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Tuesday, 09/20/2011, 09:05 am

Fights On Facebook Coming To An End With New Fox Deal In Place

UFC President, Dana White, made an announcement yesterday to “El Octagono” that will change the way the UFC Preliminary cards will be viewed.

Since UFC 129, the UFC has been in bed with the popular social network, and as such has been delivering un-aired preliminary card bouts for free via live internet stream.

The new viewing format for these once un-viewable bouts will be live TV starting in 2012.

Dana White explains the change:

“[The Facebook fights] will go away when the FOX deal starts which is in January because all that programming now, I mean the reason we did the Facebook fights was because nobody could see those fights. So we put them up on Facebook as an option for fans, because we always love to give more fights. But with the fact that FOX wants to pick up all these fights, they’ll be on television now.”


23 Responses to “Fights On Facebook Coming To An End With New Fox Deal In Place”

  1. doitsustyle says:

    Classic dickmove, Dana.

  2. Kevin a says:

    Not a dick move at all…..we get to see free fights without broadband access……pretty nice I think….its a buisness first, lets not forget that……

  3. Brian B says:

    LOL, doitsustyle read the headline and not the article.

  4. cheap says:

    obv some ppl will be left in the dust. but if you get the channels, this is great news because now you can DVR the fights if you’re not around. it’s hard to dedicate 5 straight hours to fights every other weekend.

  5. anon says:

    Some people are smart enough to find ways to bypass paying cable companies for their poor support and over priced service. The prelims on facebook were a way. I bet these won’t be HD like the facebook fights were, and even if they are, they aren’t free now because your paying for HD service. Why not provide both options?

  6. Drowning says:

    I take it these fights will be aired on the UK Fox channel aswell? Hope so, love watching the fights on Facebook so it’ll be sad that i had to get off my ass and go to the living room earlier but as long as i get to see them 😀

    If not, then it is a Dick Move 😛

  7. Rowe says:

    Pedro, the apostrophe in “fight’s” in not needed. The way you used it, it means “fight is.”

  8. chris says:

    yeah its great if you live in america, but anywhere esle in the world that dont have fox is getting screwed

  9. Vassilis says:

    Some people don’t live in the US and facebook is a great way for them to watch the fights live. But I guess Dana didn’t think of that…

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