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Friday, 05/02/2014, 11:39 am


Fabio Maldonado Wants To ‘Rumble’ With Anthony Johnson

After Johnson’s lopsided beating of Phil Davis last weekend, not too many men are looking for a showdown.

However, Fabio Maldonado, one of the UFC’s most durable light-heavyweights, is up to the task.

In a recent interview with, Maldonado stated his case:

“I want to fight Anthony Johnson. He would be a good fight with me. I would fight anyone in the UFC, but I’d rather fight Anthony Johnson. He has a good striking game and takedowns, but I don’t think he would be able to take me down. I want to fight a well-ranked fighter so, so I beat him and take his spot in the rankings.”

“I thought Phil Davis would win the fight, but I was wrong. He has a good striking game, he’s well-rounded. He has good takedowns, but maybe he doesn’t have a good cardio to take the fight down and keep it there. I think he’s a good match-up for me, and I think I would beat him. If he gasses in other fights, he would gas faster against me. I have some good body shots.”


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