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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 04:26 pm

Fabricio Werdum Would Like To Welcome Jon Jones To The Heavyweight Division | UFC NEWS

“I would love to make a fight with Jon Jones, but he has to see that heavyweight is something else. Of course he is champion, for it has size and all the qualities, but it would be another fight. I’d love to give these to welcome him (laughs).”

“There was no drop [of arm pressure] at all. This business of letting go of the arm that time does not exist. I was seated and has no drop [of arm pressure] because it popped. I pluck the arm of Jon Jones out and bring to Brazil (laughs).”

In an interview with, top heavyweight, Fabricio Werdum says he wouldn’t mind welcoming Jon Jones to the UFC’s heavyweight division.

The UFC light-heavyweight champion has talked many times about testing the waters in the division above him, but the UFC brass has always been against such a move so early in his career.

Would Werdum be a good welcome to the “Big” leagues match up for Jones?


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