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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 09:00 am

Fedor Hints At Retirement | MMA NEWS

Recently, Fedor Emelianenko has received a lot of criticism for taking fights with second-rate opponents that fans think have no business stepping in the ring with The Last Emperor

Such is the case with his next opponent, former UFC Heavyweight champion, Pedro Rizzo.

The two veteran fighters will meet in Fedor’s home country of Russia under the M-1 banner in what could very well be the last time we see Fedor fight.

Many fans, including myself, would love to see Fedor in the Octagon at least once to see how he would do against the best in the world. Love him or hate him, a fight between Fedor and anyone in the division would draw a crowd.

According to Russian news outlet RIA Novosti, Fedor is almost assured to retire.

“I think it’s time to call it a day,” Fedor said when asked about his post-Pedro Rizzo plans. “This fight may be my last one. I have been learning from Pedro’s fights and have a lot of respect for him. He is a fighter of a great maturity, beating many of the strongest.”
This fight will be Rizzo’s first since defeating Ken Shamrock in 2010. For Fedor, this will be his third post-Strikeforce fight since his decision win over Jeff Monson late last year, and his knockout win over Satoshi Ishii, on New Year’s Eve.


37 Responses to “Fedor Hints At Retirement | MMA NEWS”

  1. T.Daddy says:

    To bad ur gonna be remembered as the guy that dodged the ufc and fought cans ur last fights…with the exception of Hendo and Bigfoot

    • Artstunna says:

      He never back down from anybody! If he didn’t get to fight for the ufc is not because he Dodge anybody, is because DON KING (Dana white) and fedor stupid manager, the clock has tick for him, if you so call MMA fan give the man some respect he was ones the best on the world, educate yourself before you talk shit,most fighters of today will never accomplish half of fedor’s carrier,why do you think Henderson and Bigfoot are know in the ufc? Because he still consider a great fighter by people who knows MMA, not by idiots

    • tj byers says:

      Fedor didn’t dodge anyone. His promotions and management poorly handled fedor and were too greedy for ufc. Wanting 50 of the whole purse ha ha. Fedor in his last 8 fights hasn’t been what we are used to seeing. However Fedor beat some of the best in the world in pride. Turn on youtube and look at this guys highlights enough said. Personally id like to see him in ufc but he hasn’t got to prove anything to anyone. Ten years #1 p4p in world.

  2. Jason says:

    Christ,whats next .Just stop.please

  3. Jason says:

    Yeah got the shit smacked out of him by a damn mw

    • christ kalanta says:

      he got beaten by a guy who walks around at around at the same weight as he does . Fedor doesn’t cut to make weight obviously, another thing that is obvious is that you are a Dana White nut snuggie .

  4. Numba1Ghani says:

    That’s fucking sad Fedor is such a legend he shouldn’t let his career go out like this he’s never even fought in the UFC yet he’ll get shit for that the rest of his life. I wish hed revamp and cut down to 205 and try the UFC before retiring.

    • DJ says:

      He won’t get shit to his face don’t worry, all these keyboard warriors talking disrespectfully about one of the greatest fighters ever would fucking shit themselves if they were in the same room as Fedor. Well done Fedor, it has been a pleasure to watch you destroy people! I too would have loved to see you in the UFC but best of luck with whatever you do now your life champ!

  5. Noway! says:

    Not the time to retire , he can’t retire like this… Dam I hope he changes his mind and continues for atleast. 2 more years so he can fight top notch fighters in the ufc. I know I’m aiming high but anything can happen in the next 2 years.

  6. not his fault says:

    he said he would have loved to be in the ufc many times but dana was has been bashing him over the years saying he will never be in ufc, which I think he can easily hang in the heavyweight division but I dont know how well he would do against a top 10 or 5. If he were to come in the ufc he should fight roy nelson lol.

  7. dr Kildare says:

    You guys kill me, Fedor was and is still one of the greatest MMA fighters, he had no physical size advantage like some oher fighters guys that say Pride was fake he beat guys who were using performance enhancing drugs while it is clear he never did.

    You newbies are the ones who don’t give Fedor respect, the difference in Fedor now and his Pride days…He has found “GOD” and to me he has lost his desire to fight, it is clear as day when he say it is in gods hands etc if he is going to win or not…. Not it is not Fedor it is in your hands to train hard and make it happen. He lost that killer instinct

  8. TRUTH says:

    Anyone saying that PRIDE was fake is basically an idiot or Chael Sonnen. There were fights that were completely fixed in PRIDE because of the Yakuza but, most of the fights were legit. Plus your talking about a man who in his prime beat every single UFC champ he ever faced. It was a different era then, I think now guys like JDS and so on would beat him handidly but, back in the day he was a beast. Look at who he beat, Big Nog, juiced up out of his mind Marc Coleman, juiced up out of his mind Kevin Randleman, at the time a relavent Tim Sylvia, at the time a relavent Arlovski. The man has done a lot for the sport and diserves the respect he’s due. Watch the fight between him and CroCop if you havn’t seen it you’re doing yourself a disservice because it’s one of the greatest fights of all time. I love the UFC and agree that it is the premire MMA organization in the world but, in 2000 it wasn’t PRIDE was. PRIDE FC was bigger better and had the best Heavyweight division in the world and Fedor was champ. Fighters get old Fedor has too many fights and his past his prime he can’t compete at a high level anymore but, there was a time when he was the best in the world. Sorry if you don’t remember it but, it’s true.

  9. christ kalanta says:

    I think it’s sad that so many people bash such a great competitor as Fedor . he was without doubt the best heavyweight fighter of his day, and fought the toughest competition at the time.if anyone can name one person who in the UFC or any other organization that would have beaten Fedor from 1999 -2006 please feel free. give the man his much due respect

  10. snooks says:

    He was a champion of his time! All the haters: how does ufc’s Dick taste? Think of it this way, Ali was the best boxer of his era right? Randy cotoure was excellent in his time, right? He was excellent, and beat the best of his era, and now he’s fighting like most older, experienced, close to retirement fighters. How many pro’s retire after beating the best in the world? None…

  11. lolidiots says:

    the only people that hate on fedor are idiot TUF fans, they don’t know shit about mma

  12. the point is says:

    Dana wouldn’t sign him even if he was the greatest heavyweight, he doesn’t like him for some reason.

  13. DMAC says:

    Thank you m1 for completely fucking fedors legacy over. Imagine if fedor had a back bone, the potential match ups would’ve been monumental, oh well. I’m still down with Fedor though.

  14. Mike says:

    Fedor can retire when he pleases. He had a legendary career. Smart fighters retire before the hungry younger fighters cripple them for life.

  15. BJC says:

    Is this chump still around?????

  16. your a fag says:

    Its about time this lard ass retiers. He is going down as worst MMA fighter in history.

  17. James says:

    I am curious, what qualities does Fedor posses as a person to make him not likable? Also, If he is not the greatest HW ever then who is? What HW fighter can you flat out say has achieved more?

  18. J.P says:

    ”…his next opponent, former UFC Heavyweight champion, Pedro Rizzo.”
    He was a contender but lost twice to Randy…

  19. Jay says:

    He should retire he has nothing left to prove. Just sucks he never got away from m1 so we couldn’t see how he would do in the UFC. He has beat just about everybody tho. Sucks zuffa era fans will only know him as the guy that never fought in the UFC n couldn’t beat strikeforce fighters. People do need to know MMA was around before zuffa purchased the UFC. Amazing how uneducated some fans are about a sport they claim to love. Fedor should dominate Rizzo though and then call it a career.

  20. monkey juice says:

    Das vi danya Fedor. War emelianenko!!!

  21. Lol says:

    Fedor is a good fighter but wont be known as one of the best but a guy that put up many wins. The reason most ppl hate fedor is not really fedor himself but over hyped fedor fams amd fedors management. Blame fedors fans management!!

  22. fedor is a legend says:

    the myth, the legend,the greatest,thee best heavyweight ever to step foot in this world,if u dont agree try ask your mom,uneducated mma fans that dont know shit

  23. kevin says:

    truly sad we’ll never get to see fedor in the ufc. truly the most exciting fighter of all time.

  24. Jesse says:

    Either way. He would have got destroyed in the UFC just like did n strikefrorce. He is the most overrated heavyweight ever..!!

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