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Wednesday, 10/03/2012, 09:11 am

Fan’s take: Why Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar will be exciting!

By Chase Raymond:

When two of the main event fighters had to pull out of UFC 153 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, we all thought, oh no here we go again. Then some time went by and we all wandered, would someone step up and save the card, or would it be cancelled like UFC 151?

Then the UFC announced that Anderson Silva had signed up to fight in his homeland and make sure that UFC 153 would go on. Then the UFC announced that Stephan Bonnar would be his opponent and we all were confused. With Bonnar’s last fight being a unanimous decision win against Kyle Kingsbury on Nov. 19th 2011, and no real “big name” wins in years, we all thought “the American psycho” was done fighting and moving onto announcing.

Then I thought about it and I can see where the UFC is coming from and I have to tell you, it’s actually brilliant. If you’re a fan of MMA and tired of seeing people try to hold Silva down for five rounds then Bonnar is the man you want to see fight against “The Spider.” This is going to be a “nothing to lose” fight for Bonnar because there is not many expecting him to win, there is no title on the line, and best of all there is no need for Bonnar to just sit back and try to out point Silva… (Cont. reading on page 2)


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