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Friday, 08/31/2012, 11:01 am

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Pettis Picks Diaz – Thought Edgar Won And Ready For Cerrone

BJPENN.COM’s Lynn Mitchell caught up with Anthony Pettis at the UFC Gym Hawaii BJ Penn Grand Opening to get his take on the UFC’s lightweight division.


11 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Pettis Picks Diaz – Thought Edgar Won And Ready For Cerrone”

  1. will says:

    It’s about time. I honestly like both of these guys but I really hope Showtime takes this. Either way someone is getting knocked out JEAH!!!!

  2. Scotty says:

    Where did Pettis say pick Diaz over Henderson? All he said was Diaz is going to be a tough fight for henderson because he has a different style and is going to be a good one..

  3. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:


  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I can’t believe Pettis is even in the conversation for a title shot because he hasn’t even strung together an impressive streak of wins since he has been in UFC. He lost to guida not too long ago and showed huge hole in his game and he had a split decision win over Jeremy stephens who nowhere near ranked in top 20. Jim Miller had 7 wins row and G-sot had 6 afew years ago and now it only takes 1 or 2 wins to get a title shot in LW division. Until Pettis beats someone ranked in top 5 or so he needs to chill out and he has already has to have shoulder surgery at such young age. Thats a very bad sign.

  5. Dddddd says:

    Why do you think he’s fighting Cerone
    genious? You must not have had the time to follow Pettis fights being a doctor and
    all. I think Clays
    boring fight put together by Greg Jack me son
    was an obvious learning experience just like
    Maynard. Pettis is one of the few that didn’t
    wait for his shot and took a really bad matchup$ He did what he had to against
    Stevens who could knock a horse out
    so I understand him showing he could wrestle
    in that fight .Remember you said Clay exposed that hole? That was also a sweep
    in my mind. How many times has Joe
    Lozuan had his face kicked off?
    Pettis’ skills are beyond some people
    (you) and I’ll bet your wrist and shoulder
    are worn out from spanking the monkey.
    With all the work he’s put in to be that
    kind of an athlete and make a statement
    like that for all of MMA. Good job
    being the last person to whip the current
    so called champs ass Anthony!
    I believe in fighters who take chances
    and keep me entertained. I wish you weighed
    205 pounds so you could run up the wall
    and kick Jon Jones in the face but then again
    you’ll do it to the oversized eek out a
    decision champion at 205 or I mean 155.
    Bens a dork and so are you. I’m surprised
    your not a Fitch fan if you don’t like exciting
    Fighters. UFC is starting to stand for
    Ultimate Fuc$ing weight Cut

    • krafty11 says:

      someone needs to take a chill pill.. Agro Alert!!

    • Rini says:

      I agree what’s this weight cutting shit its cheating if u fight at a weight that’s what u should fight as Jon Jones cuts about 30 pounds b4 a fight then when he fights he puts it back on its not fair i no most fighters do it but its cheating and petis is a young version of bj Penn he’ll be champion and he’ll smash cowboy he’s overated he was to scared to hold diaz down and got lucky against melvin petis will be the next dominant lightweight champ

  6. GOAT says:

    PETTIS vs CERRONE both fighter I like, may the best man win, if this was a main event on ppv I be glad to paid for,anytime there’s two real warriors gives me hope for the sport i get to see a fight,and not a wrestling humping match

  7. RuPettis says:

    Pettis talks tough for somone that chubby and wearing make up. Both guys sound like high school drop-outs, only Cerrone is raking in the dough with each fight. Neither guy would make it past KFLO if he were still fighting. Florian vs Sherk 2?

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