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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 06:12 am

Eyewitness Recounts Stabbing at UFC 169

While UFC 169 featured a plethora of fights, one of the most dangerous actually took place in the stands. As previously reported, multiple audience members were stabbed during a fight in the arena. Angel Pereira was arrested for the incident on multiple charges, including aggravated assault and weapons charges.  An anonymous eye-witness told Bloody Elbow  the story from his prospective, stating:

Next thing you know the boyfriend stood up and started yelling at them. The two guys got up out of their seats and then (Pereira) swung at them. All 3 started fighting with the girlfriend in the middle. Security ran down and grabbed the thug. That is when I noticed his girlfriend’s face was slashed open and one of the two guy’s hands was cut. They said he had a knife.

Scrary stuff you don’t expect when going to your local UFC card.

Check out the rest of his testimony, with pictures on




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