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Thursday, 06/05/2014, 05:08 am

Faber On Fighting Dillashaw: ‘Maybe if he asked as a favor’

Much is being made about the latest team-duo, who could potentially fight each other inside the cage.

Longtime MMA staple, Urijah Faber has had a glorious career. Despite never winning UFC gold, the former WEC champ once held the UFC’s sister promotion solely on his shoulders.

Now, with one of his protegĂ©’s, T.J. Dillashaw in the driver’s seat at bantamweight, many want to see the two fight.

It’s a choice Faber told the ‘UFC Tonight’ crew he would do, for T.J. alone, if he was asked to run a favor back for his fighter. But Urijah expressed that he really has no interest.

“I don’t want to. Would you want to fight him?”, Said Faber. “It’s a fight I wouldn’t want to do. It’d have to be a special circumstance.”


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