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Tuesday, 10/25/2011, 08:07 am

Firas Zahabi: 'I'd Want Georges St. Pierre to Move Down to 155 before going up'

“Well to be honest with you, I have recommended to Georges, you know…the only reason I don’t recommend it now is because Frankie Edgar is the champion, but I’d want him to move down to 155 if Frankie was not the champion. Obviously we’re part of the Renzo Gracie team and we’d never fight Frankie Edgar, because obviously we’re all Renzo Gracie fighters. But if it wasn’t the case, you know, I’d rather him go down to 155 because Georges is not a very big welterweight. People might think he is, he’s actually not very big. And him making 170 is extremely easy for him.

Honestly, it’s probably one of the easiest weight cuts from all that I coach, and I coach a lot of professional fighters. Georges making 170 is getting a little too easy for him, so I’d recommend to him in the future, who knows what the cards hold, but if we don’t have a team member that’s champion or anything like that, I would recommend him to go down first before going up.”

“Georges’ body type, he’s actually ectomorph, he’s very lean. He doesn’t put on a lot of muscle unless we make do a lot of lifting, and I do make him do a lot of lifting. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted him to start doing Olympic lifting, and just a high volume of weightlifting is what will keep him muscular. Because Georges doesn’t really put on fat and muscle very easily, and I really think he could lose a little bit of muscle. He doesn’t have much fat on him, and a lot of water and a lot of electrolytes. Just doing the weight cut from like 175, he would make it down to 155 quite easily.”

While many people are clamoring for a Silva vs. GSP super fight, the only division GSP’s coach wants him to move to is the 155 pound weight class.

Firas Zahabi sat down with the guys from yesterday and gave the above explanation as to why he feels a move down is more suited for his athlete than a move up.

Currently, as he states, Frankie Edgar is in the way of completing these aspirations, but if Edgar loses his belt and clears the lightweight championship path, if we are to take the word of Zahabi, GSP may try and work his way to a second title at 155.


104 Responses to “Firas Zahabi: 'I'd Want Georges St. Pierre to Move Down to 155 before going up'”

  1. VaginaFace says:

    GSP is smart… he wants no part of Anderson Silva.

  2. mezzanoche says:

    Is this dude smoking PCP? Drop down to 155? Come on man, enough with this. He obviously does not want to go up and challenge anyone at 185, let alone AS or Chael S. etc. GSP at 155 would be so lopsided, it would be comical. I think it is time to leave this behind for a while, no more talk of GSP moving up to 185, I think it is becoming a joke at this point. The talking heads just want to hear themselves speak at this point. Leave it alone, it is not going to happen. Peace.

    • tre says:

      what i dont get is he walks around at like 195 so why does he have to gain any more weight, hes already at the weight, hendo and bj are guys who will fight at any weight and dont need a year to prepare theyre real fighters who make the weight and fight, gsp is scared obviously of moving up and i think we have to look at what P4P really means a fighter who fights multiples weights and is successful, so Anderson, Hendo, BJ, Couture all P4P greats in my book gsp is just the best in welterweight jones is just the best @LHW edgars the best @LW they havent proven themselves in other weight classes

  3. guamy says:

    it would be easier to drop 20 than to gain 10?
    SMH. anderson fights at 205 every now and then.

    • JonRenaud says:

      I agree with you that it’s a stupid argument that he wouldn’t make 185 easily because he’s to lean, but Anderson is really big dude. He walks around at like 220 or something between fights. Just saying.

  4. blake says:

    Gsp needs to change his ways or people are going to start to forget about him. Hes ducking every big fight that comes his way, and he wont move up. And anyone with a brain knows if he dropped 20 pounds to fight at 155 that he would be too weak and he would get it handed to him by any top level 155er.

    • bryanfury says:

      Ducking big fights? So he didn’t fight and beat bj penn, matt serra, matt hughes, dan hardy, josh koscheck, and few others whose names escape me? If those aren’t big fights then please tell me what is your version of a big fight!

      • TheBraveReply says:

        Big FIght = Fighting the #1 P4P fighter in the world maybe?! Hope that answers your rhetorical question.

        • David says:

          Silva understands that GSP needs to get bigger first. You can also find videos on Youtube of GSP talking about how he naturally wants to get to 185. Then you can see videos of Anderson saying he wants to fight the best in the world, when they are at their best.

        • bryanfury says:

          So because he’s not rushing to fight silva, that means he’s ducking big fights? Just say what you mean, “you hate gsp”. Because your logic behind ducking fights is too retarded to be true.

        • The King says:

          FYI – You sound like a little bitch… In Reality We challenge bigger people to prove we are better. In Bizzaro world you challenge weaker people you know you can beat..


        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          GSP has clearly lost his will (BALLS) to fight. Every fight he only fights not to lose or point fighting. GSP number was up with Condit and he knew it and that is why he backed out of the fight. All GSP cares about is having that belt around his waist and if that means ducking opponents then so be it. The only reason GSP won’t fight at 185 is because he is scared to death of Andersen Silva and Sonnen. Now Zirahbi is talking about turning him into a human skeloton (FLORIAN) allover again is because he knows GSP’s days as WW champion are limited and would be done this weekend if they hadn’t PUSSYED out of the Condit fight. I think GSP’s entire team is a bunch of HGH fanatics JUICERS (Rory Mcdonald) TRISTAR GYM frauds. Towel head Zirahbi is the mastermind behind all the fraud. Wheres that little man bitch Phil Nurse cheating ass greaser

        • Brave Reply says:

          U dumb ass I did say “what i mean” . I was answering your question –
          “If those aren’t big fights then please tell me what is your version of a big fight!”

          and I told you my version of a big fight. Not to say those fights you stated aren’t big fights but as of right now THIS WOULD BE THE BIGGEST FIGHT. I said nothing about ducking or hating GSP you idiot. You just ASSume anyone debating a GSP comment is a hater. Im a fan of MMA as a whole and GSP comes with it and I accept it.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          GSP knows Silva is only 4 fights from retirement so he will never have to fight the number 1 p4p fighter in the world. why doesn’t everyone juts give up on that fight ever happening. GSP’s afraid to fight Condit so he sure in hell isn’t going to fight Silva.. Mark my words GSP knows by faking the knee injury he will now get to fight winner of Diaz/Penn. the fight I want to see id Ellenberger/Fitch. Knowing how Dana despises Fitch i think we may get to see Ellenberger destroy Fitch just like he did Sheilds. Can’t wait

      • rob says:

        Thiago Alves, Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, He was GOING to fight Condit before he got Injured. Some more names for ya. 😀

        • MMA-ster says:

          I agree, I don’t think the dude totally ducks fights – at the end of the day who he fights is not up to him. I do agree that he is being way too cautious in his overall gameplan and individual fights though. Sure he’s winning them, but in the process is actually losing fans – how’s does that work? If he wants to be GREAT – he needs to put his balls to the wall and throw down, even when it might not make sense. I think he’s getting too epic with the whole “I might lose” thing. Fuck it man – put those skills to the test and show the world what you got. If yah lose yah lose (get in there and get your hands dirty) – at least no one can say you didn’t have balls.

  5. Ninjaman says:

    Blake go to sleep! GSP does not duck anyone. He has beaten the best in his division. For you to say he is ducking big fights is like me saying your comments are intelligent. GSP is a legend and proves evry time he fights. His competition is left with no way around his skills and game plan. He might not finish his fights like even I want to see but he still makes great men look like rookies.

    • spiritsplice says:

      He is a legends, he proves it everytime he gets another 5th round decision. lol!

      As BJ said, a decision isn’t a win, it’s a draw.

      He is ducking Anderson cause he knows he doesn’t have it.

      • David says:

        GSP has never ducked anyone… If you want to know what ducking a fight looks like talk to Mayweather

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          As far as Mayweather goes, I 100% agree

        • Ani says:

          He’s not ducking but doesn’t have the sheer will to fight at 185. He’s just scared to fight at 185. Anderson is not scared to fight at 205. That’s why people, including myself are disappointed.

      • ryam says:

        anderson silva even calimed gsp to be a bettter fighter then him he said it on a interview on youtube dumbass and when u fight a guy for ur title belt and middleweighth to a guy who u lost to by disqualification thats pretty bad fight like we already know okami was gonna lose, put someone whos 5 year veteran jon jones someone good not a guy 20-15 a guy whos 20-5 20-2 20-3 middleweighth doesnt have fighters like that im sorry thats why silva looks so good, cause other fighters are bad i nthat divison chael sonnen beat the bricks off him until a lucky submission

  6. Chris says:

    From just reading the headline, i really thought this guy was just being sarcastic.

  7. mike f says:

    Hey GSP. I want to fight you, but first lose 15 lbs of muscle. How about this guy just doesn’t cut weight and fight at ww.

  8. travis says:

    The spider is a huge middle weight should be at 205 no he is the one scared .. Tell him to go fight Bones he want… GSP is small for ww cutting from 175 to 155 isn’t that much Brock cuts over 30 pounds so .. So ducking funny he has beat everyone in the ww division.. There are some retard on here

    • aaxantonio says:

      there are some retards on here. like someone who compares a 300+lb guy cutting 30lbs to a guy weighing 200lbs cutting 30 lbs hahahaha and anderson must be scared to fight at 205 like when he knocked out the sandman, or when he fought former lhw champ f. griffin? boy are you fucking dumb

      • brandon says:

        griffin and sandman are not even close to the same level as jon jones, anyway andersons managment pretty much said that they are looking for easy fights so he can retire undefeated in the ufc. anderson knows he got lucky in the chael fight and wants no part of a rematch

        • David says:

          thats why you can see him playing low guard until the last round.. the the shout out to the Nogs, right? HE got his ass beat. But, he wanted a submission to show sonnon what Brazil was all about. and if you can not see that in the fight youre dumb

        • Robby says:

          Wanted a submission to show Sonnen what Brazil is all about? I don’t know a triangle consisted of cocaine and unsafe drinking water??? I like Chael, but he loses to a triangle on average once a year I mean come on. Silva pulled it out of his ass and it worked. SILVA NEEDS TO STOP DUCKING SONNEN since he’s already beat Chael it should be no problem…Chael wants his belt!!_

        • MMA-ster says:

          Anyone notice how all these fighters; GSP, Anderson, Sonnen only want fights they can win? Makes sense right? But it pisses everyone off that they’re not facing their fears and fucking throwing down like in the old days. I respect alll of these fighters, but none more than BJ PENN. Dude may not have a squeaky clean record, but everyone loves him b/c he always says, let’s fuckin do it. Lets throw down – odds, weight against him – whatever. He gets in there and he does it everytime. That’s why he’s the best – that’s why he’s loved. All of these ass-clowns that marvel at perfect records need to recognize how top fighters work to keep it that way. If people want to be great, in my opinion they need to put themselves in deep deep water, than do something amazing.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        If I were to answer that question for you, I’d go with, “yes. Absolutely.”

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      175 to 155 are you stupid? GSP walks around at 190 get a clue before you spout nonsense. Zirabi spending too much time around the human skelton Florian and he’s lost his perception of his own fighter. GSP couldn’t make 155 if he cut off his leg

  9. guamy says:

    sounds like your the retard. i cant even understand anything you wrote. oh and grease does not waeigh 175, hes more like 195-205 and cutts down to 175.

  10. Louis Bocangra says:

    how can he say that gsp walks around 190-195 they just dont want that coward to fight the silvas or jones because he knowes he would get he’s ass beat..

  11. Xaninho says:

    There should be a stop to all the weightcutting. Nobody is fighting in their own weight nowadays. It’s getting ridiculous, lately all we see on fightday is huge fighters with 20-30lbs. more weight than at the weigh-ins.

    There should be a second weigh-in on fightday. And hand out heavy financial penalties to fighters who are overweight on fightday. Eventually this will make fighters just fight in their own natural weight.

    • wayuk says:

      i wonder how anthony johnson & paul daley react to that

    • Justa Thought says:

      Weight classes are designed to basically ensure a ‘fair’ fight. (safety of the fighters) I don’t mind a little weight cut, but I will agree I dislike these these 20 to 30 pound rebounds on fight day. Maybe allow a percentage you could gain back. Odd these massive gains are allowed by athletic comissions.

  12. Dan says:

    well if you’re talking about what weight they walk around at then you have to bring the opponent into it….anderson walks round well over 200 and cuts to 185, gsp cuts easily from his 180-190 to the ww 170 and could easily cut down to 155 given his height and reach comparison to other fighters in that division. 155 is a realistic cut, 185 is more like fighting at his natural weight against a fighter 20/30lbs heavier than him.
    All fighters (except frankie edgar and you hear what dana thinks about that) cut a lot of weight for fights and move to way below their ‘natural weight’
    Paul Daley just cut over 60lbs for his last fight at ww…and was still no bigger than his opponent fioravanti

    • Xaninho says:

      Depends on how the fighters cut. You see fighters dehydrated at the weigh-ins and on fightday after a fluid infusion they are back at their normal weight, which is mostly 20-30 lbs. over the weight they’re competing in.

      If you cut and on fightday are weighing no more than the weight you’re competing in it’s fine by me…Because there will be no advantage.

    • SayWhatttt says:

      are you an idiot? What did BJ Penn do? He fought at his NATURAL weightclass. Did he cut weight? Barely. Did he fight bigger guys? He messed those guys up. So if you are saying they have a disadvantage or advantage, it all comes down to the superior fighter. And he should grow a pair or 2 and fight at his natural weight class. Test the waters. Cause we know Penn went above and beyond, why is he fighting above his Natural Weight Class? Cause he likes to test himself.

      • Xaninho says:

        Shut your fucking mouth boy! Who you calling an idiot? Did I even MENTION BJ Penn?

        Furthermore you honestly think weight doesn’t matter? Get out of here dumbass.

        There are exceptions to the rule, like BJ for instance. But in general the heavier guy will win. Because YES he will have ADVANTAGE!

  13. TRUTH says:

    That’s interesting about the loyality to Renzo Gracie. The only thing that would make it seem like a lame excuse is if GSP had lost and then regained his title from a Renzo Gracie black belt….oh wait!

  14. nate says:

    bock… bock… bock… bock…bock… bock…bock… bock…bock… bock…bock… bock…bock… bock…bock… bock… manufactured legacy is nothing compared to legitimate legacy… if you’re a great fighter… you’re a great fighter… if you are a great UFC guy you’re a great UFC Guy…. GSP=pussy only because he is worried about money and a UFC legacy…. not the greatest fighter EVER

    • MMA-ster says:

      I don’t think I’d take it that far. GSP=pussy – but I agree with allot of what you said. If he wants legacy – like the full out Muhammed Ali shit. He needs to be more daring in his approach. Fuck all the math – take on the big guys, take on the small, fight em all. Let’s see what you got?! Training like a fucking SS soldier for every figtht and winning on points will not make you a legend dude. He needs to get the stick out of his crack for awhile and pull out the wild man.

  15. Joe says:

    to be honest, i dont want to see anderson vs. GSP, it wouldn’t amount to anything anymore.

  16. Carlos Condit says:

    fk gsp!

  17. steve says:

    gsp would not make that weight cut. and if he did he would have a poor performance.

  18. Ricky says:

    Down to 55? Yeah, lets move AS too 170 to because I’m sure he isn’t that large compared to the natural 170 guys. Silva needs to fight @ 205 and Gsp needs to be @ 185. What more is there to prove?

  19. Lex w says:

    I don’t c him at 155 llast time I checked he walked around at 185

  20. MMA Fan says:

    i think if GSP goes down is great…then he can fight BJ @ 155!! and that my friend would be a real good and square fight, where it all come down to SKILLs. no more size excuses/disadvantage.

  21. JB Spencer says:

    Doesnt gray manard walk around between 185 n 200 and fights at 55, and jose aldo walks around at around 165 n fights at 45???

  22. Joe says:

    what about Randy “the natura” couture lol

  23. RCS says:

    I’d like to see him drop down or go up, but doubt either will happen.

    As far as the ducking fights goes- I think GSP takes the fights they give him (to his credit),
    GSP is boring and lost my attention after he gave up to Serra. A change in weight class would be fresh change of pase. GSP “was” such a sweet fight he took on Huge and BJ and has made his mark WW. Time for a new chapter. . . in the words of Brock he is Chicken Shit.

  24. Fortyb4five says:

    Gsp wants to make sure he’s bigger than his opponents lol

  25. Ninjaman says:

    You can really tell that this sport is more of a business then anything. What happened to a champion like Anderson Silva walking up to Jones and challenging him to secure his spot as the best of the best. They want money and want there names in record books. The fight and passion are not in the fighters anymore. Say what you want about Jones but he is the closest to being that type of challenge anyone champion. 4 fights this year against 4 former champions. He is an amazing champion so far.

  26. Chatinuga Charlie says:

    That sounds like some bitch assness!!! He doesnt want to move up because he is scared to lose. But he wants to bully more smaller guys. I thought he was scared to cut muscle and all that what a fag!!!

  27. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Am I even supposed to take this seriously? Seriously?

  28. andyboy says:

    WTF? LMAO! Matt Serra is a RENZO GRACIE black belt!!!!!!!!!!!!! this prince Zabubu guy has no credentials as a legitimte Muay Thai fighter or MMA fighter and is GSP’s stand up coach and overall head coach??? Him and Ed Soares should have a slap fight! these idiots speaking for the Champs are starting to make the champs look like idiots! how can you talk about LOYALTY in not fighting a Renzo Gracie team mate and he fought and took the belt from one??? i don’t give a **** about what they’re doing in Canada but stop trying to spread rumors to keep yourself relevent! he pulls out of a fight and thinks the MMA world has forgotten about him, rightfully so haha, so now they start this BS about GSP dropping to 155……..publicity stunt 100% why even mention it and then say BUT we wont cuz Edgars the champ…..Edgar JUST fought and got suspended, he will be out for atleast 6 months, then GSP is gonna fight in about 6 months, then Edgar will be scheduled to defend his belt by then, then GSP will have BJ, Nick, Fitch, Shields, all itching for a shot at the title! GSP at 155 will NEVER happen! but they succeeded in staying in the spotlight and speculation talk in MMA….BJ bit that bait hard haha

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I knew after i read GSP back out of the Condit fight that Condit would never get to kick his ass. GSP wants the winner of Penn/Diaz becuase he knows he will be able out point and “FITCH” them for 5 rounds. GSP wants nothing to do with Condit that is why he faked a knee injury 11 days out. I lost all respect for GSP and I think he has lost most of his american fan base

      • Mitko says:

        I read your post with intereset but they are baseles claims. Fake an injury? using HGH/ I would sue your ass to the hills if I am Firas or GSP. You have any prove to that?
        Codnit is a good fighter, but GSP airn ducking anyone. I can bet you whatever you want GSP aint losing against Carlos. Did you see what Rory did to Carlos for two and ahalf round? And GSp is a lot xstronger the Rory. Dont even mention BJ vs GSP Number 3. it will be embarassing to see BJ going throguh that ass breating again, do you really want to see that?
        GSP is not the most natural figet fighter but he is the best athelete, trains hard has a great game plan, and it is very hard to beat him. His fights are not pretty but why dont you put onus on his oppenents? They lok like scond class against him and su[ppose to be # 1 Contender?

        And as Matt Hughes said once, if he decide to move and had his head straing, he WILL beat Anderson. Just weight disadvantage on fight day currently is huge… over 30 lbs. Would you take on some 35 lbs heavier then u?

        • JBJ sucks says:

          I wouldn’t but I know BJ would

        • MMA-ster says:

          exactly! and that’s why everyone fuckin loves BJ. No one really gives a shit that his record isn’t 60-1-0. I mean the dude fought Machida!? That fucker fights at 205! I don’t give a rip shit that he lost by decision – the fact that he actually fought him is what matters.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          All you have to do is take a real good look at Rory M cdonald and its obviosu he is juicing. Most of the UFC is on something and I have no doubt GSP is on HGH. There are only a very few fighters IMO in the UFC that are clean, Bj Penn, Diaz brothers, Dominic Cruz. my guess by listening to fighters who know what goes on is probbaly close to 95% are JUICING or on HGH.

        • MMA-ster says:

          I agree with everthing you said @Mitko – but…don’t you think it’s time for GSP to get a bit more…less calculating? (Ballsy) I’m a Canadian, I’m a GSP fan & even though I agree with all that you’ve said I really want to see him test his shit. Making number one contenders look like pieces of shit is amazing – that’s a given. But with all that skill, athletic ability, & discipline? He should really sink his ass in deep waters and just fuckin go for it. So what if he loses? is that the worst thing ever?? – his fan base would triple if he took on a stacked opponent. And will cut in half if he fights another calculating fight and picks the dude apart.

        • Mitko says:

          I agree, everyone wants to see that Killer insticnt
          But think about it. you are a Champipon and you are in for 5 Rounds every time

          you want to keep your Belt as much a possible and rake in
          Would you go for the broke every time? Win or Lose? ( of course chances are he will have more wins that losses given his skill)?
          Why takes risks against soneone that you know you can beat for sure with a good game plan?
          Why doing a stand up fight against a guy who likes to brawl and is a very good boxer? Which you know you can beat with Ground and Pound
          Just think about it?

          Would you go for all or nothing?

  29. Tired says:

    GSP VS BJ PENN @ 155!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jess says:

    Are you serious????? didn’t GSP mention that he walks around at 193….that he put on 10 lbs of muscle and now they’re talking about him moving down instead before moving up, have they been watching BJ’s career path lately….shit send him down to 55 and BJ will smash that dude!!!!

  31. Michael says:

    Firas has some sick trolling skills. What a load of crap.

  32. chon209 says:

    why is jon jones name even out there, he has 1 title defence and only shogun and rampage are the only names that stand out on his resume and you have him at a super fight i can understand gsp vs silva because they cleaned out there divisions but jones has a long way to go, why you think jones is fighting so much- he is the most active champ- its becuase he really thinks he is that good but its going to back fire on him and he will be too busy trying to get his belt back like everyone else

  33. Ninjaman says:

    chon209 go to sleep! Jon Jones is amazing and is fighting everyone because he’s hungry. He just destroyed 2 legends of the sport and excepted a fight this December fight thinking he was getting Rashad, another former champ and top 5 LH. Jones is the man to watch.

    • chon209 says:

      Look! its a TROLL or is jon jones using the name ninjaman, i never said jon wasnt good but said he not at super fight level yet… I dont even know why im explaining what was obvious to a TROLL and “go to sleep” is cute, is that what your mommy tells you when she tucks you in

  34. e says:

    great article thanks for the laugh.

  35. wayuk says:

    ducking a fight = gayweather

  36. DaRuckuz says:

    Hahaha so happy i never backed this guy up

  37. A.James says:

    Shields and Hardy got destroyed following matches they lost to GSP by decision. I’d like to see GSP beat Condit and Ellenberger before I even hear talk about him going to any weight class. I’d like to see him defeat guys that destroyed fighters that he only outscored.

  38. KingGareth says:

    GSP’s blanket technique will work better on smaller opponents. Why have one belt when you can have 2…. How about 145 gsp?

  39. mmaislandjunkie says:

    wheres all the gsp nut huggers at? yo boyz a pusssaayyy!

  40. A.James says:

    Now that i think of it GSP should go down to 155. He’ll lose strength and size advantage because unlike what this article has stated he isn’t a small walterweight like Nate Diaz and BJ are. I say let GSP go down in weight so BJ can have the advantage.

  41. stink says:

    what a b*tch…”I’d rather him go down to 155 because Georges is not a very big welterweight. People might think he is, he’s actually not very big. And him making 170 is extremely easy for him.”…

  42. WTF??? says:

    This is a weird article. This babbling is basically the opposite of what we’ve always heard about GSP. GSP hiself said in a video that he doesnt do a lot of weight lifting and strength training. i’ve always heard that he hates the weight cut to 170. And how can it be a disadvantage for him to move to 185 and only have to cut a few pounds since he walks around 190 -195. Firaz is blowin smoke up our asses, cuz they are scared to fight Anderson. bottom line.

  43. dana says:

    omg freddie roach trains with both of these guys and he said gsp is the stronger fighter. he just dosent want to lose, i dont dislike him dont like him but to all the gsp fans come on even a blind guy would no hes afraid to fight anderson and why do people mention chael?

  44. dana says:

    gsp walks around 193 at his peek, anderson walks around 225 at his peek, the fights at 185 gsp would have the better cardio because less weight cut so he must think he cant out point him he will just get knocked out in round 1 he hasnt said it but he nos i no dana nos and i think the hole world nos apart from canada silva would murder this mma modle

  45. Jrock says:

    before anyone talks moving up moving down or super fights Carlos Condit is still waiting for his title shot he had ripped from because of gsp’ knee injury then you have the winner of penn diaz after him if gsp can survive Condit.and guys like jake elenberger and jon fitch liying in wait so gsp still has a shit load of people at 170 to fight but my opinion Condit takes the belt.

    • Brave Reply says:

      yeah but Condit was GIFTED the shot due to Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz. Nothing earned about his (Condits) title shot. It was a gift.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        condit been smashign everyone in front of him and in dominant fashion. he wasnt “gifted” anything he earned his shit. condit would smash nick diaz too.

        • Brave Reply says:

          He only got the shot because Nick did his thing. Am I wrong? Because I could post about 100 different MMA articles including that clearly states how he got the shot. He didnt beat any #1 contender for the shot. The UFC needed a contender and Condit was gifted it. Anyway u look at it, it was a gift.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          what no 1 contender did nick beat? i didnt know beating daley was such an impressive feat. koscheck made daley look like a tackling dummy. condit has had a tougher road than nick and if u wana say oh nick was the sf champ well guess what condit was the wec champ big whoops.

        • JB Spencer says:

          Mabee so, but we all know if it wasnt for the strike force merging and diaz comin back to the ufc, condit wd been no 1 contender. Think about it, who else?

        • Brave Reply says:

          @ JB he wouldve had to beat Penn first before becoming #1 contender

          @ Junkie Dont get me wrong I have been a big Condit fan since the WEC days. But, he did lose his first fight in the UFC (even though I think he won) and has been working his way back up. But beating DH Kim for the title shot doesnt sit well with me. Just my opinion. I see where your coming from though. I just disagree.

        • Brave Reply says:

          And I also think that Diaz was gifted a shot too. He beat Daley and Cyborg?! I think that Diaz is just a slight bit more marketable and thats why he got the shot first.

        • JB Spencer says:

          And o yeah, hardy was a no 1 contender, conditt koed him, diaz just beat a coulda been no 1 contender.

  46. Donnybrook says:

    I just looked at the calendar and it’s NOT April 1. Firaz isn’t helping GSP’s “legacy” by spilling verbal diarrhea like this… nobody wants to see him drop weight and bully little dudes around. Come on Georges grow some balls and challenge Silva!… or you’re “legacy” is going to be “the safest fighter to ever disgrace the octagon”.

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