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Saturday, 03/17/2012, 09:05 am

Exclusive Video: Kenny Johnson Talks About The Benefits Of His “BOLT” Wrestling System

Bolt Wrestling BJ Penn Trailer from steven moreno on Vimeo.


9 Responses to “Exclusive Video: Kenny Johnson Talks About The Benefits Of His “BOLT” Wrestling System”

  1. wrestle this!! says:

    i am actually pretty interested in this. I’ve often pondered a belt system in wrestling!

  2. jared says:

    looks cool and if BJ supports it I will probably check it out. Always looking for improvements! Thanks Kenny and BJPENN.COM!

  3. Jaedr says:

    I’m interested, is this something brand new or has anyone on here purchased it yet? I’ll probably buy it anyways hah.

  4. asdf says:

    Where can I torrent this? Thanks.

  5. Eye Trane UFC says:

    always looking for knowledge.. this is the same guy that trains Paul Daley too and even though Daley lost his last fight he was able to take a World class Judoka down almost at will… I’m def gonna take a chance an buy the system. Kenny if this is the white belt? when’s the next step come out? or is it out already?

  6. Mike says:

    Good shit! Up to this point, wrestling has just been you get your ass kicked until you get better! If you don’t get better, you should quit!!! Good stuff, good stuff!

  7. Vince says:

    I’ve never seen an instructional like that before, most of them look cheap haha. I think I’m picking this up.

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