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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 08:51 pm

Exclusive| Vinny Magalhaes picks Sonnen to beat Jones by decision| UFC News

In order to accomplish goals you have to be willing to call shots and make things happen. Rarely will anyone just give you what you want, sometimes you have to step up and grab the bull by the horns. That is exactly what UFC light heavyweight Vinny Magalhaes did when he called out top ranked contender Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis and got his wish granted for a fight with the former Penn State Nittany Lion at UFC 159 in New Jersey.

A finalist on TUF season 8, Magalhaes recently returned to the UFC with a submission win over Igor Pokrajac at UFC 152 after being released from the organization in 2009 following consecutive losses. Magalhaes is currently riding a six fight win-streak but Davis believes that the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace is not worthy of fighting him. Words have been exchanged between the two and things are certainly heating up.

We recently spoke with Magalhaes on Radio about the matchup. We also got his thoughts on the main event of that card between light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones and close friend and training partner Chael Sonnen.

Thoughts on UFC 159 fight with Phil Davis

“I’m not going to take anything away from Phil [because] he has six wins in the UFC and fought some top contenders but there is a reason why I asked for this fight. Nobody asks for a fight if they think they’re going to lose and I know that I can absolutely beat Phil Davis,” Magalhaes told Radio.

“I’ve been a competitor since I was a little kid and I strongly believe that there’s no point in doing anything unless you’re thinking about winning a championship. There’s a ton of guys in the UFC that are just there to collect a pay check and I’m not one of those guys. My goal is to one day fight for the title and of course win it and I think [beating Davis] will be a big step forward in achieving that goal. I’m definitely not looking at this as an easy fight but he’s someone in my division that will help position me closer to a title shot.

Davis has six wins in the UFC but two wins were against guys that dropped to middleweight and just became top contenders when they dropped down to 185 lbs. As a light heavyweight, Brian Stann who is a guy I respect a lot was not a top contender in this division and neither was Tim Boetsch. Also, what he did to those guys was like the perfect style for him because neither of those guys are great on the ground so all he had to do was take them down and grind them out a little bit.

Styles make fights and he’s top 10 based on his six wins in the UFC but style wise he just had perfect fights and I don’t think I’m a perfect fight for him. I think if anything he’s a perfect fight for me because he’s going to take me where I want to be.

Even if he keeps it standing, I don’t care because that’s like a lottery game and I feel I’d be a little bit luckier than him in that department. I’ve dropped a few guys with kicks and with punches before and I’ve never seen him drop anyone with his hands or even hurt anyone with his striking for that matter. That’s why I don’t understand why he feels that I don’t deserve to be in the Octagon with him because stylistically and skill wise I feel like I’m much better than him even without the UFC wins that he has.”

Thoughts on Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen

“People are used to seeing Chael talking and losing in title fights to Anderson Silva but I don’t think people realize that Anderson is a totally different animal than Jon Jones. I think Anderson is a much better fighter than Jon Jones and Jon hasn’t been tested off his back and that’s exactly where Chael is going to be able to put him.
I think Chael takes a decision in that fight, it’s a tough fight but I don’t see it as a mismatch like most people think it is. People just don’t get it and are like ‘oh well you know Chael hasn’t won a fight at light heavyweight in years and even when he fought at light heavyweight he lost’ and all this stuff but styles make matches.

Even though Anderson beat him both times, Chael’s style was perfect for him to beat Anderson and I think he’s also got the perfect style to beat Jones. He’s not going to be looking to trade punches, Chael is going to be looking to fight on the inside which could present some problems for Jones and I think Chael is more than capable of taking him down.

I don’t think Jones has the capability of submitting Chael off his back, not that he’s not good there but he’s not as good as Anderson is to be able to do that and it took Anderson five rounds to do it. Even when Anderson submitted him, from my point of view it was more of a mistake of Chael’s than Anderson being great on the ground. I won’t get as far to say that Chael finishes Jon but I definitely think he wins a decision.”

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19 Responses to “Exclusive| Vinny Magalhaes picks Sonnen to beat Jones by decision| UFC News”

  1. SMH says:

    didnt Vinny pick Chael to submit Silva as well??? yea that shows how good his predictions go lol

  2. Ruch says:

    Chael by spinning back fist XD

  3. 123 says:

    jon jones will dominate the fight, then tko or submit him

  4. Jujitsu Player says:

    Wow! Vinny picks his buddy Chael to win a fight…Big fan of Chael bu he is going to get completely dominated in this fight, striking, wrestling, everywhere.

  5. Sammy says:

    Chael is gona take him down, just like Matt Hamill was suppose to? Hamill is probably a better, stronger wrestler than Chael and he got thrown around like a rag doll. So good luck haha.

    • T.DADDY says:

      LMAO!!!! Really? Hamill? Lmao! Matt is slow and he telegraphs his takedowns… Sonnen is one of the best wrestlers in mma and might be the best in the MW division… He might not beat JBJ but he will be the first guy to take jones down… American Gangster all day bitches!

  6. Secludedly says:

    He is saying exactly what I have been saying. Jon WILL be on his back, and Chael is known to finish fights by arm triangle or decision after controlling guys the entire fight.

    What Chael has to be careful for is Jon’s elbows off his back. Jon WILL throw elbows from his back. So the question is really, “Can Chael keep Jon Jones down most of the fight and get the decision or submission while avoiding Jon’s attack from his back, or can Jones damage him enough to the point where he nullifies Chael’s wrestling and slip in a submission?”

    Chael has pillow fists and won’t be knocking anyone out anytime soon so we won’t count on that. In fact, Silva was taking shots without defending on purpose because his punches were so weak. Didn’t even leave a mark after five rounds of punching him.

    Jon can bust anyone open with his elbows and knees without question. He’s not that powerful in a knockout sense, but he can damage someone enough to throw them off their game and submit them.

    This, is a very even matchup. No one should count Chael out, ever. His fighting style may be boring, but he’s a beast and most likely the best wrestler MMA has seen to date. Jon Jones is the most lengthy and sharp fighter from inside and outside due to his reach and has power in the momentum of his attacks.

    I personally think Jones will win by a submission off his back. Maybe a kimura or leg triangle. If he does something stupid like intentionally pull guard again, then he’s as good as dead against Chael.

    • CanILive says:

      ill put money on it that he wont get Jon on his back.

    • WTF says:

      CHael is known to finish fights by arm triangle? He finished a fight by arm triangle once! Now in regards to the fight, Jon won’t get taken down by chael, no one has come even close to taking Jones down. Chael will be eating elbows, oblique kicks and will probably get taken down himself before getting submitted via triangle or arm bar.

  7. riga says:

    Sonnen is in my noble opinion a winner in many ways:
    even if he loses , Everybody condemned Jones after he refused the first time. but now everyone seems to forget and Jones is the hero again. People are so much changing their thoughts : well I love when an Underdog Steps up and i jump out of my seat when an Underdog actually wins. Nobody made Anderson look like a helpless chicken for 5 rounds but Chael. in all other cases Anderson made the biggest fighters of the planet look like monkeys in a most unrespectful way. The Second time i admit that Sonnen screwed it by being too self confident and he got beaten by the punch for that. if not for the spinning back fist i am sure he would have brought Anderson time after time on the ground. Let’s see how Jones (who i admire a lot) deal with that,

    • FlankSteak says:

      Chael is a winner in one way and one way only…he’s getting a fat paycheck for jumping the line. Good for him. Chael is a GREAT #2…he’s just not championship material. And all of this ‘If Chael wouldn’t have tried a spinning backfist’ crap is laughable. I guess you could say if Anderson didn’t kick Belfort square in the face, Belfort would have won? The backfist was something that happened in the fight that helped determine the outcome. Deal with it.

  8. PEE PEE says:



    • GRT 3000 says:

      I bet you will…and yeah he definitely dominated the champ on your gay birthday UFC 117. of course he had a Kentucky Derby Race Horse up his ass, but we won’t pay any attention to that.

  9. zack power says:

    Chael is spending too much time commentating for fuel and doing tuf to be in good enough shape to fight jj for 5 rounds, chaels gonna push him against the fence, drop for a single, eat some elbows, get dazed, gas out, back out, and then hes gettin dropped and eatin bows for a second round tko

  10. Kevin Richardson says:

    Vinny will not be found after the fight. It’s easy to make predictions before the fight. Where is he after the fight, when Sonnen is at the hospital getting 80 stitches because Jon Jones elbows have rearranged Sonnen face. This fight is going to make Dana White eat crow for arranging such a dumb match up. Sonnen talked the UFC into this bout, just like James Toney did against Couture.

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