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Thursday, 06/13/2013, 08:56 am

Faber: Old Man Cruz Could Learn How To Finish Fights From Yuri

“I’ve got mixed feelings. It’s huge to be on the new channel for the first fight, but the opponent is someone nobody really knows about. I don’t choose my fights. If someone asks me to fight in the Octagon, I have a hard time turning down fights. “Who am I to say he doesn’t deserve it? He’s 27-4 and he’s got 24 finishes, 12 TKOs and 12 submissions. The guy has earned what he’s got… I would love for that to happen,” said Faber about another title fight. “Do we have a champ who’s sturdy enough to stand up and fight? Right now we don’t. We’ve got Renan Barao and old man Dominick Cruz, who could take a lesson from Yuri on getting some finishes in his career. We’ve got to get these guys healed up and to step in so I can beat them for a belt.”

During a recent stint on UFC Tonight, ‘The California Kid’ discussed his upcoming fight scheduled for UFC on FS 1 and took the time on the air to take a quick dig at longtime rival, Dominik Cruz.


4 Responses to “Faber: Old Man Cruz Could Learn How To Finish Fights From Yuri”

  1. sickoftheCHIN says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else sick of Faber?

  2. Jam says:

    How can you just blatantly hate Faber after something like that?
    He jokes and hypes his fight for Cruz, something people may or may not wanna see so he’s putting up that animosity there incase he gets a shot.
    He’s said nothing wrong here, Yuri is a nobody, a very great fighter but nobody to the general masses.
    And while that may be tough to deal with because he is a good exciting and talented fighter, still doesn’t make Faber wrong.
    So nope, I’m not tired of Faber, never really liked the guy but no need to input such uselessness to a comment board, I mean he didn’t even say anything provoking.
    Not to his usual level of provocation at least.

    First comment on here, great site, great articles. Regardless of a few of the mistakes made you guys always have interesting stuff. Just suck the comment boards can be filled with nonsensical and pointless garbage at times, but that’s how it is for all public forums.

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