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Tuesday, 09/20/2011, 09:05 am

Fights On Facebook Coming To An End With New Fox Deal In Place

UFC President, Dana White, made an announcement yesterday to “El Octagono” that will change the way the UFC Preliminary cards will be viewed.

Since UFC 129, the UFC has been in bed with the popular social network, and as such has been delivering un-aired preliminary card bouts for free via live internet stream.

The new viewing format for these once un-viewable bouts will be live TV starting in 2012.

Dana White explains the change:

“[The Facebook fights] will go away when the FOX deal starts which is in January because all that programming now, I mean the reason we did the Facebook fights was because nobody could see those fights. So we put them up on Facebook as an option for fans, because we always love to give more fights. But with the fact that FOX wants to pick up all these fights, they’ll be on television now.”


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