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Thursday, 03/15/2012, 10:01 am

Fertitta Supports Women’s MMA | Our Matchmakers Will Build It

“I’ve never been against it. You know, me and Dana, although we always go on a common front, we don’t always agree on everything. The reality is, I’m a fan. I was captivated by the [Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate] fight. [I was] blown away by their athleticism and the way they promoted the fight, the whole thing. To me, it was very, very entertaining. Dana is right. Historically there has been an issue with the depth of talent in the talent pool, but it seems to me like that is starting to change and the one argument I make when we talk about it, and this might sound a little self-serving, but we’ve never been in the women’s game, so we’ve never had our matchmakers do this. Let Joe Silva and Sean Shelby develop a women’s league. I guarantee you they can do it. They’re that good.”

UFC boss, Lorenzo Fertitta talked to yesterday about the growth of women’s MMA.

His partner in crime, Dana White, doesn’t feel there is a place for females in the UFC, but could Fertitta be pulling rank here? Might we see females throw down on pay-per-view before it’s all said and done?

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