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Friday, 07/13/2012, 03:13 am

Faber Not Intimidated By Barao | "He Will Realize The Difference Between Me And The Rest Of The Guys He’s Fought." | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Urijah Faber is set to face the Brazilian Renan Barao at UFC 149 for the Interim Bantamweight Title. Originally Faber was set to face rival Dominick Cruz for the Bantamweight Title however Cruz was injured and could be out for up to eighteen months.

Faber previously commented stating that the fight against Barao is more dangerous  than the Bantamweight Title bout with Cruz . Barao is on a 28 fight win streak (3-0 UFC). Faber comments on Barao’s record and skills and is not worried by either.

“Barão has a good record and is obviously very talented, but I’ve been fighting at a different level. He’s got this great record, but I’ve fought better guys and beaten better guys than he has. A lot of people seem intimidated by this guy, but I’m not. He’s got skills and he loves to brawl, but none of that worries me. I’m dragging him into deep water. Like I’ve said, I’m the best he’s ever fought but he’s not the best I’ve fought and I will prove that to him in the first round of the fight. One round in, he will realize the difference between me and the rest of the guys he’s fought.”

Cruz and Faber have history dating back to the WEC where Faber finished Cruz in the first round at WEC 26 and at UFC 132 Cruz evened up the score with a decision victory over his rival. However Faber thinks the Interim Bantamweight Title bout with Barao is still a very personal affair as he see’s the Brazilian as someone who is trying to take his dream.

“This is personal, too. I don’t know Barão, I know nothing about him personally and I don’t dislike him as a person, like I do Dominick Cruz, but every fight is personal to me. Barão is trying to harm me, to mess me up and take away my dream of being the UFC world champion. What’s more personal than that?”

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20 Responses to “Faber Not Intimidated By Barao | "He Will Realize The Difference Between Me And The Rest Of The Guys He’s Fought." | UFC News”

  1. WarDiaz. says:

    I hope Faber wins, after all that shit Cruz talked I want Faber to kick his pointfighting ass.

  2. WarCondit. says:

    ^agreed, Faber will win.

  3. B-rad says:

    Yeah urijah has faced bigger tougher competition.. Barao is kinda like Jose Aldo but not as dangerous on the feet…Urijah by 3rd round tko

    • BXER says:

      And since you know so much,,an you name one single person better? When Faber was a wec champ there was nobody with a high level talent so look like Faber was good,but when he star fighting higher level he don’t look to good,he got dominated by also and outpoints by Cruz,Faber is overrated his just a fucking midges with a little man syndrome,get ready Faber Dick sucking fans this will be the real fight to be #1 contender,because the only reason he is in tha position is because Dana white,not because earn it,is all the way arround this is the first time Faber face a real challenge.

      • Actually Faber has dominated multiple great fighters.Jens Pulver isnt exactly considered the shittiest fighter. Your really bias when you argue, which is why your always gonna be wrong. The only real domination he got was against Jose Aldo, who is twice the fighter Barao is. I wouldnt be ashamed of losing to someone that even anderson silva said he’d retire if he were in the same weight class. Cruz didnt dominate, otherwise it wouldnt have been considered a close fight, close enough that many of the greats of UFC were arguing about who won. Cruz didnt do anything dominating, they both took eachother down, the difference is Faber Crumpled Cruz multiple times. Grow up.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Barao is a beast with a great variation of techniques standing up as well as on the ground, with insane cardio, always looking for the finish.

    I’m not saying Faber can’t win, but my money is on Barao. I’ve seen this guy fight in Brazil a few years ago I was highly impressed.

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Just call him rampage cause this dude is just cocky!

  6. ku says:

    faber gets tko’d quick for underestimating barao

  7. jbeamazing says:

    hate to say it but when a guy has to keep pounding the point that he isn’t scared it means he is a little scared Barao looks to be the real deal should be interesting

    • Xaninho says:

      Haha! Yeah did you notice Faber’s facial expression on TUF when DW announced he would have to fight Barão?

      That was not a happy camper face!

      • danielrchargers says:

        did you not know Dana told him it was Ivan, and he gave that shocked face because he just learned he was lied to by his own Boss.
        You’re boss gives u a name, and you later find out he was lying? if you dont get shocked or pissed about that, then that sucks because you are most likely a tool who is always getting used.
        Dont get me wrong im not “protecting” Faber, but stating facts.
        all in all, this fight is going to be a fucking war, Two monsters who fight because they love it. someone is getting finished.

  8. Zack says:

    This should be a real good fighter. Faber is a true warrior as is barao. Can’t expect anything less than fireworks

  9. OLSI says:

    Faber should beat this guy, I can believe how bad he fucked up Bowles in his last fight. I think he will win this match become Interim Champion, then will destroy point fighter and become Undisputed. Dominic will come off a long lay off and wont be the same, Faber will capitalize on that.

    • BigPapi says:

      Agreed Barao is talented but he’s not the same type of athlete Faber is in Baraos last fight against Jorgensen his strikes didn’t really devastate Scotty they chipped away at him and when Barao started slowing down Jorgensen actually started tagging him a little. I see Urijah being too strong and fast for Barao especially in the later rounds. And as for Cruz that fools not gona be able to disco dance as well after knee surgery and actually have to start fighting so if Faber wins Urijahs gona rip his head off for the title.

  10. WrestlingRules says:

    USA USA USA…Go Faber…beat his ass UP..Team Alpha male…HooRah…

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