roid McBitchboy is still the biggest bitch in this sport. HANDS DOWN!!!

    • Anton Bosnjak says:

      What fight were you watching at 127? Even bj thought he lost

      • EP says:

        dude, ur not serious… right? you obviously either a) didnt watch that fight or b) no nothing about the sport of mma or c) both …. If you DID watch the fight, you would know just like everyone else INCLUDING UFC President Dana White that BJ won the first 2 rounds without question, he was also a much smaller fighter and taking Fitch down at will… In the 3rd round, yeah fitch won, but for all those punches he threw, you know, those cotton candy punches that didnt do shit to penn and caused little to NO damage doesnt account for a 10-8 round for Fitch whatsoever.. So therefore, it more than safe to say and a fact that Penn won the fight… furthermore, please show me one instance where Penn said he didnt think he won the fight… in fact, he thought he def won the fight and was pissed… LASTLY, which you probably dont know either bc you dont really watch the sport, is that BJ wanted 2nd fight with Fitch and rematch and it was Jon BITCH who turned it down, not BJ…. whos the coward now. Jon Fitch is a nobody , he is by far the most boring fighter in MMA, ever… and thats what he will down as when all is said and done. Whereas BJ goes down as a legend, a hall of famer and one of the GOAT. period.

        • blahblahblah says:

          While I agree with most of you what you said, Fitch isn’t the most boring fighter. Have you ever seen a Ben Askren or Antonio McKee fight? You’ll be singing Fitch’s praise after that.

        • EP says:

          i know exactly who both those fighters are… and i still feel Jon Bitch is the By Far the most boring fighter not only in UFC, but all of MMA. he isnt even a true fighter, he isnt a warrior… he is a point fighter who goes in there to hump his opponent for 3 rounds while causing minimal to no damage. if anyone calls that a “fighter” then i dont know wtf to say to that. IF they fought again, I guarantee you that Penn would KTFO him. But why would Penn fight that no name loser , he fell so far down latter not even worth it for BJ, in my opinion but if BJ took the fight, i would love more than anything to see him put Fitch to sleep like Hendricks did and send his bitch ass his walking papers out of the UFC.

  15. 808los says:

    Wtf! He jus got KTFO in his last fight!!!! Go choke your self, better yet go time out!!! You dumb shit…!!! The nerve of that “FAKA” !!

  16. randy butternubs says:


  17. maurice says:

    this is just pathetic. the biggest bj haters in the world may call him a front runner, whiner, etc etc..but coward is something no one would dare say about bj. i dont even really know wat to say to this…lol…fitch is in a real bad place right now. first bj ruins fitch aspirations at fighting for another title, then fitch gets knocked the fuck out by johnny hendricks and gets put in a fight against the surging erick silva in brazil. fitch knows his time in this sport if finally almost over and it all started with that draw with penn. fitch is so butt hurt right now about his situation he’s blaming it all on penn.

    “here at aka, we got fighters that come out to fight.” wow fitch…WOW. did fitch really say this shit? this dude doesnt fight and has revolutionized lay n pray in mma. fitch if there is one guy who doesnt come out to fight ever, its ur sorry ass. silva please knock this guy out so dana can give him his walking papers. the entire mma community hates fitch, even dana white been waiting years for a reason to fire his ass. in a weird way…i feel bad for fitch. when his career is over not a single person will be sad, we will all rejoice that the king of lay n pray is gone.

  18. Xaninho says:

    What’s dumbo saying? Flappy says BJ is a coward? BJ always comes to fight bitch!

    The nerve of this fag LnP bitch to even say that. A coward fights like Fitch, calling it fighting style is a huge insult to real fighting styles. What Fitch does is avoiding the actual fight by just laying on his opponents waiting for the bell.

    I hope Fitch gets knocked out again so UFC can finally kick him out.

  19. Drew says:

    I would love to see Fitch knocking out bj

    • xaninho says:

      i would love to see bj knocking you out faggot

    • mj says:

      BJ has never been knock down… so yea Im sure you and a lot of people would like to see what seems impossible. But unless BJ fights JDS I really dont see him sitting on his ass anytime soon. Hope he fights one more and enjoys family and life, he is one of the GOAT..

  20. Dee says:

    I wouldn’t pay this guy any mind. He’s just trying to find relevance in a world that has forgotten him. He was KO’d in his last fight, his boss doesn’t like him, and he barely edged a decision over a lightweight. Dude was probably 194 and BJ was 167 1/2 and he couldn’t decisively beat him. He needs to make money, so he’s trying to call out BJ. I don’t see him calling out Nick or Ellenburg. When you GOOGLE John Fitch you get a race car driver, an inventor and a computer scientist. Nobody knows who this guy is.

  21. Dee says:

    Wikipedia doesn’t even know who this guy is. Google John Fitch and you’ll get a race car driver from 1917, an inventor, and a computer scientist. Nobody knows who this guy is.

  22. stephen riddle says:

    Dont ko him bj its just not worth it!

  23. jesus korean says:

    fuck fitch already fkn bitch ass crybaby.

  24. Bob says:

    Dont fall for it BJ.. Hes trying to fight you.. Hes making you you pissed so you can accept his challenge.. Dont fight that bum, it wont do anything for your career and only help his out..

    Fuck fitch’s boring ass. All he does is dry hump fuck fitch’s whole family. He should be put to death!

  25. Yo says:

    The blanket told Fitch “Im cold”.

  26. Prodigy says:

    Okay people I’m going to attempt as civil a response/opinion as possible….without stepping on any toes and at the very least maintaining a bit of class. Here’s my take on the whole Fitch statement…I believe Fitch is frustrated at this point in time in his career, and because of this he is lashing out at the only name that could potentially bring him back into title contention. The problem is that Fitch absolutely 100% lost the fight to Penn…no two ways about it. The first to rounds were 10-9 in Penn’s favor. Fitch definitely took the 3rd however; he did so in the typical Fitch fashion and I would hardly consider it a 10-8. Honestly Fitch just can’t get over the fact that Penn smoked him….he wasn’t expecting it and has been in denial ever since. He is also the type of fighter that always has an excuse for “why he lost.” Dana knows that Fitch doesn’t sell PPV cards…he also knows that Fitch is no longer the number one contender. after his humiliating loss to JH he has no choice but to start from the bottom and I believe this is a major issue for him to digest.

  27. Twayne says:

    1st non Brazilizn to win BJJ Worlds, 2 div UFC World Champ! Nuff said johnny boy.. BJ PENN Is a proven Beast!! HANA HOU!!!


  28. These Nuttzzz says:

    Fitch is a joke! Boring as fighter, who only hugs sweaty men for a living. Who likes watching this guy fight? Not me! And what’s up with everyone calling BJ out of retirement? Where wer these guys during BJ’s prime? All in there fathers nut sack. Lol fuc Fitch!

  29. Brett says:

    Damn I still haven’t beaten him in UFC Undisputed 3 but now I’m more determined than ever haha.

  30. Murphy says:

    Im from Indiana but I don’t give a fuck about Fitch if anyone thinks that laying on someone for 15 minutes without doing damage is a fight then your stupid bj is the fucking best and he will be In the hall of fame because he always comes to fight even if he thinks he is out matched he puts on a fight for the fans unlike lay and pray Fitch so Fitch you can go suck a fat dick cus you don’t deserve to talk aboUt a legend let alone fight one

  31. Murphy says:

    Fuck Fitch he is not a legend and he never will be so he should shut his mouth before bj breaks it

  32. stonerman says:

    I dont see fitch going up to 205lbs to fight one of the best LHW fighters. Go back to dry hupping fighters fitch.

  33. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    He did agree to a rematch with you Fitch!!!!!!!! But YOU fucking backed out of it! You got injured and then BJ went on with his life. What advantage would BJ have to fighting Fitch again? Hey Fitch, if you are such a fucking Beast, why don’t you try going up a weight class or how about going up to heavyweight and challenging Lyoto Machida at 234 lbs. (that’s what Lyoto weighed in at). Seriously dude, I feel lame commenting on this and giving you the time of day because I swear to you, whenever you are on a fight card, I never buy the PPV. Don’t ever call BJ Penn a coward dude, this guy is a modern day gladiator who afforded you the opportunity to step in the cage with him and all you could do was………………………….oh, that’s right nothing. You did nothing with your chance buddy!!! You suck now go get lost and wash Koshchecks balls for him. Maybe he will rub off on you, at least Koshcheck comes to fight pal.

  34. FITCHRHYMESWITH.... says:

    BITCH. He needs to STFU.

  35. jbeamazing says:

    fitch just wants a rematch with Mr. Penn

  36. luke says:

    BJ is pfp good. the other guy sucks!!!

  37. 123 says:

    Bj Penn Is Not A Coward, & Jon Fitch Does Not Come To Fight.

  38. Fitch is in desperation mode says:

    to remain relevant. He has fallen so far so fast out of the WW picture that his head is still spinning from the fall. Most comments made about Fitch is negative, whether here or other websites. He doesn’t know what to do, so he goes and insults the man who started his downfall–Braddah B. Fitch went from #2 and on the verge of fighting GSP to out of the top 10, and with ONLY ONE LOSS! How’s that!

    Sorry Fitch. Life is a bitch sometimes. Be happy that you have your family to lean on.

  39. GRT 3000 says:

    The most interesting thing Fitch can do (literally) is to say the name “BJ Penn.” Everything else he does is boring and no one gives a shit.

  40. 223 says:

    It’s MMA not boxing or Kickboxing!!! Fitch sucks but if he fights BJ again Fitch will do the same thing GSP does to BJ, witch is take him down and grind the LIFE out of BJ!

  41. Dick Niaz says:

    Shut up Fitch.

    No one likes you and you will never have a UFC belt.

    Maybe if you stop being such an asshole BJ will let you look at one of his.


    BJ would KTFO Fitch if they fought a 2nd time. Guaranteed.

  43. Bjj BB says:

    Hmmmmm, never seen bj penn do anything coward’ish ever!! Fitch gets knocked out and no1 is talking about him anymore and if they do its about how boring he is as a fighter, if you ask me fitch is tryna makes waves to try and stay in da spot light as much as he can!! Fucking bitch ass fitch!!

  44. maurice says:

    fitch…poor fitch. i guess getting outwrestled by a lw who specialty isnt even wrestling is still much harder to swallow then getting knocked out in 12 seconds. i can imagine wat cormier, kos, and cain said to fitch after he returned to the gym after the bj fight. i bet because of bj, those guys laugh their asses off everytime they are about to do wrestling drills.

  45. Sugar Ponybear says:

    That’s funny coming from Fitch. How can you call out anyone saying their not a real fighter when you’re style is to lay n’ pray cause you’re too scared to get hit. No lay n’ pray fighter should have any room to talk shit about who’s a real fighter and who isn’t. I would say Penn should drop his bout with Rory (since he’s injured), but no one wants to be dry humped for 25 minutes.

  46. Bd says:

    I’d rather watch paint dry than watch a Jon Fitch fight!

  47. Wanker says:

    I don’t think BJ should waste his time fighting Fitch again, he clearly doesn’t have the desire to fight for very much longer and I’d rather see him in fights that mean something. I like BJ a lot but how are some of you so sure that BJ would knock out Fitch when he couldn’t do it in 15 minutes the first time? I can’t help but wonder how great BJ would have been (very well could have been the best ever) if he wouldn’t have wasted so much of his potential by being so lazy when it came to training. He is an absolute beast when motivated it’s a shame he didn’t fight like that all the time. But yeah BJ don’t worry about Fitch just keep counting down the days till Rory dominates you. If Rory doesn’t win I’ll admit I was wrong but I just don’t see BJ winning.

  48. pissed off bj penn fan says:

    Fitch now when I see you on the ufc expo. I will slap your coward face & call you a bitch.If you hit me back.I will call the cops on you.

  49. Cali King Bgmyk says:

    Hey Fitch how bout you try winning a belt before you start calling other former 2 different weight class champion names. Oh yea you tried and got knocked the fuck out what a waste of money that fight was. Hmm never remember BJ getting knocked out that quick NEVER!! You know if Fitch spent less time laying and praying and having his head smothered in other fighters crouch for 3 rounds he wouldn’t be such a dumb ass!!!

  50. Bob'O says:

    Let me just say this braddahs. If Javier has any honor whatsoever, he would come out with a statement that says that Fitch’s statements do not represent the feelings of AKA. I like Javier, but he needs to do this as a man. I believet that he is already thinking about it.

    Look, It’s ok to respect his current fighter as he did last week by saying that it’s probably better that BJ doesn’t come and train at AKA (even though I disagree) but Fitch calling BJ Penn a coward is crossing the line. Nothing could be further than the truth. BJ Penn is a brave warrior who leaves it all inside the Octagon every single time he goes to battle.

    This was a disrespecful attack against BJ. Fitch is a good fighter, but he’s no BJ Penn. In fact, he’s known in the MMA world as the most boring fighter of all who is currently fighting for the UFC. Is that BJ’s fault as well Jonny?

    So, let’s see if Javier has any intergrity. Let’s see if Kos is right about him? Let’s see if he has control of his GYM and if he doesn’t allow gate keepers like Fitch to decide what the slogan is for AKA? This will answer all the questions.

    Otherwise, AKA is gonna sink quicker than the titanic as soon as other fighters figure out that Javier allows one guy to not only disrespect (which is ok prior to a bout with that fighter), but brutally insult a legend who helped build AKA up to what it is today. BJ has a history at AKA. Fitch took it way too far by calling him a “coward”.

    How about Fitch take another look at who is on the wall wearing the UFC belt inside AKA’s Gym? Answer = The Prodigy BJ Penn! ~Bob’O

  51. These Nuttzzzz says:

    Hey John “the bitch” Fitch look who is on the wall in AKA! Bj Penn holding the belt beeyatch!

  52. Chuck Norris says:

    My beard would kick all your asses! Just saying. I’m Chuck Norris Bitches!

  53. Nojoja71 says:

    Get over it Fitch. BJ already beat you. Go bark up someone else’s tree. There’s no challenge for BJ to fight you. Your done!!

  54. slacker says:

    I thought B.J. won the 1st rd and Fitch the next two. B.J., although I like him, was pretty fortunate to get the majority draw. I would love to see them resolve that draw with a re – match.

  55. Jon Fitch is a FAG says:

    “Here at AKA, we’ve got fighters who come out to fight, fighters who will face anyone…”

    BULLSHIT… they won’t even face each other. bunch of gays.

  56. bjpenn is were its at says:

    Fuck john fitch hes a boring ass fighter
    same thing diffrent fight
    bj penn well fight anybody but somebody who well fight an exiting fight not just wrestle every round like john boring fitch

  57. CombatRusse says:

    Fuck Fitch, the KO he got from Johny Hendricks must has fucked up his fucking head
    How dare that son of a bitch open his mouth speaking about his fucking master
    Hopefully not only the UFC but also AKA will get rid of him FOREVER

  58. William Blanks says:

    even i could beat fitch.

  59. Alex says:

    To the real xaninho. Listen m8. for some reason your name sometimes is allready typed in the name. I know because I tried where xaninho was allready filled out. So I think most of the times when people use your name its because of a mistake and not because they are dicks 😉

    • Xaninho says:

      I saw one normal comment posted by someone else with my name above it. The bullshit comments disrespecting BJ or even others aren’t mine.

      So I’ll have to disagree on that one, 99% of the bullshit comments are posted by the douchebag(s) pretending to be me.

    • Bob'O says:

      Wrong bro. I am sure you mean well Alex, but WrestingDork has been posting under many of our names. He’s gone when the new website is launched by the way. 😉 He’s a gutless turd brah. A disgrace to this forum.

      Appreciate your good intentions though. However brah, When it comes down to attempting to believe in humanity, just erase WrestlingDork from the equation so that you can end up with an honest answer. 😉 ~Bob’O

  60. nakano says:

    Who cares what Fitch thinks. You can stir it up, but if it doesnt smell good, who want to eat the crap

  61. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I have to agree with Fitch on this one.

  62. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I have to agree with Fitch on this one. Aloha

  63. maurice says:

    FITCH HAS A GREAT REASON TO BE MAD AT PENN. PENN LITERALLY RUINED THE REST OF CREDIBILITY FITCH HAS AT AKA. going into the penn fight, being outwrestled by the smallest ww wasnt even a concern, wasnt even a thought. fitch trains with with wrestling powerhouses like cain, cormier, and kos on a daily basis. and thats just a few of the world class wrestlers he trains with. being outwrestled by penn was not just a shock to fitch, but to every wrestler at aka. i can bet money, that kos, cain, javier, and cormier all got a good laugh behind fitchs back when he returned to the gym after the bj fight. fitch being outwrestled by penn is like rory macdonald moving to mw and outstriking anderson 4 rounds out of 5. its embarassing and crazy that it even happend, and fitch couldnt stop it until penn literally gassed. if penn didnt gas, he would have literally outwrestled fitch for a solid 15 mins and would have went home with a unanimous decision win. fitch style is an embarrassment to the entire mma community. him being outwrestled by penn was an extreme embarrassment to aka. and its shocked his fans tremendously, all 4 of them.

  64. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Fitch was always the red headed step child nobody wanted hasn’t finished a fight since I was in like 10th grade … I’m a grown man now .. Fitch was loosing face value before the bj fight which knocked him down a couple notches after the Hendricks fight .. He’s completely irrelevant wouldn’t be surprised it he lost his contract in a year or 2 … W these guys out now who can put wrestle his non explosive bitch ass and put him instantly 2 sleep in the stand up .. Jon fitch is in the rear view my people .. In a year .. After a coupe losses hell be fighting shitty ass cards in fuckin moline Illinois .. His times up ! Figured out .. Never evolved not even a little bit ! All those guys like Kapmann ellenberger Hendricks pierce … They got his number make him fight pierce again his faggot ass he barely got out the last round .. I tell u all if I could kill fitch and knew I could get away with it I would ! I don’t care if he’s a father ! He don’t deserve 2 live .. Fake ass pussy

  65. Hilo Mike says:

    Grasping at straws, hope BJ blows him off, what a baby. He don’t have star power, his fighting style is boring, he keeps getting beat and injured. UFC should boot him, tired of everything he says being negative.

  66. BX81 says:

    Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah Kosh was trying to talk crap just to get a fight with bj.

  67. Jeremy says:

    Don’t exactly know about all that. BJ penn is all time fan favorite and truly a legend in Mixed Martial Arts. Even casual fans know who BJ Penn is. I’ve never seen anything that suggest he’s a coward. Only one of the best, and not one of the boringest like Fitch. Fitch’s never fought anybody since he’s been in the UFC. With his lay and pray hold you down for 3 rounds bull shit. He’s nobody to talk shit about BJ Penn, especially when it come to fighting. BJ’s a MMA warrior, and Fitch is far for from it.

  68. CombatRusse says:

    Maybe after BJ’s win over McDonalds, the UFC should feed Fitch to McDonalds in order to get him back on track

  69. T.DADDY says:


  70. Marcus Denning says:

    Fitch is just looking for attention because he is now irrelevant in this game. If by coward he means a legend that is not scared of anyone and has done amazing things for our sport, then yes BJ is a huge coward. Get a life fitch and go learn how to strike so you can add some diversity to your boring leg humping cowardly fight game.

  71. Bob'O says:

    Fitch = Soon to be released by the UFC. LMAO! He knows it and everyone knows it. ~Bob’O

  72. shay says:

    Fitch should jus shut his boring ass up! Before johhny hendricks knocks him out again lol. He jus mad cause he a prelim fighter now, lmao nobody cares about u and your boring ass anymore!! Especially BJ !

  73. JustRollBJJ says:

    Fitch is being a b*tch cause he didn’t get a immediate rematch against BJ Penn and now mad cause he has to give way to another welter weight that he has to fight to fight GSP again but hey let Fitch think her runs AKA he’s just a fighter that made it popular he could probably start his own gym like Koscheck did or hell make a camp with Koscheck but guess he wants ownership to a gym that he made famous but so did BJ.

  74. Jake says:

    Jon Fitch has never fought anyone. He just lays on top of them.

  75. BJ is KING says:

    LOL FITCH please, you’re fighting a lightweight who came up to fight in welterweight, who could potentially fight ever lower. Why dont you get knocked out in 5s like the little bitch you are. BJ eat this cunt.

  76. Unarmed Spectator says:

    Fitch should retire, a loser. His next loss is a UFC cut… A K A sucks!!!

  77. penfold says:

    That’s rich coming from one of the most boring fighters ever too scared to take risks and just L’n’P’s

    the best fight he was in was the Hendricks fight were he got KTFO

  78. Drew says:

    It would be awesome if Fitch read all of this lol

  79. BJ sucks says:

    Fitch would submit bj easily dude sucks and will not win a fight again

  80. rick james bioch says:

    Fk smoke break! First what this douche does is not fighting and all he does is hump people so he has no right to call anyone out…SB can win 30 fights in a row and still not get a title shot cuz why pay to see another dude hump another dude when it’s free on the internet.

    Second why to go bro, pick on a dude that way smaller than you that couldn’t beat and why not call out Johny Hendricks who ktfo!!! Cuz your a coward puzzy that lost his fight with BJ.

  81. thebiz909 says:

    well…i fuckin hate faggot ass fitch now. i never thought he was that great anyways, w his gay ass wrestling, but his record shut me up. loser.

  82. Jeremy says:

    Bj ducking Fitch, what a joke. Come on man

  83. Mike Diaz says:

    I know what BJ’s thinking ” He aint even worth my breathe!” And maybe also ” Erick Silva is going to squeeze his head off and soccor kick it in the stands!” Lets see how many articles come out about how done John Fitch is after being a ‘ perenniel contender’ to the realization that he has now been officially transformed into the 170 division’s own ‘ Gate Keeper’ LMBO

    Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  84. Tj says:

    Two questions Fitch, how many UFC championships did you win? 2-0 to Penn in my books, let alone how many fights did Fitch finish? Fitch is a tough dude but too call Penn a coward after all that Penn has done is a bit far. Penn has nothing more to prove. He help build MMA and AKA to a degree, he did train there before Fitch. Penn is by far a shoe in for a hall of fame spot one day, Fitch is more just a big name, not a legend like Penn. I’d also like to see Fitch mingle with the likes of Machida at 205 like supposed “coward” did…

  85. Xaninho says:

    Dude honestly BJ is a fag.. There is the truth.. Hes a pussy ass coward.. Butt pirate, pickle smoking coward.

  86. DT says:

    Fitch kind of has a point, but I can also see how BJ wouldn’t be interested in another fight with him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but BJ won the 1st and 2nd round, and then lost 3rd round 10-8 when the dry humper Fitch took a gassed out BJ down at will and pounded him, right? It just sounds stupid coming from Fitch. He is the most boring fighter of all time!

  87. MMACRAVER says:

    BJ fought Lyoto at like heavyweight, pretty sure he’s not scared of Fitch’s monkey face….

  88. Rob says:


  89. This chimpfaced loser can’t even fight properly. Trying to get noticed by throwing in a legend’s name huh? This irrelevant blanket will be retired by Erick Silva soon. UFC will finally cut his ass and then it’s off to Backyard Brawlers.

    He sucks so bad even Bellator or XFC won’t sign him.

  90. Ryan Prieur says:

    BJ has done more in the sport of MMA then fitch could ever dream of achieving! As a fighter I like fitch but I just lost a lot of respect for him him as a person. An in shape BJ in his prime would mop to floor with fitch, so show some respect to those who helped shape the great sport of MMA. Penn is one of the reasons they even have a LW dev, and he still steppes up and won at WW, the guy faught Machida for fuck sake, so coward? I think not

  91. Aquimini says:

    I like that there are real fans on here. I have never posted or commented on most of the mma news posted on here, but remember this… Self-control is everything, It’s the biggest part of martial arts… “SELF” we can only control one’s self, we can’t control the ones around us, but we can control how much we allow them to control us… when I say that I mean allowing them to take you out of your focus and start to react on them… there is always someone looking for attention, it’s up to you to give it to them.. Just Saying~

    Bj is not a coward… At one point BJ fought Machida in Pride… BJ went where the fight was… Now that he is old and understands the game is about to pass him.. He is going for Fights that mean something… I was a big Fitch fan until I saw his flat foot ass stand in front of GSP and get knocked around for 5 rounds.. he’s got HEART but needs to work on his stand up… He’s only trying to make himself relevant again…

  92. maurice says:

    @aquimini i agree with literally everything u said except it wasnt pride where bj and lyoto fought. i cant remember where they fought but i know it wasnt pride. i liked fitch too up until he made gsp look like a kickboxing expert with dynamite in his hands. lol. and its funny cus i truly dont know why i liked fitch back then. leading up to the gsp fight i thought fitch was going to WIN. and its funny because before the gsp fight i never even watched a fitch fight. im thinking being young and ufc hyping that fight just right made me believe fitch was the “hardworker” that would beat gsp.

  93. 691 says:

    jon fitch needs to change his lastname to bitch…you’re my bitch jon..that’s basically what bj tried to tell him when he said to look up and see who’s picture

  94. Alfaman says:

    Lol funny how Fitch is calling bj a coward for avoiding some
    Opponents but Fitch is the one that holds guys against the cage for 25 mi
    Utes that’s ten times more cowardly then anything bj penn only reason Fitch is mad is because bj drew with him and showed the world that he’s shit and no one wants to
    See Fitch penn 2 because Fitch made it a
    Shit fight fuck you bitch Fitch your a
    Cancer of mma and and fuck aka bj wouldnt want to
    Go to your bitchy gym anyway

  95. chardt says:

    Fitch is a boring fighter…sure he was a good wrestler, but thats the only trick in his bag…Lay and Pray is a bullshit fight tactic….ironic that he calls ANYONE a coward.

  96. Shawn says:

    The question is, why doesn’t BJ want to fight Fitch again? It was a controversial draw. I for one would love to re-do that fight if I was in his shoes. I doubt BJ is scared, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t have a rematch. Love BJ, but like Fitch said, he always says he’ll fight anyone, so why not fight Fitch again to erase that draw. Everyone knew BJ won that fight, show them that you did by way of rematch. Fitch’s point is pretty valid. At least in a fighters point of view. And with McDonald injured, why not make it happen?

    • Dee says:

      BJ hasn’t ran from Fitch. Fitch was injured, so BJ went on to fight Diaz and Fitch just got Knocked out. BJ has just moved on that’s all. Everyone knows he isn’t scared of Fitch. The dude is just trying to draw a high profile name that’s easy to beat and will be a big draw. I don’t take these guys serious anymore. MMA has turned into WWE.

  97. dwayne says:

    jon the bitch fitch better go easy i taught your ears was big your head is starting to float away…i guess johnny hendricks knocked the sense out of you haha

  98. halfway says:

    I like Fitch as a person but as a fighter, I cannot stand him. Slow, pillow punched who wreslefucks and doesn’t make it interesting. He’ll be remembered as a guy with a lot of wins, a LOT of boring, painfully dull wins over some pretty mediocre talent. I’m not bashing the guy, j
    ust being honest.

    He sounds bitter about drawing with a half conditioned Penn.

  99. A.James says:

    Fitch’s best performance was against Hendricks.

  100. A. says:

    This pussy is still crying about this rematch? He should just move on with his life. Get over it. Bj owns you and your thoughts. What a weak ass.

  101. Da Cocoa Kid says:

    I gotta side with BJ on this one. He has fought in some HUGE fights in the UFC (GSP, Hughes, Edgar, etc) – how is that being a coward? Respect for any fighter who is fighting in the UFC because you have to be an elite MMA practitioner to be there. That said, Fitch’s resume is kinda slim to try and dog out someone who has a solid track record. Too many people who shouldn’t be/can’t do the “Chael Sonnen” routine are tryin’ to go that route to get themselves in the limelight. Still gotta produce in the cage, just not w/the trash talking.

  102. mj says:

    @The Real Xaninho You´re brazilian? I only ask because Im American, but Ive been in Brazil for 2 years now. Então, você fala português? se você entender isso, não se preocupe com oque estão falando, eles não treinam, não lutam, então eles vem para este site pra se mostrar falso lutadores. Meu conselho, mude teu nome, cara! p orquê esse bando de fresco vão continuar usando seu nome. Cool?

    • Xaninho says:

      Eu não sou brasileiro. Minha ex-namorada é brasileira. Eu não quero dar-lhes a satisfação, mudando meu nome significaria que ganhar. Eu sou muito teimoso 😉

      • mj says:

        Makes sense, my wife is also.. so we were looking at your name and thinking “what the fuck” this cant be some American trying to be funny, he must know brasil. Besides that I agree, but this site if the best for info and the worst for guys who train their skills on UFC 3. LOL falar com vc mais tarde… tchau parceiro Oh and..boa sorte com macheetah, ​​ele é muito perigoso! To himself I mean.

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