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Thursday, 03/28/2013, 03:14 pm

Firas Zahabi Responds To Diaz Camp’s Complaint: GSP made weight | UFC NEWS

Firas Zahabi, head trainer at Tristar Gym in Montreal, Quebec Canada, recently responded to accusations made against Georges St Pierre from the Diaz camp.

It seems as though just prior to weigh-ins, the Quebec Athletic Commission notified the two camps that their fighters were allowed to weigh in over the 170 pound limit, as long as they were under 171. After suffering defeat in the UFC 158 championship bout, Nick Diaz and camp are making all kinds of accusations in hopes of scoring a rematch.

Firas Zahabi told The Province earlier today that

“GSP made weight and he had his shorts on”.

He went on to say that they acted in accordance with what they were told by the RACJ and that a difference of less than one pound is not enough to change the outcome of a fight.

“I was told the decimal didn’t count, so we didn’t worry about it.,” Zahabi told The Province. “I don’t see even .9 making a difference in a fight, so I didn’t give it any thought.”

It seems Georges St Pierre was playing by the rules and would have weighed in even less sans shorts. But, what do you think? Do you believe the conspiracy? Or, is Diaz just calling him out in hopes of another title shot and massive payday?


48 Responses to “Firas Zahabi Responds To Diaz Camp’s Complaint: GSP made weight | UFC NEWS”

  1. JJAD says:

    It’s hard to definitively say that the .9lbs would or wouldn’t have made a difference. I’m def perturbed by the inconsistency of the Quebec Athletic Commission. All fights (especially title fights) should have the same rules and regulations. It seems real suspect to me that the camps are only made aware of this stipulation right before weigh ins, as if they couldn’t tell the fighter the night before??? Whether or not the outcome would be the same or diff is not the story or my issue because we shouldn’t have to even question it or doubt it. Especially from the perceived number one MMA company

  2. Kong says:

    Great explanation that explains everything. Gsp the dirty cheating skank.

      • A Canadian says:

        ^Goerges Right Testical 3000
        What is your name code for how many times you have to lick Goerges’ right one before he lays on your face and empties out.

        • An American says:

          great comment.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          ^ toolbags…smh

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          LMAO///you are right, I am a GSP fan for sure but I don’t suck his testicles like this dude. Not just the right but the left also…GRLT3000. lmao

        • GRT 3000 says:

          pack of idiots spewing the the language they grew up with in the trailer…& patting ea. other on the back. this isn’t Jerry Springer retards, save it for your appearance.

        • Kong says:

          Lmao that’s hilarious George’s right and left testicle 3000 lol. And George’s testicles maybe they could do a springer show on how much he cheats. He could come out and swim in a pool of Vaseline with a couple of trannys.

        • Sasquatch says:

          ^^^ Parents should really monitor their children more when they’re online. smh

        • GRT 3000 says:

          you pack of bitches are OWNED. look at all of you clowns going postal. ahahaha

        • GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

          I think GSP will be remembered as the 2nd most boring UFC welterweight in UFC history. Also i believe he will be remembered as the Lance Armstrong (CHEATER) of MMA someday when the truth comes out about his career long state of the art cutting edge PED usuage. Someone in his circle will leak soemthing out at some point. I’m already surprised at some of the things GSP’s former Manager has come out with lately. There’s obviously some bad feelings there. GSP probably wil be retired before someone can get ablood sample to show secret Blood doping program and HGH, EPO’s (Lance Armstrong) Whats most amazing to me is how many fans (95%) at least seem to think that if a fighter passes a simple atheltic commisionsPED piss test that means they are clean. HELLO people they don’t even test for SYNTHETIC TESTOSTERONE (unless your levels are high) They don’t even test for HGH or EPO’s. Lance Armstong won all those Tour De Frances by using small amounts of EPO’s which give the athlete 64% better cardio. GSP can use massive amounts (UNLIMITED) of EPO’s because unlike cycling (biking) where they test fro everything MMA only tests fro the old Stanzonols and other cheapo easily detected steroids. Al these fighters including GSP are having weekly tests done leading up to their fights to make sure nothing shows up. The fighters you should all be suspicious of are teh ones that drop out of fights a week or so before tehir fights. GEE i think GSP has doen this a few times himself. NOONE drops out of fights more than ROIDY McDonald. He bought himself 11 weeks to clean up befroe he agred to do the VADA testing for Bj penn fight. Tristar IMO is the dirtiest players in the game and I’m not just talking about rampant PED, blood doping, HGH, EPO’s, Victor Conte’s designer undetectable steroids but everything including rules and constant BULLSH’t with making sure most their fighters are fighting in Canada

  3. 123 says:

    the UFC is getting dirty, cheating pricks

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    pffft. it’s not like Diaz got edged out in a close decision or something. he got handled for the ENTIRE 5 rounds. he’s splitting hairs abt .9 lbs and yet wants reprieve for smoking dope all day. we all agree that neither make a difference.

  5. Mayor of Deviance says:

    I think not making the possible 0.9 lbs is important when you consider the repercussions weight cutting. These guys are fighting way way over the division limits the day of the fight. Nothing really wrong with cutting weight, because you still run the risk of either getting sick or coming in over weight. But if someone like GSP doesn’t have to worry as much about those consequences, then you have to wonder why we even have weight classes–especially if his opponent really is close to division weight the day-of.

  6. jdog says:

    I don’t care if .9 pounds makes a difference, their contract said 170 not 170.1 but 170. In every other fight if a fighter doesn’t make weight they must fork over some of their pay and the other fighter still has the chance to refuse. Contract is a contract. IF GSP was at 170.0 then who cares, but……….. if he OR Diaz was 170.1 the other should forfeit some of his pay, and I would agree that a rematch could be/should be granted even if it was as one sided as it was. A contract is a contract point blank, now to prove either one of them was .1 over

  7. Firas arab cheating sleeping cell says:

    “I don’t see even .9 making a difference in a fight, so I didn’t give it any thought.”
    — Oh yeah!? Well how convienient, it doesnt matter, so fck all the rules and regulations. Arab logic, theres a reason why they blow each other..up. SO all of a sudden its not even important, but smoking weed is important, great way of picking and choosing what rules are important and wich rules that is not. So now that firas the blowing terrorist thinks its not even important then i guess GSP wont have to give Diaz 20 % of his purse anymore. It started with them rubbing GSP with vaseline during rounds, now they are manipulating commissions. Arabs arent disliked without reason, this is one reason, cheating bastards. Im not arab, fcuk arabs.

    • Sasquatch says: WTF!… you allow racial sh!t like this to be posted!? Apparently there’s lots of retards here who don’t know how to read or failed to read the actual article… he MADE weight with his SHORTS ON!. Even if he weighed in at 170.9 with them on he sure the f**k would be under 170 with them off. Diaz fans are just like him, nothing better to do but bitch and whine about irrelevant sh!t.

      • Arabs are not a race. says:

        Arabs are not a race. Therefore your argument is invalid..
        Also Firas saying GSP making weight does not mean anything due to Firas position to GSP. He is bias and cannot be taken into concideration as a legit whitness. Onlyway to have been sure would have been if a Diaz representative was standing next to GSP during the weigh in. Therefor we will never know the truth, only GSPs concience knows.
        -Eye whitness

        • Sasquatch says:

          I wasn’t arguing anything about whether “Arabs” are a race you f**kin genius. BTW I along with everyone else who doesn’t have Diaz’s nuts stuck to their face knows the truth.. They both weighed in at 170, they fought, Diaz lost in every facet of the fight just as expected.. end of story.

      • facebookuser1 says:

        Underwear dont weigh 0.9 lbs. He would have had a shot at 170.2 but not 170.9

        • Sasquatch says:

          Thanks for proving my point about Diaz fans..

        • i love GSP as a fan, fck u tho says:

          Look if you do not believe in contracts then you don’t. There is no way of making you understand if you cannot grasp the concept of a contract. When it say 170 on the contract, then it doesnt matter if GSP OOONLY weight in at 170.2. Its a fucking contract it have nothing to do with the fight, contracts are made in the world outside of cagefighting as well, when a contract is breached, you settle in court. Read some books maybe youll learn something, i bet when you read that you can be sued if breaching a contract you’ll be like no this book is wrong bla bla bla. Theres no reasoning with a stupid cunt like u

        • Sasquatch says:

          Don’t be stringing yourself up in momma’s basement now, take a deep breath and chill. Diaz lost.. just something your going to have to deal with.. maybe counseling will help.

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Not only did they give them the decimal point, but ALSO an extra hour or two to make it. So Obviously, GSP was NOT at weight at the time he should have been. Canadians have always been shady. Cheating bastards. America will take them over.

  9. Lelouch says:

    Nick Diaz should get a rematch !!!

  10. 30whine says:

    give bitch Diaz a rematch.da same shit will happen.complaining about .9 lbs.what a bitch shut the fuck up and earn your rematch like Big foot…this is UFC retire if you don’t like it.

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