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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 12:19 pm

Fedor Wants In The UFC

“I can tell you the timing of my next bout right now,” said Emelianenko. “It’s going to be June or July.” Fedor further stated, “Of course, I want to compete at home, in front of my countrymen,” “But at the moment, the strongest and most respected MMA organization is situated in America. It’s the UFC. Therefore, I have to go to the US in order to face the strongest opponents.”

In an interview with, legendary MMA heavyweight, Fedor Emeliankenko gives some insight as to where he sees his future in mixed martial arts. After dropping three consecutive losses during his Strikeforce tenure, the former Pride champion is now riding a two fight win streak and looking for stronger opposition. However, despite various reports of Fedor possibly facing Cain Velasquez or Josh Barnett, nothing has been decided on just yet, although Fedor did confirm that both options are being discussed.

“I really sympathize with Josh, and we’ve been friends for a long time,” he said. “Perhaps, he is the only fighter whom I wouldn’t want to meet in the ring.”

Will we finally see the Last Emperor inside the octagon?


85 Responses to “Fedor Wants In The UFC”

  1. SmoothAssNigga says:

    205 please

    • Mike McMack says:

      Yep, he’d get smoked of the top 7 or 8 guys in the UFC’s now stacked HW division. I think Fedor at 205 would be a very good fit but asking a guy to cut weight at 35 for the first time in his career is asking a lot. I’d just like to see him in the UFC, he won’t amount to much in the HW division but he is still in the top 15 of MMA HW IMO.

  2. Mo says:

    I say let him fight the winner of Dos Santos and Overeem. Retire this bum once and for all. Pride days are over….

    • Ly-er says:

      He was great once, & I respect all he did, but I don’t even think he deserves to face the winner of that fight! He couldn’t get pass Werdum, Silva, & even Henderson, no way should he get a title shot! I say give him Mir or Velasquez to test out where hes at with today’s Elite!

    • Pat Burns says:

      Fedor would Ko overeem, he is so much faster. Dos santos would be really tough but would sill be a great fight. btw u r a tard

      • Mike says:

        Lolwut? Somehow I doubt an undersized HW with a grappling background will be capable of KOing a kickboxing specialist. Sure, Reem’s chin isn’t the best, but I doubt Fedor would put a glove on it.

        Fedor at LHW or even MW would make for some decent fights in the UFC, but even then I wouldn’t guarantee success.. He’s old and on his way out.

      • Mo says:

        Look its one of Fedor’s fan boys…Dos Santos would be a tough fight? Dos Santos would make that Russian his bitch, just like Hendo, Bigfoot and Werdum did. Fedor was good when there wasn’t all of this competition there is now. Get your head out of your ass.

  3. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    It’s a little late for this now Fedor you dumbass maybe you should’ve went to the UFC while people actually thought you were still good get real you don’t deserve to be in the UFC what are you 1-3 in your last 4 and the only name fight out of them was a smaller Dan Hendo that knocked your ass out cold

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      2-2 in his last four. And Henderson TKO’d him. He wasn’t knocked out cold.

      The guy was considered the best fighter on the planet for how long? Then he loses a few fights and the world realizes he’s not invincible, so all of a sudden he’s washes up, he’s a bum? Are you fucking kidding me? Look at who those losses were against!

      Werdum, one of the best BJJ practitioners in the world, submits him. Pretty sure he’s a top 10 heavyweight too.

      Silva, OK maybe not expected, but it’s not like he finished Fedor. Was his face worse than what Aldo did to Hominick? That fight continued, so the stoppage in Fedor-Silva could have been very much premature. Who knows what would have happened if it kept going.

      Last, Henderson. Who the hell is going to debate how good Henderson is?

      • phace says:

        Makes sense…If he comes he’d be better off at 205..The problem there is that he’d have to cut weight and there’s no telling how he’d perform under those circumstances. It would be interesting though.

      • K2 says:

        Hendo flash KO’d him. Two shot on an unresponsive Fedor. Fedor did recover somewhat quickly after the fight was stopped but was still rocked.

      • EdSoares says:

        2-2 in his last four? Who the fuck judges by someone’s last 4 fights?

        Is saying “he’s 2-3, being finished in all three losses, in his last 5″ to tough for you to stomach?

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          I’m not judging anyone by their last four fights. He said 1-3 in last four fights. I simply made a correction.

        • california grown says:

          Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
          Win 33–4 (1) Satoshi Ishii KO (punches) Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 December 31, 2011 1 2:29 Saitama, Saitama, Japan
          Win 32–4 (1) Jeff Monson Decision (unanimous) M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Monson November 20, 2011 3 5:00 Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Russia
          Loss 31–4 (1) Dan Henderson TKO (punches) Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson July 30, 2011 1 4:12 Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
          Loss 31–3 (1) Antonio Silva TKO (doctor stoppage) Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva February 12, 2011 2 5:00 East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States Strikeforce 2011 Heavyweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal.
          Loss 31–2 (1) Fabricio Werdum Submission (triangle armbar) Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum June 26, 2010 1 1:09 San Jose, California, United States
          Win 31–1 (1) Brett Rogers TKO (punches) Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers November 7, 2009 2 1:48 Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States Defended WAMMA Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 30–1 (1) Andrei Arlovski KO (punch) Affliction: Day of Reckoning January 24, 2009 1 3:14 Anaheim, California, United States Defended WAMMA Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 29–1 (1) Tim Sylvia Submission (rear naked choke) Affliction: Banned July 19, 2008 1 0:36 Anaheim, California, United States Won inaugural WAMMA Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 28–1 (1) Choi Hong-man Submission (armbar) Yarennoka! December 31, 2007 1 1:54 Saitama, Saitama, Japan
          Win 27–1 (1) Matt Lindland Submission (armbar) BodogFIGHT: Clash of the Nations April 14, 2007 1 2:58 St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
          Win 26–1 (1) Mark Hunt Submission (kimura) Pride Shockwave 2006 December 31, 2006 1 8:16 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Defended Pride Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 25–1 (1) Mark Coleman Submission (armbar) Pride 32 October 21, 2006 2 1:17 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
          Win 24–1 (1) Wagner Martins Submission (strikes) Pride Shockwave 2005 December 31, 2005 1 0:26 Saitama, Saitama, Japan
          Win 23–1 (1) Mirko Filipović Decision (unanimous) Pride Final Conflict 2005 August 28, 2005 3 5:00 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Defended Pride Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 22–1 (1) Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (doctor stoppage) Pride Bushido 6 April 3, 2005 1 10:00 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
          Win 21–1 (1) Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (unanimous) Pride Shockwave 2004 December 31, 2004 3 5:00 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Pride 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Final; Unified Pride Interim Heavyweight Championship.
          NC 20–1 (1) Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira NC (accidental headbutt) Pride Final Conflict 2004 August 15, 2004 1 3:52 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Pride 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Final.
          Win 20–1 Naoya Ogawa Submission (armbar) Pride Final Conflict 2004 August 15, 2004 1 0:54 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Pride 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinal.
          Win 19–1 Kevin Randleman Submission (kimura) Pride Critical Countdown 2004 June 20, 2004 1 1:33 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Pride 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Quarterfinal.
          Win 18–1 Mark Coleman Submission (armbar) Pride Total Elimination 2004 April 25, 2004 1 2:11 Saitama, Saitama, Japan Pride 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Opening Round.
          Win 17–1 Yuji Nagata TKO (strikes) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 December 31, 2003 1 1:02 Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan
          Win 16–1 Gary Goodridge TKO (soccer kicks and punches) Pride Total Elimination 2003 August 10, 2003 1 1:09 Saitama, Saitama, Japan
          Win 15–1 Kazuyuki Fujita Submission (rear naked choke) Pride 26 June 8, 2003 1 4:17 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
          Win 14–1 Egidijus Valavičius Submission (kimura) RINGS Bushido Rings 7: Adrenalinas April 5, 2003 2 1:11 Vilnius, Lithuania
          Win 13–1 Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (unanimous) Pride 25 March 16, 2003 3 5:00 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Won Pride Heavyweight Championship.
          Win 12–1 Heath Herring TKO (doctor stoppage) Pride 23 November 24, 2002 1 10:00 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
          Win 11–1 Semmy Schilt Decision (unanimous) Pride 21 June 23, 2002 3 5:00 Saitama, Saitama, Japan
          Win 10–1 Chris Haseman TKO (strikes) RINGS: World Title Series Grand Final February 15, 2002 1 2:50 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Rings 2001 Absolute Class Tournament Final.
          Win 9–1 Lee Hasdell Submission (guillotine choke) RINGS: World Title Series 5 December 21, 2001 1 4:10 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Rings 2001 Absolute Class Tournament Semifinal.
          Win 8–1 Ryūshi Yanagisawa Decision (unanimous) RINGS: World Title Series 4 October 20, 2001 3 5:00 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Rings 2001 Absolute Class Tournament Quarterfinal.
          Win 7–1 Renato Sobral Decision (unanimous) RINGS: 10th Anniversary August 11, 2001 2 5:00 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Rings 2001 Openweight Title Tournament Semifinal; Bobby Hoffman forfeited in the final round; Won Rings Openweight Championship.
          Win 6–1 Kerry Schall Submission (armbar) RINGS: World Title Series 1 April 20, 2001 1 1:47 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Rings 2001 Openweight Title Tournament Quarterfinal.
          Win 5–1 Mihail Apostolov Submission (rear naked choke) RINGS Russia: Russia vs. Bulgaria April 6, 2001 1 1:03 Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
          Loss 4–1 Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (doctor stoppage) RINGS: King of Kings 2000 Block B December 22, 2000 1 0:17 Osaka, Osaka, Japan Rings King of Kings 2000 Tournament 2nd Round; Cut caused by an illegal elbow strike.
          Win 4–0 Ricardo Arona Decision (unanimous) RINGS: King of Kings 2000 Block B December 21, 2000 3 5:00 Osaka, Osaka, Japan Rings King of Kings 2000 Tournament Opening Round.
          Win 3–0 Hiroya Takada KO (punches) RINGS: Battle Genesis Vol. 6 September 5, 2000 1 0:12 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
          Win 2–0 Levon Lagvilava Submission (rear naked choke) RINGS: Russia vs. Georgia August 16, 2000 1 7:24 Tula, Tula Oblast, Russia
          Win 1–0 Martin Lazarov Submission (guillotine choke) RINGS: Russia vs. Bulgaria May 21, 2000 1 2:24 Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

    • Pat Burns says:

      fedor has won 2 fights in a row, he’s still one of the best in the world. you probably ride brock lesnars nuts like every other fedor hater.

  4. K2 says:

    Goddamn he’s gonna wanna a lot of money. Money they could use to pay up and coming (no pun on Cochrane) fighters that actually have a future. I wanted to see a prime Fedor fighting in the UFC, not washed up old Fedor.

  5. DW Fanboys are pansies says:

    Sounds like haters gonna hate like always. Fedor is still a top 5 HW and would prove himself in the UFC. Even BJ has had a tough go of it lately, but he still could be the LW champ if he desired. What’s the worse that could happen if DW allows Fedor to fight in the UFC? If Fedor wins, he’ll be a big PPV, draw, and if he loses, then DW can tell the world how smart he is.

    • sykoMMA says:

      DW, you sir are an idiot. Firstly, fedor is in no way a top 5 HW, one because he should be cutting to LHW anyways his frame doesnt support a HW well, secondly, he hasn’t beaten anyone of notoriety in years, and those that he did beat were at the end of their prime anyways. He is a decent fighter, his technique is top notch but his size within the division he tries to hang in is far to small. This is a similar case to that of HD, but any of the top 5 HW would most likely run through him; JDS, Cain Velasquez, Alistair Overeem, Fabricio Werdum, and Shane Carwin. Its debateable if he could even hang with the rest of sherdog’s top 10 HW list.

      As far as you BJ Penn statement goes, again, you’re an idiot. BJ lost to Frankie the first time in a piss poor performance, then begged for a rematch which Frankie graciously accepted. BJ proceeded to suck just as bad the second time, so he moved up to 170 where he beat an old matt hughes and then got pummeled bye Nick Diaz.

      And your “Dana is an idiot for not letting fedor in the UFC” argument is clearly on of a person who has no semblance of a clue on anything UFC related. Fedor was offered a UFC contract years ago, and was going to be the highest paid fighter in history at that time. He denied because he wanted to continue in Sambo. Dana asked for him to join the UFC then, and he would allow him now, he has never said “No” to fedor

      • bjjJake says:

        Correction those he beat were in there prime, they are now past or at the end of there prime in the UFC.. But the rest is legit hasnt beat anyone worth while in a bit

      • Baby J - Hendo - Sonnen - Smooth says:

        Your a dumbass, you fail to mention a tiny welterweight took Fitch to a draw which really should have been a W for the prodigy. And yeah he lost to nick Diaz, wow that’s terrible SMH #sarcasim

    • joe hogan says:

      moron are you on crack ?

  6. New York Mob Boss says:

    HATERS!!!!! Lets face it we all still want to see Fedor in the UFC. I dont give a fuck what you say, if the time came where he would be in the mix than everyone of you mother fuckers would buy the PPV. Show some respect to a man that has been doing this when you little fucks were in diapers.

  7. Prodigy says:

    Fedor > Your favorite fighter.

  8. Jason N says:

    Let Meat head fight him.

  9. 208? says:

    coming from a huge fedor fan. he wont make it at heavyweight in the ufc. at 205 he could make a really good run i think. probably wont win the title at his age but still could make for some great fights, he still brings it thats for sure. people who call this guy a can or think he would have no chance are retards. he may not be the current p4p best but hes still GOAT imo and would put up a decent fight against anyone the ufc has to offer at 205. heres hoping

  10. Letnickysmoke says:

    Fedor is a fucking legend. You guys are all fucking stupid. Ten years undefeated…show the guy more respect. He comes to fight every single time win or lose and is ALWAYS entertaining to watch. I don’t like the direction this MMA shit is going, and the UFC is going to start losing more fans and declining in profit if they keep putting safe fighter on their cards and just trying to secure a win. Bring back pride rules, cuz they were waaaay better. The Japanese has this shit right. And all of you bashing on fedor…go buy some more affliction t shirts and go back to sherdog…smh

  11. The natural says:

    Fedor could very well be a top five Henderson was a bad match up cause fedor is a heavyweight and Dan a lhw speed is everything wen it came to that fight just think bout the Henderson fight fedor was ontop pounding hendo out till he made one of cleanest switches I’ve everseen do u think a heavyweight could have done that no way heavy weightsarent that quick on grnd and silva was just too big for him
    That’s y they shld add a 225 div so fighters fight
    In there weight he could still be a top five without a doubt give him somebody his size and let’s see. UFC is were he shld be

  12. saxs says:

    yeah come to the ufc after you got your ass beat and your career is about over.

  13. Jason says:

    Dana tried when his stock was up. Now, he’s worth about $50 per fight and the only interesting fight would be Gonzaga. He’s done.

  14. Frankly Annoying Edgar says:

    205 would be interesting

  15. Trey says:

    Man fedor fuckin sucks all he has done is best people no one can name and he fought in a very questionable pride organization so I don’t think he could pat berry or roy nelson let alone velasquez our mir he should just retire and all those years people thought he was great these losses prove not only was that false but he want even close and if her drops to 205 he’ll get dominated there too not only will henderson knock him out again but I dont think he can beat hamill not even tito, randy should come put of retirement to best this guy so fedor should just let himself fade away and not get beat up by joining the ufc he sucks maybe him and kimbo would be a good match

  16. Zack says:

    Fedor ain’t done. He only loses cuz people are too big of pussys to stand with him. Regardless he’s one of the best to ever live all excuses aside

  17. HaVaginaButts says:

    Until he takes training seriously, the current fat version of Fedor can’t compete at the top level of UFC. If he is actually training, sure…. but he loves his vodka and ice cream.

  18. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Fedor vs Tim Silvia for a chance at a 4 fight UFC HW contract.

  19. DMAC says:

    People have lost interest now he wants in the UFC. Funny! As long as he has those mobsters controlling his every move UFC won’t have Fedor.

    But since he’s asked to be apart of UFC, Dana should tell him OK but at 205!

  20. Hash Ninja says:

    Look at all you fuckin’ haters/keyboard warriors just bashing Fedor in here, typical MMA fan douche-bags…

    Anyways, Fedor in his prime was awesome and I’d of loved to see him in the Octagon back then. But that was the past, the present Fedor is at the end of his career and I don’t believe he’ll do well in the UFC. But I might be wrong… either way I doubt Dana White would let him in after all of the times he tried to get Fedor in the UFC. This is all very interesting to say the least. If he did come into the UFC then they should make him face some of the HW vets just for the Hell of it (Mark Hunt would be a good starting fight since he’s doing well for himself).

    I doubt we’ll ever see him @ 205 lbs., but (as always) I could be wrong.

  21. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Fedor is a beast with excellent grappling and striking. IMO could beat all of those who beat him in Strikeforce including Hendo if it weren’t for his weak chin.

  22. Brian says:

    FEDOR would smash JDS, Overeem, Cain, Carwin, and anyone else in the HW division!!! Better believe that!

    • Mo says:

      JDS ? Are you serious? Junior would box the shit out of Fedor’s face. Did you not see the fights of Fedor vs Rogers and Overeem vs Rogers ? Overeem made Brett his biotch.

  23. BJC says:

    I say let him sit outside looking in.Maybe him and Tim Sylvia can fight one another

  24. Mat says:

    Man… I love Fedor, huge fan of his, defended him always, I always said Fedor is the greatest ever, but I don’t think he can compete with the UFC HW’s these days. I don’t think he could compete with the UFC LHW these days either. If he could make it down to MW I think he would be competitive, but the problem is that he’s never cut weight. 2 years ago I would have loved to see this, but it’s too late. It’s time for the legend to retire. Don’t tarnish your record Fedor!

  25. JJ says:

    That would be great if Fedor came to the UFC. But he needs to fight at 205, he’s just to small now for the UFC HWs. Also he needs a new training camp, because what he has now is really not working anymore, I think he should train here in the US, there are plenty of camps that would take him in. Third, he needs a new management company this M1 (AKA the Russian Mob) has helped ruin his career. After all of that, then maybe he could successfully compete in the UFC.

  26. lex walker says:

    he should cut down to 205 and get in shape

  27. Tsimanga says:

    Fedor’s the man. He needs to be in the UFC…. and all this ‘washed up’ talk. Please. He’s still one of the best out there… period.

  28. TEVARUA says:

    Fedor would kick my ass so I aint gonna talk smack!!!

  29. Miked Diaz says:

    Fedor is left kicking cans! Coming onto US soil pulled the covers of the mystique and hype of what ended up being just a name. Let K-1 milk their cow overseas, at least they can rest assure with only cans to kick, their cow won’t stop producing! Bring him back to the states, sure he’ll be able to pay off the rest of his mansion and luxury cars, but the fans know that a pay day is all he wants! Sad…….Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  30. uncle chael says:

    This guy will always have my respect. Regardless of what you say, I say he still has it in him. At least for a couple more fights. Listen, age catches up to everyone. Fedor was no exception, but you guys can’t tell me that when he was in his prime he was a BAD motherfucker. If he still has the desire to complete, I say let him. He is an entertaining fighter that always comes to finish. Oh, and at least he is not trying to cheat aging like some of these idiots do by taking “Testosterone replacement therapy”. He is aging and is not the same, but at least he is taking it like a man!

  31. true mma says:

    Let him in, he is still better than cheick Congo

    • DroDiego says:

      true, The heavyweight division has grown alot last year but why can’t UFC bring Fedor if we still have/had c list fighters like Congo,cro cop , morecraft, i mean fedor seems hungry so let him in.

  32. Erk the jerk says:

    F#%k fedor he had his opportunity to fight in the UFC now that no one is interested in him anymore he wants to be in the UFC. Him and Tim Sylvia should just keep fighting each other. They are both irrelevant

    • Hellscream says:

      Are you retarded? Fedor is still a god damn legend and would be welcomed by all MMA fans right into the UFC. Bringing in a fighter who has proven to be skilled and dominate opponents for years, who just so happens to have a few consecutive losses, still makes more sense than bringing in guys with 1-2 pro fights that haven’t proved shit…

  33. E MAN says:

    fedor needs to go down to light-heavy then he can consider heavyweight after he cleans house!

  34. cody says:

    dana should offer him a legit shot but at lhw dudes a legend let him fight

  35. Tom Ryan says:

    If Fedor comes in he should have to go through Randy Couture. Randy’s been wanting the Fedor fight since Forever. I think Randy would come back for a Fedor fight.

  36. drew says:

    fedor vs berry, but since dana,lorenzo,fertitas are buisness they know a fucking randy couture vs fedor would break record numbers even tho pat berry would and fedor stand up would be pretty ridiculous

  37. Black Jew says:

    This bitch ducks the UFC when hes offered an instant title fight, but after getting Subbed, TKOed, and KFTO in StrikeForce and being cut he thinks he deserves to fight in the UFC. Fedor is a fucking idiot

  38. ThaGreenBandit says:

    All I can do is laugh… Uh, weren’t the UFC brass bending over backwards to get Fedor into the Octagon a few years ago? It’s so funny how the shoe is on the other foot now…

  39. jonsey says:

    fedor needs to cuit weight like rampage an the other guys at 205..titio is alot bigger then fedor and fights at 205…tito says he walk around at up to 240 b3etween fights,,,the only way fedor will be any threat in the ufc is if he cuts to 205,,and still at 205 fedor aint shit….the pride guys all were hype and came of nothing when they fought elsewhere…FEDOR WILL NEVER EVER EVER FIGHT IN UFC…even if figting for free

  40. I would love to see Fedor in the UFC. UFC knows, people come in droves to watch Fedor fight. The hype would be up to yinyang. This guy (even with the recent losses) is arguably the most marketable fighter in MMA.
    There is probably a good 2-3 fights left in Fedor (depending on match ups), UFC would be wise to cash in.

  41. guamy says:

    all the pride guys? lets see here buddy rampage made ufc champ. shogun made ufc champ, lyoto made ufc champ, wandy put chuck to sleep, alistar was SF champ. fedor was SF champ also. your right these guys suck lol some one needs to learn you boy.

    • Dick Niaz says:

      wandy put chuck to sleep?

      nope, that was everyone else.

    • DANA BLACK says:

      @guamy although i give u props for defending Pride cross over fighters im not sure u should be posting on mma sites. for starters Machida never fought for pride. Wandy and Chuck battled it out for three awsome rounds in one of my all time fav fights. Wandy ended up loosing a decision. chuck was never KOed by wandy. and last, Fedor was never SF champ. not sure if u wur comfused or just new mma fan? id just hate to see u embarrass urself again. sorry :(

  42. kevin9999 says:

    Fedor rules!!!

  43. fyrfytr998 says:

    Does Fedor still have those same managers as before. If so, Dana is either gonna tell them to fuck off. Or make them lick his balls to get Fedor in.


    Thats hard to say…He’s a man right?? When you see a good looking you want to fuck her right?? How do you know its any different for him?? I forgot cause the answer is coming from a fruitcake! By the way keep america out of it just because we dont like rolling around with slippery homos like whatever shithole your from!!


    See now Fedor can come to the UFC without being labeled as overrated.(which he was)
    He didnt want to come to UFC in his prime in fear of being defeated and destroying his invincible image. Now he can come to UFC to act like he didn’t duck them. Especially since everyone has said for years if hes the best why not come fight the best instead of second rate fighters in strikeforce. He has nothing to lose now and everything to gain. He can now say see im not afraid to fight in the UFC and then when he gets smashed(wish he will) he can blame it on being washed up(which he is).He purposely wait til the downside of his career so when he gets his ass kicked he’ll have an excuse so he doesnt ruin his legacy. Now Fedor dick riders jump all over this but you know its true

  46. Warren says:

    Fedor rules, undefeated during almost 8 years. 3 losses in a row and everybody talk shit about him. Let him in the UFC, even if he’s not in his prime, he is still really dangerous. He should cut weight

  47. Ronda shite says:

    Ufc are rasicts anyway thats why haters gonna hate!

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