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Thursday, 09/15/2011, 03:27 pm

Fedor vs. Monson Booked For Nov. 20

We reported exactly one-week ago that Fedor Emelianenko was expected to return against Jeff Monson at an unknown venue on an unknown date.

We now have the missing pieces to the puzzle and according to reports the bout has been signed by all parties.

M-1 Global is planning an event to take place on November 20 in Moscow, Russia at the Olympic Stadium. As expected Fedor Emelianenko and Jeff Monson will serve as the evening’s main event.

Fedor was last seen in action in a losing effort to Dan Henderson this past July. It marked his third straight loss and the end of his American soil based career with Strikeforce. Prior to the Henderson defeat he was finished by both Antonio Silva and Fabricio Werdum under the promotion.

Jeff Monson is a former UFC heavyweight with a wealth of international experience and an A-grade grappling pedigree. He was last seen in a losing effort to rising star, Daniel Cormier under the Strikeforce banner this past June. The loss snapped an 8-fight win streak; however Monson has won 17 of his last 21 fights.

No other bouts have been confirmed for the card; however, M-1 Global is trying to use their broadcasting deal with Showtime to deliver the event to the American Audience.


15 Responses to “Fedor vs. Monson Booked For Nov. 20”

  1. fuck chart says:


  2. jason N says:

    fedor should get back in the wim column with this match up

  3. bizzle says:

    War Fedor.. Like he said “the one who doesn’t fall, doesn’t stand up” dont listen to the females asking you to retire, that is a cowardly way out, you have alot more in the tank and will be back..

  4. RCS says:

    I’d like to see Fedor vs Ricco. Where is Ricco?

  5. mmaislandjunkie says:

    as long as fedor fights i will be a fan and excited to see him scrap. his fights win or lose are always exciting.

  6. JSL says:

    Ricco Rodriguez got ktfo by Seth Petruzelli @ Bellator 48. no way thats going to happen…

  7. T.DADDY says:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????????? just retire already!!!! its over man!! stick a fork in em his done!!!!
    Gaydor SUKKS!

    junkies a bitc.h

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      after brocks next fight his buttholle will reemerge as the reigning champion in brocks life and tbaggy will be there at brocks farm waiting to be teabagged.

  8. Jeremy says:

    its funny how you hear all these people on the internet talk shit about fighters but when you actually get away from your computer for a day and go to a fight…….you shit talkers either dont say a word to the fighter or are the first to ask for the picture and autograph
    look if the guy is a pro fighter he is doing a lot more in the sport than you are. good for Fedor he is doing what he loves as long as he enjoys fighting and is putting on exciting fights you should probably shut the fuck up about him retiring

  9. Steve says:

    It sucks that Fedor’s career has come to this. He lost to 2 decent HW’s and a 185er who fought at 207. I don’t care what anyone says about Fedor, he’s one of the best ever but his best days are clearly behind him. He will beat Monson but it wont mean much, all of the best HW’s are under the Zuffa banner now and Fedor’s greedy management team burnt that bridge years ago. I personally would like the UFC to bring Fedor in for one fight against Randy Coture just for nostalgiac reasons but it will never happen.

  10. Random Person says:

    Lame. Nobody cares about this fight. He has been reduced to fighting Monson…

  11. Yessir says:

    I agree. Before Fedor retires I’d like to see him fight Randy Couture.

  12. Ninjaman says:

    Fedor is more than just a great fighter he’s a humble man and has always carried himself well. I feel that he wants to close his career with a win and then he can stop fighting and coach and train other young up and comers to be great role models of the sport. God Bless you Fedor your awesome!

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