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Wednesday, 03/26/2014, 10:35 am

Fabio Maldonado: “When I’m tired and bleeding, I fight better”

I’m not going to deny that some of the guys (okay, most of the guys) that practice MMA are suckers for punishment (some more than others). As for Fabio Maldonado, he’s one of those guys that’s like an old T.V.; In order for him to work right, you have to bang him around a bit.

Going strong on a three fight winning streak, Fabio Maldonado recently ran through Gian Villante at UFC Fight Night 38. He credits this victory to his ability to take fire and fire back.

“I only work when I’m getting beat up,” he said during a recent interview with “When I’m tired and bleeding, I fight better.”

During his bout with Villante, it took the first round of getting put on his back to, apparently, knock his senses into place. But, after the starting bell for rounds two and three sounded, Maldonado was on his A-game.

“I started a little too slow… he took me down twice and I felt his strength,” he said. “I beat him with my experience. Villante is a strong kid, but I have more experience in striking than him.”

After this victory, Maldonado has his eyes on training in the states to better sharpen his ground game.

“The wrestling training is better,” he said. “I need to work more in my boxing… but I know my biggest problems are wrestling and kicks.”

Hopefully, the tough as nails Maldonado can continue his winning streak and come back even sharper than we’ve seen him recently.

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By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers


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