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Monday, 01/14/2013, 06:39 pm

Exclusive: XFC’s Shah Bobonis Talks To Fist-ta-Cuff Radio | MMA NEWS

Sunday night’s episode of’s Fist-ta-Cuff Radio show’s first guest of the evening was XFC fighter Shah Bobonis. Bobonis is a bantamweight fighter holding a MMA professional record of 15-6 and is on a seven-fight win streak. His most recent victory coming on September 28, 2012 at XFC 20: High Octane via unanimous decision.


The first question of the evening was about the fact that Shah’s next fight is with the CFA and him being a fighter for the XFC.  He was asked if he had to ask for permission from the XFC or what the deal was with all that?


Shah Bobonis – “The XFC only does so many show’s a year and has a bunch of fighters they have to look for fights for, you know, so, I never been one to have any problems finding myself fights. I use to manage myself so I’m always kind’ve on the look out for good match ups and things like that. So when I heard about this fight (for CFA) I approached Jon Prisco the president of XFC, and he said yeah it’s a good matchup for ya, if you can get the fight go ahead and take it. We’ll work something out a couple months down the road so you can get back on the XFC.”


Then Shah was asked about his next opponent Pablo Alfonso, and the fact that Pablo posted a video saying that Shah hasn’t fought any tough opponents and claiming Shah’s record is false. Also in the video he says the only reason Shah is on a winning streak is “because he fight’s bums,” among a few other things.


Shah Bobonis – “Well me and Pablo go way back, we use to train together. The guy has trained all over Miami. I seen him fight and when he trains he’s a great fighter. He has great coaches. He has a lot to say about the guys he fights, but you know I don’t brag about the guys I fought and lost to. He talks about how he fought Chase Beebe, but if I got choked out by Chase Beebe in like 2 minutes I wouldn’t be bragging about that. The whole record thing, it don’t matter cause I have a lot of fights that doesn’t show up on databases. When someone asks me my record I say 15-6. If he wants to go there he’s 6-5. I could go on and on about all the false stuff in the video but it doesn’t matter, when we fight on the 19th, we’ll see what’s up.”


This was just a few of the many things they talked about on’s Fist-ta-Cuff radio. There was much more but if you want to hear it check it out, it’s Fist-ta-Cuff radio Episode 172 and you can check it out below.

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