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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 08:32 pm

Fedor Emelianenko Retires From MMA | MMA NEWS

Fedor Emelianenko steam-rolled Pedro Rizzo in an astonishing 84 seconds, following his victory, Emelianenko announced that he is done fighting professionally and done competing completely.

“I think it’s time. I’m retiring from sports. I still have the SAMBO World Championships. My family is the reason I will not be fighting again. My daughters are growing without their father, so it’s the right time to leave.”

Like Fedor or not, he was the unannounced King of the heavyweight division. Emelianenko rolled off an unheard of winning streak, lasting over ten years Fedor was seemingly unbeatable. A few of his wins during the ten year streak included victories over the likes of Renato Sobral, Heath Herring, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (2x), Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman ,CroCop, and Tim Sylvia.

When joining the Strikeforce banner the unthinkable became reality when Fedor not only lost one fight but three in a row, including one submission and two tko’s. ”The Last Emperor” has won his last three contests’ and is leaving the octagon as a pioneer and a sure Hall of Famer.

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61 Responses to “Fedor Emelianenko Retires From MMA | MMA NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    I wouldve like to see him in the ufc but oh well

  2. Gabi says:

    About time and at least he’s leaving on a win. I thought he was over ratted his whole career and had a lot of hand picked matches to help that long ass win streak. He didn’t fight the best and he can thank his management for holding him back by being so greedy and protecting him making sure he just had a spotless record (M-1 thought that a record equals value but not always the case) until he fought in the US not letting him fight the best when he was at his prime or even after because they thought he was worth more then he really was. That can be seen in the whole him fighting in the UFC. Sucks he was held back by his management on getting better quality fights, but that’s on his Russian ass. But again he went out on a few wins, not the best or nearly close in opponents as some of his past fights. Best of luck to him and I do not believe he is the greatest heavyweight in history. Idk who is but it isn’t him that’s for sure. Btw not hate, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Was he a good fighter, yes, was he the best heavyweight ever, absolutely not.

    • Thug Life says:

      The guys he was fighting were the best at the time. I don’t think he really enjoyed fighting in Strikeforce, he didn’t fight the same. But when he was fighting like his normal self he was the best. People get old and their skills begin to fade just like Michael Jordan’s run on the Wizards, he played terrible but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the greatest of all time.

    • Ronnin says:

      It will pass a long time for someone to achieve what Fedor did. Dont talk shit if you only know the UFC. Fedro fought the best in his prime and always put an entertaining fight.

    • dubs says:

      sounds like you’ve been swallowing every slice of bullshit pie that Dana White has fed you. Don’t believe that loud mouthed donkey. He will say anything and everything he can to hype the UFC and morons will believe it.

    • Gabi says:

      I’ve watched him during his pride days so I know who’s he fought. And it’s not talking shit If you don’t think someone isn’t the greatest fighter ever.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I hope you don;t mind me asking this, but are you a guy or a girl??? Cuz, I never known a guy that spells his name as Gabi….so I;m thinking you could be a girl…but then you write like maybe a guy or a real smart girl…Just wondering, Thx

  3. bxer says:

    Man,,,,,,too bad he didn’t get to fight in the UFC,but he will be remembered as one of the GOAT,and I know the haters will post some disrespectful shit,but if we can go back on time and bring fedor back in his prime, he could be a top contender or a champion, but father time has catch up to him,good luck to Fedor he always conduct himself respectfully he’s a good example to follow for new fighters,thank you for all the good fights

  4. anthony says:

    Eh.he had way more potential but his crappy ass managment kept him from reachin that he easily could of been the best in my eyed because big name or not anybody can lose to a no namer and to keep a recor like he did is fucking awsome I mean he ended up with a fucking badass record 34-4 who does that????? I mean shit really????? But still I gotta agree on you 100% fuck his management money keep eyes closed.

  5. hellawaits says:

    much respect for fedor, i dont understand why people hate fedor and not randy for example see the wins of both and compared , he deserved the same respect that randy gets, thank fedor for the memories
    excuse for the english

  6. jdubx says:

    good, im getting tired of seeing headlines about him beating nobodies and everyone claiming GOAT. you guys need to seriously lay off his dick, he wasn’t that good.

    • original says:

      jdubx you obviously dont know anything about mma

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      When he made his Pride run, he was fighting the best in the world and destroying them. UFC had shit in the HW division a few years ago. Their perennial champions were Arlovski and Sylvia, and Fedor dispatched both of them quickly. Just because new and better fighters have emerged over the last few years doesn’t take away Fedor’s status as one of, if not the, best heavyweight in the young history of MMA.

      In 10 years, say we have a MW division comprised of 10 or 15 guys that are better than Anderson Silva ever was. Would you then say that Silva wasn’t shit because he didn’t fight and beat each one as they emerged? Will Silva be considered “not that good?”

      Ya gotta look at it like this. MMA is worldwide, mainstream attraction now. It wasn’t when Fedor made his run. DW said last week injuries are running rampant because guys are simply going too hard. It wasn’t like that a few years ago. MMA had some acceptance, especially in Japan, but it wasn’t half as marketable as it is now, so potential fighters that could have been great were simply not attracted to the possibility.And if the sport hadn’t progressed at the rapid rate that it has, do you honestly think you’d see a UFC HW division as stacked as it is now? Not a chance.

    • Ronnin says:

      Go take off your diaper. Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about, pubescent…

  7. hellawaits says:

    dana white brain wash so many people, i dont understand the double standar they say big nog is a legend one of the best heavyweights ever( i think he is) and say fedor ir overrated, fedor beat minotauro twice.

  8. hellawaits says:

    dana white brain wash so many people, i dont understand the double standar, they say big nog is a legend one of the best heavyweights ever ( i think he is) and say fedor is overrated. fedo beat minotauro twice

    • jonesy says:

      yeah ok idiot….cuz nog went ti ufc an fought the best…and also the nog fights were fukin razor close decision,,and 1 was stopped

      • Nick says:

        razor close…? u think getting ur face beating into the mat the entire fight is razor close?…. lolll damn man i wouldnt want u as a ref…. is that u Cecil Peoples???

      • Levi says:

        The fedor nog fights? You’re fucking blind man look up the fight metrics man they amount to what would be a 30-26 decision in today’s 10 point must system Nog was fucking dominated by fedor in and out of both fights. Let me guess you probably thought PAC Bradley was a good decision too lol

  9. Ruben says:

    Greatest fighter of all time, thanks for the great memories Fedor, i really miss those old days, no one will ever do what you did.

  10. Jgrenke says:

    Let this be the comment to end this comment section.

    Fedor Emelianenko is one of the best fighters of all time. Period.

    He won and lost fights. He finished most of them and did not say one poor thing about anyone he beat, or anyone he lost to. He continually showed respect for MMA, respect for himself, and most importantly, presented an approach to Martial Arts that tends to get lost by some, if not, most.

    What Fedor accomplished in the ring can be disputed by everyone and anyone forever. He stepped in the ring with 38 people and beat 34 of them. That’s (on average) 38 more people than the next 15 commenters will ever step in with and 36 more than the next 15. Fedor never pointed in the clinch and refused to use takedowns as a method of stalling. Fedor went for it, every . . single . . . time.

    You can find a video of the man named after this website citing how great Fedor is and that says a lot coming from a guy like B.J. Penn.

    People left promotions to try and fight him. Others joined or re-joined companies just to get an opportunity. He was feared and revered at the same time which is something that rarely happens in combat sports. What he did (win, lose, or draw) was always at a level of excellence and for 96% of his career, dominance. It’s truly unfair that he’s judged by his losses.

    Roy Jones Jr lost, Muhammed Ali lost, Anderson Silva lost, Randy Couture lost, Vince Lombardi lost, Walter Johnson was a power pitcher, fanning more than 3,500 batters during his 21-year career with the Washington Senators, and throwing an unfathomable 110 shutouts . . . he still lost.

    What someone does with the time they have or had is the most anyone can ask of anyone else. What Fedor did was not done by anyone before him. Not just his record but, within his performances. He’s a natural lightweight that chose to to fight his way at heavyweight. He’s a trailblazer, a pioneer, and with or without competing in the UFC, he is one of the greatest fighters that ever competed.

    On character, ability, and performances alone, Fedor has earned respect and deserves it from anyone willing to even begin to think they know this sport and especially from those who call themselves “fans” of Mixed Martial Arts.

    If you are reading this and think otherwise, prior to typing, please include your credentials as someone worth reading from and your most current official MMA record.

    Both of mine are available anytime you like . . . just ask.

    P.S. again, before I read anything from you, you can include the same criteria.

  11. jonesy says:

    i think fedro should fukin cut to 205 ,,,cheal cuts from 220 to 185 anderson from 235 to 185…fukk fedor could easily make 205,,,cut from 236 only 30 pounds…to me the saddest thing is not him retiring with alll he has acheived ,it is retiring with alll he could still acheive,,,could u imagine fedor at 205 god…for the first time in his career he could use his size as an advantage…

  12. B-rad says:

    he said the same thing after hendo poped him… im sure if he gets offered another trash can he will take it!

  13. chris says:

    He’s definitely a tough dude respect that, but can’t respect the hand picking of opponents, and refusing to fight top guys. I remember after Cro cop won the open weight grand prix, he was supposed to get a rematch but fedor said he wanted to fight new opponents…meanwhile he fought nog 3x. Realistically that’s about all he did and beat mirko. Not too impressed with him beating guys like zuluzinho,Coleman,herring. Even Sylvia and arlovski were already washed up when he fought them. First time he tested himself he lost to wedum, silva, Henderson…once again he’s a warrior. But he shouldn’t get as much credit as he does.

  14. Petar says:

    Fedor is still one of the best … just Dana White will never recognized.
    if Dana say this … every one , who watch UFC will repeat that…
    but Fedor is again better then most fighters in heavyweight devision in UFC.

  15. chad says:

    How does one leave the octagon when he never ever entered it ???

  16. I think he was just afraid of Randy and what the loss would do to his career. He dodged him IN THE PRIME OF HIS CAREER!!!!!! That’s when I lost all respect Fedor. He robbed the fans of one of the greatest fights ever! Or maybe it would’ve been over fast! Maybr he KNEW Randy would’ve kicked his ass? That’s what I think! F*#K Fedor. He spent the last part of his career fighting washed up nobodies, lol. And you guys can’t dispute that. Hell he got beat in Strikeforce! HA!!!!

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      How many of you bandwagon jumpers are there? Seriously. . .you wanna talk Randy, look at Randys record, and who he fought, and who he lost too at the same time Fedor was killing talent, some of the guys u are calling nobodies outwieghed Fedor by a hundred pounds. . .I swear you bandwagon jumpers make me sick, make me wish MMA never became popular, just a bunch of fuckin tools. .

    • JGrenke says:

      Nothing you just wrote makes or will make any sense. If I just go through your history of the Fedor/Randy situation, that alone would be enough to make you look like complete . .. what’s the appropriate word here? . . . idiot?!

      I would strongly recommend re-researching those events to really find out what went on and whether or not losing respect then was the right thing to do.

      And if Fedor spent the last part of his career fighting bums, who did you you spend the last few years of your career fighting?

      . . . and please don’t say “my keyboard”.

  17. mike says:

    What hof is he getting into? The only one is the ufc hof and how likely is that.

    • Chris says:

      so what if he fought bigger guys lol what the hell does that have to do with anything. sakuraba fought so many guys at 205 and heavyweight and no nobodys big names and he shouldve been cutting to 170.. does that make him the best ever just cause he fought and beat some bigger dudes? no absolutely not that makes no sense. Sakuraba is a legend, and fedor is a legend. but thats it not the best of all time… people who say he fought the top competition in pride are extremely inaccurate. he fought nog when he was at his best, and that is about it… he got worked by cro cop and lay and prayed for the 2nd two rounds..and then when they were supposed to rematch he ducked him to fight mark hunt who go look at his record since you want to bring up records, he didnt fight kharitonov or werdum who both posed threats style wise and at the time were top 10 if not close to it. sylvia and arlovsky both got cut by the ufc by the time they fought fedor… what does that tell you about them? obviously werent in there prime…

  18. Влад says:

    Деньги кончатся и вернется он.Уходить давно пора,не зачем бить старых дедушек

  19. Trey says:

    Fedor didn’t fight anywhere near the best fighters in his prime and fedor not old he just sucks his record is padded with alot of bullshit wins so in my option he’s trash oh and he ducked overeem and the ufc so yea not impressed by fedor

    • dubs says:

      ok so please enlighten us: Who WERE the best fighters during Fedor’s prime? We’re they those that were fighting in the UFC? Because at that time the UFC heavyweights were Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman, Tim Sylvia, and Frank Mir.
      So once again if he wasn’t fighting the best, who WERE the best?

  20. Henry Opoku says:

    I would retire from legend for family as well….exactly.

  21. hellawaits says:

    fedor never duck randy the match was really close to happen in affliction but dana white dont led that happen everyone knows that, and andrey and sylvia both want to leave the ufc they dont get cut

    • B-rad says:

      if tim sylvia quit from the ufc, then why was he trollin the internet and callin out cheick kongo, who would whoop his ass, been beggin to be let back in their?

  22. hellawaits says:

    that is now not then, sylvia after fight mercer screw himself

  23. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Sad day

  24. Craig says:

    Fedor was a good fighter he did put on some good fights in Pride. Yet there were things about Pride I didn’t like, fixed fights, do I believe some of Fedors’ fights were fixed yes but very few but never the less he did look impressive in all his Pride fights. The only thing that will blemish Fedors legacy was his management. They killed alot of fight deals that would of been awesome. Also I believe he should of tried going down in weight as he got older

  25. Gabriel says:

    “leaving the octagon” you can’t LEAVE somewhere you’ve never been in.

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