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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 12:17 pm

Fan Driven Fighter Platform Helps Fighters Get Noticed

Global Proving Ground (GPG) is proud to announce the official launch of their unique fan driven fighter platform. The GPG platform enables combat sports athletes with diverse fight backgrounds to showcase their skills on a global stage. Skilled fighters on every continent have the opportunity to get noticed and build an International fan base.

According to James Jefferson, co-founder of Global Proving Ground, “Words cannot express how excited we are to officially launch GPG! Our platform gives fighters of all disciplines a world-class stage to show the martial arts community what they’re made of, tools to build a lasting presence in the sport, and access to unprecedented support from fans and industry leaders.”

GPG is also the ideal go-to place for fight promotions, sponsors, television producers, match makers and fight managers to discover new elite talent. Each GPG fighter video features background information on the athlete and a demonstration of their skills. Because fight fans vote for their favorite GPG videos, industry executives can also gauge the popularity of each fighter.

“Global Proving Ground is definitely a great resource for producers and film makers that are looking to cast martial arts talent. The GPG talent pool is very broad; it’s not limited to just MMA athletes. GPG features fighters with diverse backgrounds – Kung Fu, Judo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu …the list goes on”, stated Steven Tornabene, producer of television, film, music, live event and commercial productions.

Combat sports fighters from around the world can upload and submit a short promotional video to Global Proving Ground FREE of charge (visit the GPG website for instructions/requirements.) Fighters can also become an official member of the GPG Fighter Association (GPGFA) for a low yearly registration fee, which gives them access to exclusive benefits such as specialized media and combat training.

Jefferson had this to add, “We take great pride in the fact that we are truly a global association. At GPG language is not a barrier. Fighters from any continent can log on to our website and with the click of a button can view the GPG site in their language. We currently have several video submissions in other languages, including a video from BJJ Legend Relson Gracie encouraging Brazilian fighters to submit videos to GPG.”

GPG offers various levels of membership to fight fans as well (see website for full details/benefits). Voting is always free. Fans can show support for their favorite fighters by voting for GPG videos and/or by sponsoring a fighter’s GPGFA membership.

For more information or to register as a Global Proving Ground member, please visit Combat sports fans and fighters are encouraged to like GPG on Facebook and follow GPG on Twitter @GlobalPrvngGrnd.


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  1. jason root says:

    hay ufc look i have working heart out to someone to help to get in ufc my friend laugh at when i tell them i wont is to be my career same with my family & mrdd worker i have some dissabilltys but i make up with my angre dissorder i know if i got in ring big country or ranpage i will win that a promise im 330lbs 5’10 i live at hooven ohio 107 jackson st. 45033 i wont to be a ufc fighter to them all im some lazy 23 year old kid & for the money money always good to thank u for reading words & your time!!!

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