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Saturday, 06/28/2014, 02:30 pm


Ferreira Wants Dollaway Rematch: ‘I Beat Him 11 Out Of 10 Times’

Fereira Dollaway

“I had a turbulent camp at that time. I got sick three times and I also wasn’t in the best of my days, I entered a little anxious. Besides, I virtually didn’t show up to fight. I feel that my body was there but my head was somewhere else and I was induced to make a mistake. I think that I lost to myself, even not taking away Dollaway’s merits. But I haven’t forgot what happened. I’m focusing on Craig now but I’ll seek this rematch. I want a second fight against him, I feel that I would beat him 11 of 10 times.”

Cezar Ferreira fights on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 44 card. He has a stiff test in Andrew Craig, but the Vitor Belfort protégé is eyeing a rematch against C.B. Dollaway.

Dollaway knocked him out in their last encounter in just 39 seconds.

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