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Monday, 10/28/2013, 04:24 pm

Fight Night 30’s Rosi Sexton Takes Shot At Joe Rogan

Although Rosi Sexton may have lost her fight against Jessica Andrade on Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 30 card in Manchester, England, she did not lose her sense of humor.

Sexton took to her facebook to voice her opinion of Joe Rogan’s comments during her unanimous decision loss to Andrade.

“48 hours post fight – I have 2 black eyes, otherwise I’m 100% fine. You could have given me an IQ test as I stepped out of the cage, and I’d still have scored higher than Joe Rogan,” she wrote.

Rogan and UFC president Dana White were vocal during and after the fight, with Rogan consistently stating during his commentary that referee Neil Hall should have stepped in and stopped the fight. White had his own share of criticism of Hall.

“I agree 100 percent that fight should have been stopped,” White said. “I said what we should do is bring the ref out in the hallway and let someone punch him in the face for 15 minutes, and nobody jump in to help him, just to see what it feels like.”

According to Fightmetric statistics, Andrade outstruck Sexton by a margin of nearly two-to-one. Andrade landed 215 total strikes, while Sexton managed to land 111 strikes total.

Two out of the three judges scored the contest 30-26.

While Rogan, White and many other media members were outspoken in saying the one-sided fight should have been stopped, Sexton wrote on her facebook that “rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”


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