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Tuesday, 09/04/2012, 10:06 am

Fight Video | Anderson Silva In An Old School Muay Thai Match | UFC NEWS

In this video, UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva is shown in an early Muay Thai match in a local gym in his native Brazil.



20 Responses to “Fight Video | Anderson Silva In An Old School Muay Thai Match | UFC NEWS”

  1. Andy2311 says:

    bit like his last match lol bar the first round

  2. stevo the great says:

    This is lame…..there goes Anderson beating people up that aren’t even competition. This guy didn’t even land one strike. Now he probably has a broken rib……man Silva is a badass, but he needs to quit beating up on cans.

  3. kick…punch
    game over
    wtf…lol anderson is too good

  4. Jay says:

    My thoughts: All those people that talk tough on this site? Well I don’t even think most of them would do as good as this kick boxer who actually competes in Brazil. That’s what would happen to most of these normal guys that think they can take on a UFC fighter.

  5. maurice says:

    hahahaha. even back then anderson couldnt help but showboat. something about this really made me lol. lil did this guy kno he was fighting the future best fighter in the world.

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