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Monday, 04/16/2012, 02:51 pm

Family tragedy Forced A Temporary Change To Brian Stann's Training Camp With Positive Results

By Jamie McAllister:
“This fight was different, there were a lot of things new in my camp, I had to surround myself at home and take care of my wife and with the loss in family it was a real tough time. I thought about calling the fight [off],” Stann said. “But I’m glad to overcome that adversity and come out here and perform well.”

His wife’s brother died around the time he got news of the Sakara fight and Stann wanted to remain close to home as the loss had hit his wife hard.

“I feel good and he is tough as hell, everyone new this fight was always going to end abruptly either way, the luck just fell in my favor. Next time it may fall in Alessio’s.”

Stann commented directly after an impressive first round stoppage of Alessio Sakara. Stann showed his heavy hands early in the first round, hurting Sakara, he then went on to do more damage via knees in a tight Muay Thai clinch before finishing the Italian off on the ground.

Stann had been working with Manu Ntoh, the French-African former Muay Thai champion. Ironically the change came from Stann remaining close to home in Atlanta as opposed to making the trip to Jackson’s in New Mexico and it looked like the change paid off.


15 Responses to “Family tragedy Forced A Temporary Change To Brian Stann's Training Camp With Positive Results”

  1. All American says:

    Stann Is such a good role model for UFC also a beast on pads….. His muay Thai was impressive French dude looks fo real

  2. Oldie says:

    Stann was impressive …. Hope he continues to work with that guy

  3. jaydee says:

    I am impressed by your performance

  4. Garry says:

    Stann is a beast. Great class and a true american hero.

  5. MMACRAVER says:

    This fight really showed what a difference just being aggressive can make.

    Stann was getting popped a few times at first when he was staying on the outside, but then he just turned it on pushed forward and grizzly fucked Alessio.

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    AS long asthe UFC keeps giving Stann matchups with fighters with weak wrestling he will continue to win. I just wish UFC would give Stann Bisping so we can all see Bisping get KO’d AGAIN. No UFC will continue to pick and choose Bispings opponents very carefully. I’m sure the UFC will give Bisping some joke like Sakara who hasn’t won in 4 years or another mayhem Miller with no striking. How so many idiot fans can possibly think Bisping is in line for a title shot I will never know. Vitor, Munoz, Weidman, Palharis, Stann and many other swould beat Bisping no problem

    • jbeamazing says:

      I read your first sentence and yeah my little sister could take him down but his stand up is up there with anyone in his division besides anderson

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Yeah i agree Brian Stann can stand toe to toe with anyone at 205 and at 185 he is downright a beast. My point was no matter how good Stann gets UFC will never take chance of letting him take Bispings head off. Same goes with Palharis he would snap Bispings leg in two within aminute or so but due to the UFC Bisping protection plan instituted after the Hendo fight we will never see these 2 fights everyone I know would pay to see.

        • Not You says:

          That’s the same reason they won’t give Stann any wrestlers. He will lose. Everyone is on Stann’s bandwagon, but they don’t see what I see. He’s got great striking, good power but his hips are so slow. He can’t sprawl. I imagine if he fought Bisping he’d lose.

        • boyheadkick says:

          best way to know is to match him up with munoz

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Eventually they will have to meet. If Bisping handles Boetchs like Okami was doing, then I expect they will meet it the following match. But Bisping has a ground game so, I’m not so sure Stann will win that fight if Bisping fights smart.

      Stann is looking good though, if he works on his ground game he could be champ one day.

  7. Tapout A Warrior says:

    Oh come on I believe you are being mean to Bisping, you know he in from a Royal Bloodline. He does not even need to fight, he does it for the Honor or some such rubbish. lol. He is an ok at best fighter, I do not think he would have a chance against some of the top 5 in WW but then again he pretty much beat Sonnen. He would have soundly lost against Demian Maia I think though. I dare say that he would lose to Chris Leben in a rematch. His pepper and run strategy is getting found out. That is unless your Nick Diaz and cant tell someone is point fighting you, I mean Greg jacksoning you lol. Down with “The Count” and his better than Americans attitude.

  8. Mike says:

    Get rid of fitch
    What! All two of em?

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Maybe Stann should leave Jackson’s camp permanently. I see a dramatic improvement. I like this coach.

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