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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 10:23 am

Final Thoughts With Diaz Coach Cesar Gracie | Condit Must Be Eliminated

Carlos Condit is in his way and Carlos Condit is telling people he is going to knock Nick out. [Nick] realizes this guy is not on our team, this guy is on a team that I personally do not like. It’s like fighting an enemy. He doesn’t have to work himself up he’s there… [Carlos is] definitely a tactician but he’s in a whole other league now.

As pressure starts to mount, as thing goes off on [Nick] where he’s been the underdog all his life. Where people wanted to bully him his whole life, they want to portray him as something he is not, they want to write a script for his life and that’s not the script he wants and he is fighting against that.

As fight time approaches all of that starts to emerge. It’s a focused rage, it’s not just chaotic anger, there’s a focused rage there. He just realizes this guy is in his way and he must be eliminated.”

Nick Diaz coach Cesar Gracie gives his final thoughts on tonight’s main event during the final installment of UFC Primetime that aired on FX yesterday.


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11 Responses to “Final Thoughts With Diaz Coach Cesar Gracie | Condit Must Be Eliminated”

  1. Spirit Splice says:

    blah blah blah get off Diaz’ nuts.

  2. Michael R. says:

    Diaz is a boss but Cesar is just a pretentious bitch,i really cannot stand that douche

  3. pthance says:

    I like Diaz, but hate hearing Cesar Gracie talk.

  4. david says:

    lol its funny because i just read the condit update and he also said people are counting him out, so people are counting out both fighters, who tue fuck is supposed to win then

  5. dave says:

    cesar is the best trainer in the world in my opiinion and he has tthe best gym…look all the champs that come from ceasr gracie…dave terrell jake sheilds nate diaz nick diaz gilbert melendez….all buy jake actualy started under cesarr…and he raises champs..guys like craig jackson requits champs,,if yo good already an look to be coming a champ he looks to coach you..i have no respect for guys lik craig ..he is not even a fight..ceasr has fough .he lost but fought,…cesar brings these guys up so he isthe man….nick going smash this fool tonight

  6. BJC says:

    @ Dave
    You don’t have to talk like an idiot.All it does is confirm that you are one.

  7. 16v149 says:

    hmm Dana asking for them closet queens to step up. Is it mixed martial arts or Ultimate Fighting .This viny mac marketing crap and lay on me
    wrasling will be the end of American fighting. Hey Donald Triumph give us
    real fighters , no judges nap or tap.

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