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Friday, 02/24/2012, 03:34 pm

First Nick Diaz Interview Since Condit Loss | Still Not Sure On Fighting Future (Video – Mobile Friendly)

Nick Diaz opens up for an interview for the first time since his loss to Carlos Condit and his failed drug test in Nevada.


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34 Responses to “First Nick Diaz Interview Since Condit Loss | Still Not Sure On Fighting Future (Video – Mobile Friendly)”

  1. the original steve says:

    nick looks like he wants to punch craig carton in his face

  2. Jason says:

    what a stupid way to open that interview talking about the drug test.

  3. Koshchek Bleaches His Taint says:

    Duh. I’m Nick “I don’t Need This Shit” Diaz. STFU!

  4. Ryan M says:

    worst interview ever

  5. Chartmonster says:

    Everytime nick whines there’s always a violin playing in the background. Nick should do like Ricky Williams and quit and smoke weed 24/7 and open up a hemp store..

  6. The Refutor says:

    This interview fuckin sucks ass

  7. DroDiego says:

    That interviewer is a douche lol

  8. Johnny says:

    Nick is a real idiot.he doesn’t have a social disorder he is just stupid.That is what happens when you smoke to much weed.I hope he is gone for good noone needs Diva Diaz’s and Ceaser complaining anymore.Even if he were to comeback he doesn’t deserve a rematch or a fight with Gsp I would start him back at the bottom of the ladder he is nothing special and doesn’t deserve to be catered to by the UFC.Diaz should stick a little reality in his pipe and smoke it..

    • Coby says:

      Johnny.. do you know anything about ANYTHING?

      • Johnny says:

        Go blow your boyfriend noone cares about you defending Diaz.YOU do realize you sound like a stupid little school girl trying to defend him right? Forget I asked obviously you are.And sadly yes I know a hell of alot more then you kid. Is that your best comeback oh back to moms basement to go and try to figure out a better insult run along now little boy run along.

        • tj dania says:

          lol Johnny you took the words out of my mouth. This guy is nothing special in the octagon. And saying he has a social disorder is a slap in the face of the people who actually have medical conditions. This guy doesnt have a disorder. He is just an asshole. plain and simple. No amount of weed will cure being an asshole. He needs therapy!

    • haha Johnny all Cody was asking was if you know anything… also your even making mom jokes what are you 16 years old? you sound like a wannabe fighter who never had the balls to make it ,even I dont like Diaz much but I still respect him because his clearly a warrior. GROW UP.

    • nicobyce says:

      Hey Johnny whats your excuse for being stupid? “That is what happens when you smoke to much weed.” The word you were looking for is “too” not “to” much weed..Maybe you should get some into you it might help you with your grammar..

  9. Thom says:

    War diaz.. And Johnny, stfu you dont know what youre talking about bitchh.

  10. Duane says:

    You trolls talk shit about Nick yet watch his video. What a bunch of losers get a life

  11. kevin9999 says:

    Diaz is negative, a drug addict, disrespectful, and stupid. He’s not good for the sport at all. I hope he does come back though cause he can’t beat the top 5 at 170. I want to watch him get a losing streak and then see what fat fuck ceasar gracie has to say.

  12. Erk the jerk says:

    Diaz should be fighting in the special olympics instead kid is soo retarded can’t even put a sentence together!

  13. slacker says:

    lmao!!! All you guys who said Diaz was trying to finish the fight! He just unwittingly admitted that he played it safe, trying to win the rounds, rather than risk getting it to the ground earlier to finish the fight. lmao!! Too late!! He can’t take it back now!!! There’s your “always comes to finish the fight” hero for you. Caught in his web of lies and pride.

  14. Jiujitsu630 says:

    That guy is a terrible host cutting off nick

    • slacker says:

      You have to cut the guy off. If you let him direct the conversation you will never get the truth out of him. Nick may have some communication problems, but he has also learned to work it to his advantage quite nicely by being intentionally vague and trying to make sure he only answers the questions he wants to. He is a sneaky, little savant.

  15. Zac says:

    Your all fuckin stupid if you think nick diaz isn’t a top fighter. I’m not even a Diaz fan so don’t start with the “get off his nuts” shit. He’s a solid fighter and deserves to fight the top guys in the ufc. And to call nick Diaz a drug addict.. Have you smoked weed? It’s not bad for you it all. Sure it could be the weed that makes him sound like an idiot but it’s all the thousands of shots he takes to the face to entertain us mma fans.

  16. jeremy says:

    That was the shitiest interview i have ever seen!!! can you let the man talk!!! trrash interview!!!! but go nick Diaz. I thought he won rounds 123 and 5. the scoring in mma sucks and it needs to improve! Nick will be back!!

  17. Alex Daas says:

    the ufc and the rest of the mma machine should be licking Nick’s nutt$ack

  18. Jb says:

    Cody your a moron and Diaz has a learning disability not a social disorder. It affects in how one process incoming information and arranging thoughts in a correct order you fucking idiot. Jesus now lets see all the young shit talkers start. And who ever said he was a drug addict is just as retarded as the interviewer

    • Philippe says:

      Learning disability or social disorder or whatever excuses you guys have for him is pretty obvious where it came from. He has been smoking weed his entire life and does not know how to function without it. That is why he is who he is today. There is no doubt that he is a good fighter but will never be the best due to his inability to function without weed. This disability he has is completely self inflicted.

  19. Fukyall37 says:

    Most of you guys are so stupid when someone defends nick yall say get off his nuts and all this stuff. But i bet you guys are the same ones that cry when a fight is just won by laynpray. He comes to fight everytime unlike almost everyother welterweight gsp doesnt finish, kos fakes eye pokes and knees, condit only tries to finish people he knows cant finish him. I really dont understand the hate? He is my fav fighter but im not bias. I love mma but there just has to be some changes.

  20. Wtf? says:

    Shut up, get in the ring and fight. You get paid to work out and punch people. So much bitching and complaining from athletes who loose. Do what you know u need to do in there and u don’t have to worry about coming short on the scorecards. Whens the last time we saw a “war” in the UFC?
    War Manningup.

  21. Erk the jerk says:

    This guy prob can’t even spell his own name just sayyn

  22. slacker says:

    “I felt the smarter, to play it safe….. and go ahead and push forward, and win the rounds.” – Nick Diaz, on saying he kept it standing when he could have taken it to the ground and finished instead. “Win the rounds.” – But I thought Nick was there to finish?! lol He is so deluded, he still denies that he lost his previous UFC decisions. This guy is poor as “poor sport” can be. Condit took this guy to school! .

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