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Wednesday, 12/04/2013, 08:14 pm

Firas Zahabi Defends GSP: ‘He Doesn’t Owe Anybody Anything’

After a hellacious, brutal fight against Johny Hendricks on November 16, Georges St-Pierre retained his welterwight title. However, mere moments after the fight in his post-fight interview, St-Pierre announced his intention to temporarily step away from the sport to resolve personal issues. This statement angered Dana White, to say the least.

At the post-fight presser, White vehemently stated that St-Pierre owed a rematch to the fans, the company, and Johny Hendricks. Despite pressure from Dana White, fans, and media, St-Pierre has yet to announce his intentions for the future, leaving most to speculate whether or not we will ever see the Canadian inside the octagon again. In an interview with Sportsnet, head trainer and close friend Firas Zahabi explained the reasoning for St-Pierre’s possible hiatus/retirement.

“Right now it’s about clearing his emotions, finding what he wants to do with life. He’s been fighting for so long, he’s been putting off his social life for so long, making a lot of sacrifices, it’s been almost seven years that he’s been champion, he’s had 22 fights in the UFC. I think he needs to settle down, settle his mind and figure out what he wants to do.”

When asked about the odds concerning St-Pierre’s retirement, Zahabi states that the scales were 50-50. Having earned a decision in a highly contested battle in the Fight of the Night at UFC 167, Zahabi feels as though St-Pierre will have left on a good note should he decide to step away from the sport. When asked by Fight Now TV about the debt that Dana White suggested St-Pierre owes to fans, the company, and Hendricks, Zahabi dismissed any such notion.

“I don’t think Georges owes anybody anything. He has more hours in the Octagon than anybody else.”

Zahabi’s words hold statistical truth. The top three in regards of time recorded in the UFC’s octagon are St-Pierre (5:28:12), BJ Penn (5:03:51), and Frankie Edgar (4:31:11).

However, even with everything said, it is still a mystery as to whether or not the man known both colloquially and iconically as ‘GSP’ will ever return to action inside the octagon. Only time will tell.


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0 Responses to “Firas Zahabi Defends GSP: ‘He Doesn’t Owe Anybody Anything’”

  1. Dddddddddd says:

    Kids that have been watching this thing for just a couple years are about to see the reality of evolution in the fight game. Good by Georges and Anderson.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      evolution? or are the champions just getting old…there’s nothing newly evolved that GSP hasn’t seen and conquered. He’s just exhausted from his schedule for the past decade. The Spider…same thing; but we know he’s defn. getting up there & I think that’s what’s going to stop him from completing another long run. As far as Weidman goes, he’s got this.

  2. 757 says:

    I agree with Zahabi. GSP owes nobody anything. He fought the best, and fought in a ton of big fights. Who care what Dana or goofy Hendrix says. He owes nobody anything, and I am happy I was watching when he was fighting. Thanks GSP!!

  3. Kaleo says:

    I agree that GSP doesn’t owe UFC or us anything. He has been a great champion, boring, safe, but still an amazing athlete and fighter. Now his whole career he spoke about legacy and wanting to go down as the greatest fighter of all time. As it stands he will go down as the greatest welterweight champ in UFC history, but if he chooses to leave after the ass whooping Johnny Hendrix put on him, then he can kiss that Greatest of all time goodbye. If he ends his carreer on a fight where pretty much any honest person who watched it can say he clearly LOST, it was not even a close fight, yet the judges gave him the victory. So yes he owes nothing to UFC or the fans, but must be prepared to have a Tarnished Legacy with his decision.

  4. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    GSP has been nothing but a snoozefest fora fighter since all 5’4″‘s of Matt Serra ko’d hi a’ss.

    EVERYONE knows Hendricks is the TRUE champ after he beat the hell out of GSP

    this picture tells the REAL story. GSP took one hell of an as’sss whoopen i will give him that.

    How is it the OWNERS of the UFC who are the biggest GSP supporters in world and who had the most to lose by saying GSP lost have 100% positive Hendricks won that fight.

    UFC/MMA lost countless fans after that horrible rippoff of a decision was read. It doesn;t take a rocket scientist to see who took an ass whoopin and who walked away unscaved

    GSP will never have the balls to get back in cage with hendricks. Yes we all know GSP will take a year or so off and get FULLY JUICED back up and demand to pick another opponent (BETTER MATCH UP) like when he picked Diaz over Hendricks even though Hendricks was the clear #1 contender and had been for quite some time.

    UFC is turning into WWE with a bnch of circus clowns like Sonnen and rigged bulls’hit

  5. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    GSP needs to man up and admit he got his a’ss kicked. Also he should just hand over the belt to Hendricks

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