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Wednesday, 06/06/2012, 07:26 am

Fedor : "It's Not A Fact That I Will Retire On June 21st. We'll See After The Fight" | MMA News

By Jamie McAllister
There’s been plenty talk from fans and media alike about the future of former PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko walking away from the sport, however “The Last Emperor” has not decided what he may do yet.

Here Fedor comments to Lowkick.

“It’s not a fact that I will retire on June 21st. We’ll see after the fight. I don’t know who came to conclusion that I will coach young fighters. Everyone talks about my retirement, and that I will train young fighters. I never said that.”

Fedor will be in action next against former UFC Heavyweight Pedro Rizzo on June 21, 2012 at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For anyone who understands Russian or just wants to see Fedor and his brother Aleksander training check out the video bellow.


0 Responses to “Fedor : "It's Not A Fact That I Will Retire On June 21st. We'll See After The Fight" | MMA News”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    lol i kinda saw this one coming; he’s still got a few miles on him. i think him in the bellator heavyweight tournament would be very interesting.

    • Mike McMack says:

      I’d love to see that, he’s somewhat retired now fighting all these c or d list fighters. I think Bellator would be great but I’m not sure Fedor’s greedy management company would be able to get a deal done with Bellator.

  2. Zack says:

    Fedor vs pat Barry in the UFC if he can’t beat pat then retire

  3. Marvelous Michael says:

    i dont understand why they wont let him in the ufc im sure he would struggle with some of the bigger heavywieghts but fights with guys like roy nelson or a pat barry would be very entertaining. they let james toney fight in the ufc why not give him 1 fight im sure it would be huge draw there is really nothing for the ufc to lose

    • Rodriguez says:

      Don’t forget Fedor has beaten guys bigger tha Overeem. He would do fine in the UFC…but remember Dana White doesn’t like him, because White has his favorites.

    • Mike McMack says:

      It’s not the UFC and it’s not Fedor who’s keeping that from happening. Fedor has a horrible management team called M-1 who won’t let him sign a deal with any promotion unless that promotion will allow M-1 to keep half of ALL earnings (co-promoting) for any event their client (Fedor) takes part in. The UFC doesn’t do any co promoting so this is a deal that will never happen, if Fedor’s management team would allow for their client to sign a contract the same way every other fighter on their roster has then we might see Fedor in the octagon. I’m not holding my breath.

    • jones says:

      @marvalous mike…u idiot..always have retarded comments…they let toney in ufc for 1 fiight yes…but if u know anything when fedor fights anywhere he has gloves that say m-1 no ufc…and he demands 50 50 on his fightts…and wants m-1 global written all over the fukin ring and shorts and the place..why the fuk would ufc band to that guys demands when he cant even fight…its not like he has been winning against top guys anymore that ufc would even want him…but look what happen when strikeforce got him….i know u prob only watch ufc and not mma so u would not know about all the m-1 bullshit thta went some research rookie

      • Marvelous Michael says:

        first of all you would not have the slightest idea of how long i have been watching combat sports because you dont know me personally so you fail there , he got caught in a submission by one of the best bjj heavyweights in mma by being overly aggressive he lost to silva by being over powered due to size disadvantage, he had hendo on queer street before getting caught, you say he cant fight and im the rookie how ironic. the one thing i do agree with is the issue with m-1 but considering they have no bargaining chips now maybe there is room for a deal to be done. my point about toney is dana white recently stated he would not even consider bringing fedor over because of the losses but hell bring a washed up boxer that has never had a mma fight. i think fedor can still be competitve with the right match up against another striker, this would be very entertaining and would appeal to alot of fans

        • Mike McMack says:

          I’d love to see Fedor in the Octagon, it can only help the UFC and Fedor and give us fans what we want to see…Fedor fighting the best.

  4. E716 says:

    Who cares anymore?

  5. cj m says:

    Fedor your fat and u should retire before your fight

  6. Wrestler66 says:

    Actually laughed at that comment haha

  7. T.Daddy says:

    its not a fact ill retire… they can still find some bums for me to fight…lmao

  8. Lol says:

    Basically if he lose he will retire and if he wins hell stay. Lol

  9. Fedor sucks says:

    Just retire already you can crushing loser. You are a fucking can and were never good in the first place you fucking phony. Flabor and Fakedor is what you have become. Go back to crushing Z level cans in Russia because you can’t compete and never cou;d.

    • primalmasher says:

      yawwwwn. enough of your drivel… please showcase your MMA prowess.

    • &; says:

      little bit ignorant to say ‘never could’. Not losing for 30 straight, even against cans, is difficult. There was a time when Big Nog, Cro-Cop, and Coldmen were not considered cans and he beat them back then. Just like anything the times changes. Just because Tito is washed up today does that make Chuck’s wins over him any less impressive?

      • jones says:

        yes there was a time big nog and cro cop were not cans…then they hiit ufc an fought real talent…bigg nog now is better then big nog from pride just the talent is so much better…fedor was just a big fish in a small bond..asian fighters are just pussy..and in pride you could fukin juice and it was ok..look at coleman and randleman…who did fedor fight in his 30+ wins in pride?? theonly names known are big nog and cro cop ad they were actualy both very very cloth and competitive fights…and loo what happen them when they hit real names to figh,,,fedo is a phoony

        • Dee says:

          That’s a ridiculous assessment. The UFC is filled with past Pride fighters, and if fighters were allowed to juice then why did Vitor test positive for steroids? It’s a fact that when a lot of those fighters came over from Pride they were thought to be “worn out” from all of the Pride Battles. In Big Nog’s case many people questioned if he would be fit for the UFC. He was just recovering from an injury and was noticeably slower than before. Rampage was also thought to have been “worn out.” To compare UFC and Pride is pointless because the UFC has no fighters. The majority of the UFC’s current talents have came from other organizations, and in these other organizations they have fought in different kinds of environments. Some have fought in rings and cages of different sizes, which can alter a fighter’s style and strategy. Also remember that a lot of the UFC’s fighters didn’t do so well when stepping into other organizations as well. Fedor defeated Coleman, Tim Sylvia, and Arlovski. Dan Henderson loss in his first fight in Strike Force to Jake Shields. Keith Jardine loses frequently in other organizations, so don’t think the UFC is the grand Mecca or the blueprint of MMA.

  10. A.James says:

    He needs to be in LHW at least. He’s a budgy dude fighting increasingly daunting competition as he ages.

  11. GRT 3000 says:

    let him in the UFC – let’s see what the guy has left. In his prime there’s no disputing that Fedor could kick some ass. What does the UFC have to lose? If Fedor gets creamed they still make a ton of money. If he wins, they make a shitload of money. It’s a win-win for the UFC imo, he’s still a big draw. personally I’d like to see him in the mix.

  12. DMAC says:

    After all this shit Fedors let his management drag him through I still want to see him fight in the UFC. I know it will never happen but man I get the same exiting/mouth dropping experience as I used to get when BJ fought, especially the walk out it’s like they have a ora surrounding them or something it’s hard to explain. Do your thing Fedor, well not your thing your managements thing.. Lol

  13. T.Daddy says:

    @jones… nicely put… i agree

  14. Jason says:

    Fedor is a legend.but ,fedor hasnt a fuckin snow balls chance in hell to ever fight in the ufc.he nno longer has that aura you speak of,much like chuck once he was destroyed by rampage.after these guys lost a few times no one was scarred of them anymore.chuck,and fedor won many fights by fear before ever throwin a punch

  15. jbeamazing says:

    he wont retire until he fights bob sap again or some other bum to groom his lame ego

  16. koolg says:

    hey here comes fedor back to fight guys that are long washed up… or no names.. this guys management ruined him.

  17. Clay says:

    He could have been UFC hw champ in his prime. He might need to drop down. But I know he can still win a couple. Just give him another vet

  18. lolidiots says:

    oh boy we get to read all the comments from dumb tuf fans about fedor fighting cans, except when he was on top he was fighting and beating the best, and you dumb faggots weren’t watching the sport back then otherwise you’d know the UFC had no fucking heavyweights worth a shit, frank mir and fucking arlovski and tim silva who is still the longest reigning UFC hw champ, pathetic

  19. Bjj BB says:

    Id love to see him at LHW!

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