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Monday, 07/23/2012, 05:43 am

Faber injured in UFC 149 main event | UFC NEWS

Urijah Faber came up short in his fight against Renan Barao on Saturday night. UFC 149 was his second attempt at the UFC Bantamweight Championship. His opponent Barao was quicker, cleaner, and smarter in their five round fight.

At some point in the opening rounds Renan caught Urijah with a knee to the body that appeared to take some of the wind out of his sails. Shortly after the fight Faber spoke with and opened up about what happened.

“I was a little shaken up. He got me with a knee either in the first round or early in the second,” said Faber. “I think I have a broken rib. I ate like three or four solid leg kicks, but it will be fine in three or four days. I just wasn’t as squirrely out there [as I would have liked to have been].”

Faber also mentioned to many media outlets that he didn’t know when and if he would get another title shot, but if he did it would again be at bantamweight.


14 Responses to “Faber injured in UFC 149 main event | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    Faber is very over rated.. he is 5-5 in his last 10 fights. how can he be in the main event especially on pay per view.. sorry faber but you are not good at this level. Dana white is stupid for doing that. also lombard completely proved he was over hyped as well and never pulled the trigger like he was known to do. Weak ass fight card but thank God the prelims were there to disappoint the main card once again.

    • fist says:

      barao is the next bw champion..he is very talented fighter

    • Dick Niaz says:

      Yes, genius…. Dana White is stupid for putting his most marketable BW in a high profile interim title fight. If only he was smart like you maybe the UFC would be a success.

      • Bxer says:

        And when you finish sucking,Dana white Dick maybe you accept reality,you right about only one thing,the only reason Faber was in there is cause he have a bunch of idiots like you, still living in a surreal world,no matter whY you said Faber sucks,now go suck more of Dana whites Dick .

        • Urijah Faber actually puts on good fights and until this fight was never in a boring fight. After reviewing the Cruz vs Faber 2 fight, Faber had actually outscored Dom and won 3 solid rounds and Dom 2. Granted Faber has only been losing when it comes to gold, but he is more entertaining than Dominic Cruz and this new guy and they know that they can still get two more rematches out of Faber. Also you ever wonder why Anderson Silva has never been fires for his actions or why Brock Lesner was given a Title shot so quickly? Money dumbass! It’s a business more than it is a sport

  2. In Defense of Faber says:

    Three recent losses were to Barao, Cruz, and Aldo. There is no shame in losing to them or Mike Brown at FW twice. Faber is not over-rated–he is rated exactly where he should be (top 5).

    Faber was not supposed to be the main event. But considering all the other fights that were on the UFC 149 card after all the changes, there was no other fight that should’ve been the main event over the Faber/Barao fight.

  3. Scotty says:

    Don’t how people say Faber is overrated and say he cant hang at this level.. What level? The 135-145 pound divisions were never in the UFC, so again what level we talking about? They all came over from the WEC which Faber reigned over there… There isnt any knew comers coming from anywhere else that are taking over or even guys dropping down from 155(which edgar should do).. He 26-6 and 3 of his most recent losses were in the 145 division, where he started to become to small for.. I man he lost to Brown the first time cause he got cocky, 2nd time he fought with a broken hand the whole fight.. Then lost to Aldo but who hasnt guy is P4P best in the world and is basically a 155’er.. Plus i dont think he lost to Cruz, I actually feel he won that fight! Now to Barao who is an amazing fighter plus Faber had a broken rib the whole fight but still went at it.. What i think Faber needs to do is bring better fighters into his camp instead of just using the Alpha Male guys! And why was TJ his corner guy for a title fight?

  4. dogfart says:

    i pretty much think their whole camp is gay

  5. tricky_d says:

    Faber will/would do better in the lighter weights. He isn’t a big enough person to hang with these guys. He has too much muscle for this division, which means he hasn’t the reach. If it was less muscular he could get down the divisions and be amongst guys more his natural size. I don’t doubt his abilities, but watching him try to hit guys in that division with his lack of reach isn’t good to see. The dude kept him on the outside constantly and all Faber’s punches looked like they fell really short.

  6. Mike cannon jr. says:

    I’m not impressed…. And i just don’t care … Who the tuffest flea is… Lmao

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