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Thursday, 03/29/2012, 07:23 pm

Fedor’s Manager Says Dana White Is Lying About Not Wanting Emelianenko In The UFC

“You need to know Dana. If he says he has no interest in signing Fedor, then in fact, he really wants to. He says one thing, and doing another. How can you not want a fighter who can bring millions? Any fight with Fedor could break all the rating records in the UFC… We are open for dialogue. It’s just that Dana White thinks that we will come to him, kneel down and say: “We are ready for any conditions to sign a contract.” Of course, this will never happen. Fedor deserves nothing but respect. But like I said, there’s still a high demand for Fedor. We are ready to have Fedor fighting in the UFC, it’s just that we need a normal offer. And the fact that White is always saying that offered us everything “on a silver platter” is a lie.”

Notorious M-1 Global front man, Vadim Finkelstein, responds through Lowkick about Dana Whites recent proclamation that they have absolutely zero interest in signing Fedor Emelianenko.

You can check out Dana’s statement HERE.


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