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Friday, 05/10/2013, 10:55 am

Exclusive | WSOF President Ray Sefo talks about the NBC Sports deal, Arlovski wearing UFC gloves and Jon Fitch | Late Night Cageside


When President of World Series of Fighting (WSOF) Ray Sefo took time to talk to the guys at Late Night Cageside this past Monday the guys had a lot of questions, and they got all the answers. The talk quickly became about the WSOF and their deal with NBC sports.


“After our first show (with NBC Sports network) and then our second, we partnered up with them and we have a three year deal with a minimum of 6 fights. There so behind the brand, you couldn’t ask for a better start or another great platform for our talent to showcase their skills.” Said Ray Sefo


With the rumor about NBC being one of the high bidders for the UFC events, which FOX ended up winning out the bid on, we asked Ray about how they then linked WSOF up with NBC Sports.


“Well we actually contacted them, one of our partners that’s in charge of the production side of TV reached out and they had done a lot of work with NBC over the last 20 years. So they reached out to John Miller who is the president of NBC sports network and a meeting was set, the team flew out and that was the beginning of that relationship.” Said Ray Sefo


The WSOF has been putting on great events with very minor issues for being such a new organization, but after WSOF 2 one thing that was being talked about a lot was the fact that Andrei Arlovski had on UFC gloves. To set it straight on what happened Ray Sefo said…


“The gloves that we ordered were actually ordered from Pakistan, and when they came in Andrei tried on the WSOF gloves, and they were tight, they fit his hand but he said with Gauze on they may not fit. We tried stretching it and everything and he tried it again and it didn’t do much so my team scrambled to basically get, uh, they brought him two or three pairs of gloves and the only pair that would fit Andrei were the gloves from our friends at UFC, the UFC gloves, you know so we went with that. The first two or three rounds you couldn’t see it cause we covered the label with tape, but you know it came off, and it is what it is, there is nothing you can do about it, the show had to go on.”


When the UFC cut Jon Fitch from their roster most people were surprised, some even upset. The WSOF President and many other organizations saw opportunity. When asked about the signing of Jon Fitch the WSOF President Ray Sefo had this to say…


“We were really happy that we were able to finalize a deal with Fitch and he was able to come aboard. I met him a few times, I saw him in Japan a week or week and a half before he signed on the dotted line, I talked to him a little bit and he was a really nice guy. I got to know him a little more in Atlantic City. A hundred percent were happy Fitch is still one of the best out there, he’s still ranked in the top ten so for us it was a huge signing for us.”


The guys also talked to Ray Sefo about their Ten sided cage, what Ray Sefo says to people who say they just get “UFC rejects” and much, much more. Listen to the full interview here… CLICK HERE


3 Responses to “Exclusive | WSOF President Ray Sefo talks about the NBC Sports deal, Arlovski wearing UFC gloves and Jon Fitch | Late Night Cageside”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I hope Sefo is sharp and can grow WSOF to compete with UFC. He seems like he cares about these guys. These fighters need another outlet to be able to make a better living. Nothing like competition to increase their wages as opposed to the current UFC tyranny, kinda of like demoRats.
    And the most important point: Oh Yah Fitch is Back and gonna be Champ of the WSOF. UFC will be begging to get him back soon.

  2. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    That’s funny because Fitch’s days of boring everyone to death in the “big show” are over forever and he will always be remember for being the most boring fighter to ever set foot in a cage. Fitch wasn’t even top 10 in the UFC so how is he top 10 in world now? What’s even more funny is even Bellator didn’t want anything to do with him. Fitch will be 36 by the time he fights again after this fight with Burkmann which has absolutely no bearing on rankings on the world stage. All this fight amounts to is two EX UFC reject/castoffs fighting each other on the downside of both of their careers. A WSOF WW title would mean ZERO on world stage. TRUST ME the UFC had been wanting to get rid of Fitch for years because he had next to NO fanbase so do think for a one damn minute they would ever even consider bringing back the most boring lay n pray artist in MMA history back to bore UFC fans to death again? Sorry not going to happen in this lifetime. Fitch is so damn irrelevant in MMA world and has been for about 4 years. UFC has countless exciting world beater WW that fans can’t get enough of. UFC release of Fitch was their best business decision in their history hands down.

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