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Monday, 01/07/2013, 05:25 am

Feud Ignited Between Boxer Fury And Michael Bisping | UFC NEWS

Last week we blasted out a tweet from British Boxer Tyson Fury. It was an attempt to call out UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The comments ignited the following feud between him and Michael Bisping:

“Everyone just ignore that excuse of a man, Tyson something. He’s trying to get hype, I’d never heard of him till he called out Cain,” Bisping wrote via Twitter on Friday.

“I always support British athletes of all sports, including Tyson Fury. I think he’s a great boxer,” Bisping told the UK Mirror. “However, if he’s calling out UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez then quite frankly he’s living in a fantasy world and needs to come back to reality. He would be absolutely destroyed in a matchup against Cain. Cain’s a UFC champion and Fury wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Fury took to twitter with the following:

“I hear I’d get killed by Velasquez. Not in a million years! think Michael Bisping is a first class pr**k! Him and Velasquez at the same time couldn’t beat me! My friend KO’d Bisping. Ask him.”

…You are a w**ker who is sh*t at fighting, ask anyone.”


15 Responses to “Feud Ignited Between Boxer Fury And Michael Bisping | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Good. he tweeted the same thing i tweeted to dana white. PLEASE IGNORE THIS OAF!!!
    if you say “ohhh just let him fight so i can see him get his ass kicked”
    you JUST LET this fat sack of tarter sauce WIN.
    and win big $$$

  2. Adonis says:

    Does anyone recall the last boxing v MMA fight? Sure, boxers may have more power, but that means SH*T when you are on your back! Boxers suffer too much brain damage, as shown by this nobody calling out the champ of all people…

    • Thom says:

      how do boxers have more power? you mean punching power? because im pretty sure power isnt what seperates the striking of a pure boxer to that of a MMA fighter. its the timing and movement more than anything else. ur right though this is just a guy trying to get some attention. Tyson, what a joke. Real Tyson should just slap this guy.

    • Bug says:

      Does the James Toney fight against Randy Couture count?

  3. steeler says:

    boxing is dying and mma is taking over

  4. Leezy810 says:

    Tyson Fury is friends with Dan Henderson?

  5. hendoooo says:

    tyson fury wants to build his profile so he can plan a fight with a klitchsko, unfortunately i think he will get destroyed by wladimir, he might have a chance against vitali just for pure height and reach, but vitali has beaten bigger men before. Oh, and he wouldn’t last too long against a wrestler of Cains level.

    • Stevenr says:

      He wouldn’t last long against a wrestler of ANY level. The takedown Couture used on Toney wasn’t a high level move, it was a simple foot pick that most people learn in elementary school.. For pure boxing to be effective the fighter has to be in a stance that makes him a wrestlers dream.

  6. Chris says:

    so i wanna see this fight between tyson fury and cain velasquez so bad cuz tysons talkin so much sh*t and cain would f**kin wreck him so bad! oh yea and tyson fury and micheal bisping would be a good fight to watch too. those fight should be national televised on fx, spike and other sport channels

  7. hornaday09 says:

    This dude is in a fantasy land there is a big difference in getting hit with 16oz gloves and 4oz gloves and the gloves are smaller so harder to use your gloves to cover up and cain is to good of a wrestler

  8. Ryan says:

    Is Boxing vs MMA really still a debate!

  9. Javier says:

    just like that, another dude looking for attention and extra cash. no chance, beside that a lot of people its getting tittle shot just for trash talking, enough

  10. mangjose says:

    Did that tyson watch cain vs jds fight?? coz if he didnt better he watch it first… I think cain will beat the hell out of him..

  11. greg says:

    your just a boxer talking shit i bet id beat the fuck out of you im calling you out im 5;4 weigh 150 pounds and guarantee id ko you in the first round your a pussy

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