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Monday, 06/11/2012, 05:05 am

Faber Feels Barao Is A More Dangerous Opponent Than Cruz | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Urijah Faber in an interview with MMAweekly.

Faber comments on how he felt when he found out Dominick Cruz was injured and the Bantamweight Title fight was put on hold.

“I was very disappointed,”

“I feel for the guy. As much as we get on each other’s nerves there is a mutual respect there. We spent a lot of time together. We were so looking forward to ripping each other’s heads off; mostly me ripping his head off and him doing his thing.”

Faber clearly unhappy about the fight being put on hold but remains positive still feels it will happen at some point.

“It sucks for him, it sucks for me, because that’s a big fight,”

“The bright side is, we’re gonna do it at some other point.”

On Renan Barao who Faber feels may be a more dangerous opponent than Dominick Cruz.

“This is the most dangerous fight in the UFC 135-pound division right now,” said Faber, believing that Barão, despite Faber’s loss to Cruz, is the much tougher style match-up.


15 Responses to “Faber Feels Barao Is A More Dangerous Opponent Than Cruz | UFC News”

  1. bxer says:

    sorry for you Faber! He may fight Dominic at some point,but not for the title,Barao is going to whoop his arrogant ass,and when Dominic gets well Barao will unify the title, and then maybeDominic and Uriah can fight for to contender,Barao will be the next champ

  2. John M says:

    Well its no that hard to be more dangerous than Cruz, he’s about as dangerous as a room full of Kindergarteners. With that said, Faber does have his hands full here, but I see my boy Faber getting the win.

  3. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I most certainly agree with Faber. Barao is a whole different breed from Cruz and if I where Faber I would be very worried about my legs.

  4. Azusa says:

    Faber remember the Aldo fight? Ya that all over again. Sorry dude

  5. Jigga says:

    Faber u got this shit !!!!!!!!

  6. Drock says:

    Barao is a whole different breed since he isn’t a point fighter like Cruz. Faber is going to have alot of trouble with Barao. Luckily he doesn’t have his queer golden locks because after every punch or kick his head is going to be whipped around.

    White Boys never match up good against Brazilians

  7. jones says:

    faber sux…he i going lose..i cant stand 135 weight class..all the fighters there are boring…any division with a champ like dominic “point fighter” cruz is total shit…faber would lose to kid yamamoto..the only reason FAVOR is in the title pic is cuz dana liikes fukin that ass chin…

  8. B-rad says:

    barao is a lot more dangerous than the “decisionater” but i think faber is too strong of a wrestler for renan..he does have good take down defense but im sure urijah will be hellbent on getting the fight to the mat

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      I’m not sure taking Barao to the mat would be the smartest thing for Faber. . .Renan is more dangerous on the ground then standing. Sorry to say, but Faber loses this fight. You guys must not pay attention to the fact that Barao played a massive part in who Aldo is today. The two training partners will both be champs soon.

  9. Edgar says:

    Barao might win the fight but don’t count out Faber ! Look at wineland he knocked out Scott jer, barao struggled with Scott.. I still see Cruz as champion USA USA

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