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Monday, 11/14/2011, 10:49 am

UFC NEWS – Fertitta States UFC Most Valuable Sports Franchise In The World

“I feel pretty comfortable saying we’re the most valuable sports franchise on the planet, more than Manchester United, more than the New York Yankees, more than the Dallas Cowboys.”

40.5% owner of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta tells the NY Times that he believes that the UFC is the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Such a statement means that the UFC is valued somewhere in the $2 billion region and with no signs of going anywhere anytime soon the sky is the limit for the Fertitta brothers and White.


14 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Fertitta States UFC Most Valuable Sports Franchise In The World”

    • Streetsweeper says:

      Problem with that statement is that the UFC is more of a league than a franchise. So while it may be worth more than those teams stated in the quote, it is definitely not worth more than the MLB, EPL, NBA, or even the NHL. They have done a tremendous job by taking the UFC from fringe sport to mainstream, and increasing its value from the $2 million they paid initially to the $2 billion its worth today. That said, for as much success as they’ve had, their is still a long way to go to catch the NFL and plenty other leagues across North America and Europe.

  1. tim says:

    What a news flash… Stating the obvious! Cant wait till there is a free card every night of the week

  2. Hendrix says:

    He’ll be a trillionaire before that happens.

  3. The Mastadon says:

    More than Real Madrid?

  4. Mark Demarco says:

    Really Lorenzo? Lol. Maybe in your own mind. Forbes doesn’t even have the UFC listed in the top 20 most valuable sports franchises. But they do have Manchester United, the New York Yankees, and the Dallas Cowboys listed.

  5. LCM says:

    He says the UFC is the most valuable sports franchise in the world yet they pay their co-main event fighters $10,000. A-Rod makes $18,861, PER INNING. Get fuckin real Lorenzo. This is just more hype for the press in an attempt to bring in a larger audience.

  6. Cali Girl says:

    UFC Fighters Should go on STRIKE and GET PAID like other professional athletes! UFC should pay-out like they’re the “Most Valuable Sports Franchise”.

  7. The natural says:

    Asshole how come ur fighters make shit

  8. Austin T says:

    GSP said himself that after all behind the scene bonuses and PPV dollars are paid out he makes in the 4 -5 mil range…it was a recent thing though ya may notta caught it

  9. Raja says:

    He owns 40.5% and so does his bro which equals 81%. Than Dana owns 9% and I believe the abu dabhi governments owns the remaining 10%.

  10. Ninjaman says:

    Pay your fighters more money you cheap son of a gunner.

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