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Monday, 06/25/2012, 08:49 am

Fabricio Werdum Believes He Is One Win Away From JDS Rematch | UFC NEWS

“For sure, I’m close (to a title shot) now. If the UFC asks, then I’m ready for sure but maybe one more fight, maybe on the Velasquez vs. dos Santos card. After that, if I win, maybe I will fight (the champion) in Brazil. I don’t know. I’m just here to fight. I’m just going to rest for one week. Then, I will go back to training again. I’m just going to wait for what the UFC says.”

Surging heavyweight contender, Fabricio Werdum, tells FoxSports that he believes he is just one win away from a shot at redemption against current UFC champion, Junior dos Santos.

Since losing to JDS in 2008 the Brazilian has rattled off an impressive 5-1 record with his only other loss coming at the hands of Alistair Overeem. With improved striking on display in every outing, is he ready to face the champ?


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33 Responses to “Fabricio Werdum Believes He Is One Win Away From JDS Rematch | UFC NEWS”

  1. Elite says:

    Give him Frank Mir

  2. stephen riddle says:

    I agree

  3. Mike b says:

    I respect werdum as a fighter but JDS will destroy him again.i mean let’s be honest here!!!

    • chris says:

      How so? It makes no sense at all. Werdum has a great chin unbelievable ground game, decent cardio, and his striking has gotten so much better. Cain will be the champion anyway, but JDS Vs Werdum is definitely an intriguing fight.

      • can.Velasquez says:

        People sayd that before the JDS fight aswell that he will defend his title now that he wins it back ://

        cain will see the stars again when Junior knocks the brown pride out of him

      • Mike b says:

        I just said I respect the man didnt I.ur right,his striking has improved drastically.but his solid chin didnt hold up to well the last time they fought now did it.his ground game is excellent,one of the best in the HW division for sure.but nobody has been able to take JDS down to the ground yet,and u think werdum will?i highly doubt it.but anything can happen in a mma fight.

      • Rodriguez says:

        JDS has way better percentage of striking, and way more accurate. The Mir fight would be good for him though.

      • Rod says:

        Makes perfect sense.. Werdum was on a killer run, JDS came in and knocked werdum out in his debut.. JDS is a MUCH better fighter now too, and did you see how scared Werdum was to stand with Overeem? If this rematch happens, I’m going with JDS, all the way without a doubt.

      • Xaninho says:

        JDS already knocked Werdum out in their first fight. Only took him a minute or so.

        I do agree Werdum’s striking has gotten really good. I mean it’s not just good for a BJJ guy, but he can strike with the best strikers out there nowadays. I’m really impressed.

  4. XD says:

    I don’t want Cain to be champ. The guy’s personality is a dud, and yeah I know they only get paid to fight, but character with a champion is very important to me and his personality sucks. Werdum will fight JDS one day that’s for sure, but I hope to see it as a title fight.

  5. m says:

    Mir v. Werdum is a great matchup. Two Big HW’s with KO power and submissions.

  6. shaun says:

    Werdum vs big nog make that happen

  7. some dude says:

    Werdum vs overeem 2 if he cant get past overeem he has no chance against jds and I have no intrest in seeing werdum vs jds 2 and I think its way to early to even think about that werdum has beat big country and russow but that not close to a title shot I think struve miocic winner should be number 1 contender and I think both those young guys would handle werdum.

  8. Truth says:

    dont you mean Werdum vs Overeem 3? dumbshit

  9. jajaja! says:

    werdum vs mark hunt

  10. Beto Adesaber says:

    Werdum vs Mir makes sense to me, but it¬īs not for a title shot contender he most has one more win besides that…

  11. drew says:

    wedum looked out a shape in the last fight and got lucky to have faced someone whos cardio didnt look promising either and getting a 1st round ko made it look nice…dont overlook cain who is facing jds in the fall/winter because that fight will definitely be different for sure…so wedum worry about facing big foot or big country for now…because if u beat one of them u will loose to cain or jds…werdum a good number 3

  12. maurice says:

    this is exactly y the ufc shouldnt have rushed the jds/cain rematch. i really think cain vs werdum would be one hell of a number 1 contender fight.

  13. Mighty Matt says:

    I think that since a lot of people still see overeem as the #2 contender right now a rubber match is in order. Another possibility is that if Brock wants to come back to the UFC then lets see how werdum fairs against him.

  14. jones says:

    werdum vs mir makes zerooooooo sense cuz the ufc does not normally match a guy witha winning streak to a guys coming off a loss….but werdum bjj is much much better then franks for sure…if werdum wants get in the title pic then i want to see werdum vs reem 3,now that werdum has killer muyuthia i wanna see them fight again,,,i think werdum will bet champ the way he is fighintt,,,he fucked up roy nelson much better then the champ jds did////,,if werdum can take roidreem then he is ready for jds…..werdum vs reem for number 1 slot…….

  15. B-rad says:

    Werdum, Reem 3 is the best matchup, werdum holds a win over the reem, and the second fight was pretty close so let them go at it again.. reem takes it tho

  16. maurice says:

    am i really the only guy who dont give a fuck bout overeem? im sorry, but chael and reem can go kill themselves. those dudes have no fuckin morals. fucking cheaters.

  17. Dude Manguy says:

    Werdum’s been fighting really well lately. He hasn’t just won fights, he has won them impressively. I think he deserves a shot more than Cain. That’s okay though. everybody keeps saying “oh Cain’s gonna be so different” Really? Really guys?

    The fight was only 1 minute, how can you say anything about how Cain looked when the fight was only 1 minute? Plus, he did what we all expected him to do, throw kicks, and go for a takedown. He failed, and then got caught by JDS’s impecable fuckin timing. JDS is a monster. Even after he has proven it over and over again, people still doubt it.

  18. derp says:

    werdum sure is in a hurry to get knocked out again

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