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Thursday, 03/29/2012, 08:47 am

Fedor In The UFC? Not A Chance Says Dana White

Fedor Emelianenko recently came out and expressed his desire to fight in the UFC. Having been one of the best and most recognizable Mixed Martial Artists in the world, the Russian and his management have failed to come to terms with Dana White and his organizations many times over the past several years.

So why the change of heart?

With the landscape of MMA constantly evolving and the UFC’s recent acquisition of STRIKEFORCE, “The Last Emperor” has little options when it comes to fighting MMA on a world class stage.

But as UFC president, Dana White, tells it to the media this past Tuesday at the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference, Fedor Emelianenko is of no interest to the UFC any longer.

Here is what Dana White stated:

“Not even a little bit [interested in signing Fedor].That was a guy who was made an incredible offer, and they laughed at it. He ain’t laughing now.”

That doesn’t sound too promising.

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67 Responses to “Fedor In The UFC? Not A Chance Says Dana White”

  1. Steven says:


  2. T.Daddy says:

    Burn! Dana is right this time..

  3. banks says:

    Ouch.. jus give him a shitty offer lol let him get knocked out and count ur cash

  4. best opinion on the nets says:

    Fedor will just get smashed. Hendo took him out easily. He wont come close to hanging in HW, and at 205 there is too much younger talent. And if he some how makes it to MW, well we know what lies there…

    • Kc says:

      Easily is a bit of a stretch. Hendo was nearly finished before he finished Dor but regardless Fedor’s on the downfall.. But if Dana White is gonna employ guys like Christian Moorecraft, Joey Beltran, Rob Broughton, even Cro Cop it’s kind of unfair to Fedor, as he would smash all those guys even at this downfall of his career… Dana should make him a shitty offer, and at least make some money off of him whether he gets smashed or not.

      • K2 says:

        The thing is though, DW can get away with paying Moorecraft, Beltran, and the likes very little. Fedor’s manager won’t let that happen. He’ll (Finkelstein) demand top dollar for people to watch Fedor fight. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, well sorta I am. Let him fight a few at the $100k rang to make sure he can still hang and then if he’s capable and still able to bring in the big crowd then yeah, give him some scratch. But if all he’s got is a fighter’s chance, then he should be paid accordingly.

    • jon says:

      your username speaks the truth

  5. gouldx87 says:

    should sign him to a 1 fight deal and have him fight hendo again lol

  6. Sergio says:

    Fedor could be LHW champ, he’s still very danger wank

  7. Sergio says:

    Did I say danger wank? I meant dead hand gang wank crew

  8. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    This is the best fighter of all time not even debatable!! He technically never lost for 12 years and unlike Silva he fought the best heavyweights in the world, while being undersized, and dominated them ALL!including 5 UFC heavy weight champs! To say he couldn’t hang in the HW division is just stupid and to say he couldn’t be champ at LHW is just RETARDED!! Dana is just a crybaby bitch!

  9. carlos says:

    Its business…I predict Fedor will be in it..Can u imagine the PPV for a UFC card with Fedor in it

    • Khaos says:

      Agreed, he basically did what Cain now does at HW only before Cain got there. Not sure he’ll be able to be champ but he could put on some amazing fights for sure

  10. MMAnalyst says:

    Yeah, say no to money, Dana… whatever – he should put his ego aside and make some PPV cards with fedor which he still can for a while I bet.

    Roy nelson vs Fedor fat-belly match!!!!

  11. Beaner says:

    Fedor would get his ass kicked. Mir would submit him. Carwin would KO him. The list can go on and on. He lost to Bigfoot Silva and Silva is fighting Big Country now that says alot lol

  12. Ronda shite says:

    Fuck all the haters! War FEDOR!!!

  13. ya herd says:

    how many times has dana said oh il never do that or oh il never let this guy back and time and time again he proves himself to be a liar, all dana thinks about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ i could put my life on it fedor will fight in the ufc, dana dosent care about the fans or fighters all he is worried about is money and its turning the ufc into wwe so much fake hype witch i know i dont give a shjt about all i care about is the fight in the octagon

  14. zetoe666 says:

    im not a fedor fan, but come on, the dude would run thru the top 10 hw in the ufc. JDS vs Fedor would be incredible.

  15. true mma says:

    Just let him fight Dana.Hardy is still in the ufc having four losses in a row.

  16. Tapout A Warrior says:

    Fedor was the real deal at one point, sadly his time is past like so many once great champions. Like Jens Pulver, due was a monster now he loses on the local circuits to no bodies. The list of former glories would not be complete without adding Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski to the list. As the sport evolves so will the athletes that want to remain, otherwise they will be left behind.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Yea but the difference between Pulver and Fedor is that Fedor far from lost on the local circut. Werdum is top five HW in the world; Hendo has got to be a top 5 LHW; and Silva, although not top ten, is right up around there .

  17. KOKO B. WARE says:

    Wrestlemania 2012 brother, ohhh yeaa!!

    Hey, freakshow! You’re goin’ NOWHERE! I got’cha for three minutes! Three minutes of playtime!——Macho Man Randy Savage

  18. Hostile Hunter says:

    Run thru?? LMAO Mir, Alistair, Cain, Carwin, even fucking Lavar Joshson…the list goes on and on.. Pat Berry, Nelson, even that fat fuck from Chicago Mike Russow would give Fedor Trouble. Dont get me wrong Fedor could and still can hang with the best in the world but You are in a fantasy world thinking Fedor would “run thru” the top 10 heavy-weights in the UFC. That being said…Make the man a deal!!!

  19. KP says:


  20. Eric El Beast says:

    Fedor would smash Big Foot if he fights him again. Fedor needs to be in the UFC. 33W and 4L still a damn good record no matter what. Everybody knows Werdum and Big Foot Silva got lucky. Big foot was out of gas and Fedor either submit him or TKO him so as Werdum if Fedor wouldn’t go to ground and pound from Werdum’s full open guard. The only one who did fight him fair and KO him was Hendo. So Fedor he ain’t The Shit but, he can beat the men to be the man.

  21. dana black says:

    fedor would get lay n prayed to death in the ufc, so he should be careful!!! and any keyboard fighter would ko or tko him with the very first sentence!!!

    lets get some infos homos…

    he went into werdums guard to finish the fight, not like overeem LOOOOOOL and hes now fighting 4 the belt lmfao!!!
    he banged with bigfoot – who is twice his size
    he tried to take down hong man choi – 4 times his size
    he nearly ko’d hendo – he didnt have a game plan, his gameplan is bang bang bang!!!

    he never got knocked out by anybody – and still everybody is talking shit about a man, who just was the best. that hendo shit was a´t most a tko not a flush ko.

    please muppets go to a gym an spar a little and u will the fedor would murder anyone of u, but he is a kind person and very down to earth. its a shame that retards even can talk about a man that has inspired so many people, including now champions like jones, cain…

    mohammed ali is overrated he is not the best anymore he ducked the klitschkos!!!

    fuckin muppets never went into a gym but talk crap about the pride heavyweight champ, its unreal

  22. Mach00man says:

    C’mon Dana, If you were willing to give that chump Kimbo a chance, why not Fedor?

  23. Jorge Rocha says:

    King of the Pride!

  24. A.James says:

    Hendo uses enhances and Bigfoot has popped for enhances as well. As far as I’m concerned werdum is the only recent loss he’s had.

  25. James Troy says:

    fedor was never as good as people hyped him up to be. and the ufc doesnt need an average fighter not declining in skill. old less than average skilled fighters dont have a place here. there potential is gone. the ufc signs young average fighters cause they have some potential to improve. fedotr cant prove anythign anymore. hes a chump and always has been.

    and if u think fedor was the grestest or one of the greatest you insult MMA as a whole. and shame its fans. so please get ur heads out of ur asses. disagreeing with this isnt going to change that fact. deal with it.

    • stua says:

      really? so justify kimbo being in the ufc.. justify cantwell.. justify rothwell.. your reaching you troll fuck.. kill yourself

    • CHRIS MALONE says:


  26. bizzle(boss of all bosses) says:

    Dana is a puppet that the Fertita brothers only hear from when they stick there hand up his ass and operate him manually.. Fedor will be in the UFC..

  27. James says:

    Fedor would fuck up anyone one this message board.

  28. Hayden says:

    never say never! white said tito Ortiz would “never” fight in the UFC again but of course he’s back; the fertittas have the final say: it makes sense to bring Fedor in for at least one fight, it will be a ratings coup like Lesnar was.

  29. Keef says:

    Are you kidding me. I want to see Fedor lose some more, and the UFC is the perfect place for that to happen every time he fights.

    I remember alot of chumps calling him the GOAT as little as two years ago. Hes a fine fighter in Russia and and OK against Japanese level guys, In American MMA, he’s just an also ran.

    Now that Dana wont give him a shot, hes really on his way to being a nobody, he was never UFC champ, or even Strikeforce Champ.

    Again Fedor who?

  30. BrahC'mon says:

    Cmon Dana, make it happen. Fedor is a HUGE name and hes a great fighter.

    I, the fan, want this fighter in the UFC. You know it too, don’t make them beg you for your ego.

  31. Bj penn says:

    All u so called mma fans get out of here just a bunch of critics who hateing because they cant bang


  33. Vic Van Meter says:

    To be honest, it’s probably more of a contractual thing. Fedor is going to want to be in the HW division and be a top tier candidate. For both of those, he’ll want top dollar. I don’t think he can be the first two and thus isn’t worth the third.

    In the past, the biggest problem is that Fedor’s promotion wants to be a partner in every fight he’ll produce, and the UFC doesn’t work that way. If that’s still the case, you’ll never see Fedor in a UFC cage.

    That said, if Fedor knocks the dollars off his price and is willing to start at the bottom, he can probably still hang with the heavyweights even if he is undersized. That pool of talent isn’t as deep as the LHW division. Fedor might be able to survive against the UFC top heavyweights, but I can’t see him even getting to Jon Jones without someone splitting his head open.

    This is all politics, though. Dana says he’s not interested and that Fedor laughed off his last offer. Now that UFC is guarding all the doors and holding all the keys, Emalianenko isn’t probably going to get what he wants. Time will tell how far he’s willing to take off his list price for one last shot at glory.

    I don’t think he’d ever be top 5 again. Even the small UFC HW pool isn’t that clueless. But he might be able to make some money.

  34. T says:

    White is the UFC’s biggest contributers and will be one of it’s biggest downfalls. What the fighters receive in pay is pathetic. Even the biggest names in the sport are paid minimal wages. It’s a cash cow and Whits isn’t willing to pony up the dough! maybe he should get his ass in the ring and see how the pay doesn’t match the punishment they take. Fans have been wanting Fedor in UFC for years, so since Whits is butt hurt, HE decides against it? Diaz blew a fight with GSP, failed another drug test, and White is begging him to stay. What a joke!

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