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Monday, 03/18/2013, 08:05 am

Fallon Fox Speaks Out: Transgender Fighters Should Not Have to Disclose Medical History | MMA NEWS

In an interview on “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, Fallon Fox expressed Friday her views that transgender fighters should not have to disclose their medical history to their opponents.


Fox (2-0) has been the focus of a highly publicized controversy during the last few weeks because of her medical past.  In the interview, however, she states, “I don’t believe that a transgender fighter should have to disclose her personal medical history to other female fighters before they fight.  It’s simply for the reason the medical community and the scientific community have come to the consensus that post-operative transsexual fighters who have been on hormone-replacement therapy and testosterone suppression, when they’re going from male to female, haven’t been found to have any physiological advantages over other women.”


The Florida State Boxing Commission and the California State Athletic Commission are both reviewing her applications for licensure.  Fox’s application to CSAC had not yet been approved, but she submitted a receipt of payment to the Florida State Boxing Commission in her application for a license.  Fox told that she did not knowingly deceive the FSBC, but that she had believed her license in California to have been approved.


Her next fight was slated for an April 20th semifinal match in the Championship Fighting Alliance women’s tournament, but this fight has been cancelled and postponed in a show of support for Fox.  She will continue in the tournament if her license(s) is cleared.


“I do believe it may deter some fighters from fighting me in the future.  Some fighters have already said that they would not want to fight me.  I think that’s because they’re scared, number one, because I’m pretty good, or they might have a bias or they might be a hate-filled person who doesn’t want to touch me or whatever, but I don’t want to fight those people anyways because they’re scared, and what kind of fight would that be?  I want to fight someone who’s going to come at me aggressively, who wants to fight me.”


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  1. T Roy says:

    Still a man. If i cut off my ear (did not want to say my boto because i have a problem with cutting that off) and take hormone supressing drugs, that will make me a female? Dang I would love to get in the ring with Corano, I would take her down and dry hump her all day. OK back to the subject–I would be afraid to fight me…I do not look good with female cloths on. But for sure I would knock every female fighter out. Does not seem fair. My opinion.

  2. Eric K says:

    This is bullshit. Transgensder or not ALL combatants should have to show medical history. \

    Aside, this fighter is 100% fraudulent. This is a MAN fighting Woman. want it to be fair, start a TG division.

    TG people need to realize they are not the norm

  3. stevo the great says:

    aka FALIC FOX!!!!! LMFAO

  4. Kingron84 says:

    Is it me or should BJ be punished for showing me a picture of a man in a bikini?

  5. wtf is that thing says:

    idk about you guys but all i see is a mexican dude in a bikini with his sack tucked back and a bad boob job. i have no problem with homosexuals or transgenders but i do have a huge probem seeing a dude fight a chick. this he/she was obviously an athlete before getting his nuts guillotined his muscle density and bone density is obviously of male proportions in interviews and pictures he fuckin hulks normal girls and he/shes even bigger than her fuckin stupidass boyfriend whose too stupid to realize hes bangin a dude. live your life the way you wana live balls or not but dont expect to be able to compete against real women in any legitimate organization when you look like fuckin vinny magalhaes. straight disgust.

  6. Scotty says:

    If she makes weight lie the other girl and all her levels are the same as well, then let her fight.. I bet cyborg would love to put her fist to Fox’s face.. Make that hit happen at 145, be a good seller for invicta..

  7. Please Pass Me My TRT says:

    I think we just found a perfect match up for Cybrog.

  8. Ddddddd says:

    Shit I about broke my back after seeing this picture falling off the bathroom sink trying to see if my Crying Games stance was half as tough looking as this dudes.

  9. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I’m openminded enough to not make a big deal about them changing their sex or gay people marrying eachother. It’s all good they have the right or should have the right to do that.

    This non disclosure thing however is ticking me off. That dude is fine with cheating and beating up women. No matter how much estrogen he takes, there’s not enough estrogen in the world to completely undo the physical advantages he possesses being born as a male. Calling women who don’t want to fight him scared is such a load of absolute crap! Ofcourse they refuse to fight a dude!

    His shoulders are bigger than Overeem’s!

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