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Monday, 11/26/2012, 11:00 am

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | BJ PENN 175 Pounds – Almost On Fight Weight!! | UFC NEWS

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn, checks in two weeks before fight night!

Song courtesy of Orange Grove – Haffi Fall Down


84 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | BJ PENN 175 Pounds – Almost On Fight Weight!! | UFC NEWS”

  1. DiZeo says:

    Wow, he looks really in shape.. I don’t remember seeing BJ in such a great shape..
    I hope he beats the crap out of Rory..

    • GET RI OF FITCH (forever) says:

      OFF TOPIC: Rockhold injured (yeah right) another Strikeforce champ that doesn’t want to risk losing before going to UFC. ALL RISK NO REWARD just like Melendez. These guys are just playing the system just like all UFC guys have been doing in last year or two jockying for better matchups

  2. James Yager says:

    Looking Awesome BJ!!!! You da BEST!!!

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Looking good BJ!!… good luck Dec 8th!

  4. ricky says:

    BJ looks ripped!!

    • DaveyB says:

      BJ looks “ripped”??? Compared to Roy Nelson maybe, but that’s about it. He looks soft and unimpressive. Look at GSP if you want to see “ripped”. You diet, sacrifice ALL YEAR long, do resistance training and REAL cardio and you get a body like GSP. Train at the last possible moment in a pork-loving, half-assed manner and you get a body reminiscent of Richard Simmons…or BJ. DON’T FORGET TO WATCH HIS FUNERAL WILL BE DEC. 8th!

      • justin says:

        You are a fucking idiot. You’ve got to be half brain dead if you don’t think gsp is juicing. I think your boner to gsp is blinding you. Nick Diaz trains year round and check him vs gsp.

        People like you make the fans of this sport look bad. Youall root for the bigger more roided up guy. I hope bj beats the fuck out of Rory and shuts all you idiots up.

      • Taylor says:

        Go off yourself you keyboard warrior piece of shit!

      • ted says:

        How come Davey and GetRidofFitch is not banned yet?? Please banned their IP adresses. Nobody likes them.. PLEASE BAN THEM BJ

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Nice name “TED” is your daddy “Ted Bundy”
          piece of sh’t i have forgotten more about MMA tham you are capable of knowing in 100 lifetimes. Have you ever had your ass kicked by an old man little b’tch

      • Trey says:

        GSP has accually said before that he lifts weights and does extra exercises just to look “ripped” because he just likes looking like that but he said being in shape has nothing to do with how ripped you look. BJ Penn is a two-time UFC champion and thats the best hes looked. Anderson doesnt look like a very scary man but look what hes does.

      • Calimike says:

        Wow bro you sound so stupid . Gsp is hot and ripped? Wtf? Serious? So you really believe that? I guess you need to tell silva that chick Congo is the pound for pound best fighter in the world.. Lol. Kinda scary your not talking fight but bodies..I guess your favorite part is the weigh in right?

        • OI!! says:

          If you would read before posting you would see that he is responding to an earlier post. Though I feel you lack the intelligence to comprehend any of this and I am just wasting my time with you.

          Good day Sir

      • RonDon808 says:

        Bah, all I gotta say is get off your keyword warrior trip and wake the heck up. Mcdonald is in for a wake up call!!! Mcdonald’s biggest mistake was giving BJ time to ramp for this fight by cutting himself a cut on his forhead he gave our boy a ampful enough time to take it serious. Roids or no roids, BJ is back with a vengeance for dat camp and dat faka Mcdonald is about to get smashed. CHEEEEEEEEEEE

      • Playboy says:

        DaveyB, I bet your body better than BJ’s too LOL!! Some sa ‘when you sleep with itchy bum woke up witha smelly finger!’ Here my middle finger right on your face!!!

      • DaveyB says:

        Sorry I want everyone to know I stand corrected. I was speaking from my butt, I’ve never trained BJJ, took up boxing or practiced kicking or wrestling. I train my fingers putting up ignorant post from my smart ass phone in my rented apartment. In short I am not a professional athlete.

      • Fighter Spirit says:

        Two things, one he is ripped for BJ. He has not looked this good physically since the Sanchez or Florian fight. Second, why come on BJ’s website just to hate?!?

      • Isaac says:

        Bj don’t have to be strong or ripped to knock rory out just saying buddy

  5. Sean says:

    The Muhammad Ali of mma. I think hes got this

  6. Xaninho says:

    Great way to shut up the haters! He looks in great shape! He’s gonna stomp Roidy.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I will never forget how much nasty a’ss BACKNE ROIDY had at the Nick Diaz fight. Worse than Sonnen’s in first Silva fight and he had the testosterone level of 16 men. Any bets a little cleaner ROIDY won’t be anywhere near as strong as he was against Nate Diaz. I wonder if VADA tests for EPO’s?

  7. BJ should says:

    fight at LW in that shape! Looking good, BJ. Your boxing will be difference. KO win for BJ, second round.

    Dec 8 can’t get here fast enough!!!!!

  8. MG says:

    You got this fight BJ! Good luck!

  9. some guy says:

    i hope you stomp a mud hole in rory’s face and shut that pimple faced geek up!!!

  10. korean jesus says:

    get um BJ!

  11. Taylor says:

    Looking great BJ!!! So stoked to be going to this card in Seattle! Can’t wait to see you put pimple boy to sleep!

  12. Daniel says:

    Looking strong and in shape BJ! Motivated to say the least… just scrap!!!!!

  13. Secludedly says:

    Wow. I can’t remember BJ looking this lean and muscular ever before. He’s going to mess up some face in December.

  14. Ilaijah says:

    Cheeee the best fighter to ever live.. I can’t wait, Dec 8th hurry! BJ PENN IS AND WILL BE THE BEST “FIGHTER” IN THE WORLD! HAWAII BOYZ!!! WE STAND AS ONE, NOTHING IS IMPOSSILE!!! IMUA!!!

  15. Rafal says:

    wtf?! Best form eva! :d Gooooooo BJ!

  16. Kobra Commander says:

    I dont ever remember BJ looking this big & cut. New workout regime must be working. You’re my favorite fighter of all time ! I hope its a good fight. Good Luck brother.

  17. EP says:

    Good Sh*t BJ! Thats what I love to see… You look like youre in amazing shape brotha. Now its just time to go in there and handle business.. shut all these f*cking punk ass haters up … show them why you are The Prodigy and a Legend to MMA, give Rorys bitch ass a reality check so he wake up out of his fantasy … and give a big F U to that shit*hole gym TriStar and Faras! TEAM PENN ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

  18. MolokaiBoy says:

    F yah! BEAST MODE BJ! Get em boss, knock his head off and knock him clean out. Let your hands do all the talking Hawaiian. Good to see you at the party saturday night. Go get some B, Much alohaz bro and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your ohana. TOp Shape cuz

  19. Ly-er says:

    Lookin’ great BJ! Must be that “Force Factor”!!! Lmao. Good LUck

  20. Sienne says:

    Looks likes in really good shape.

    Smells like the good old BJ we liked to watch kicking asses.

    Which u a good win champ !

    Btw, what is the name of the music on this vid ?

    • Scotty says:

      Orange Grove – Haffi Fall Down is the song playing..

      BJ looking in shape but he is only 175 2 weeks out of the fight.. He is going to walk in at the weigh ins at 168-170 and will be the same at fight time.. As rory will be about 190 at fight time.. Just hope BJ can get in here, throw some solid punches and end it quick! Don’t want rory using his size and just laying on BJ for a couple rounds..

    • Jacob says:

      Hey Sienne,
      We are Orange Grove, song is called Haffi Fall Down. Album is Fingerprint.
      You can download all our music for free at ..we’re also on iTunes, Spotify etc etc.
      Working on the new album now.
      BIG UPS to BJ PENN and all his SUPPORTERS!

  21. marc says:

    wow BJ atta boy looking mean

  22. Z says:

    Aye BJ!! You lookin great bro!! Looks like you have really been conditioning yourself, can tell you have been really working hard, keep it up PRODIGY!!!!

  23. brad lawrence says:

    O snap gettum champ! !!

  24. Ddddddd says:

    You’ll bust every boil with one shot

  25. magoo says:

    Damn your looking great BJ, I was really hating this fight a few months ago, but now I’m thinking this fights gonna be tight….. Good luck beej

  26. vic the brick says:

    Thats what i am talking about brah! you back in shape… War PENN

  27. Wiki Mai says:

    As a big fan of BJ from mainland China. I am looking fordward to seeing BJ defeat Mcdonald in Dec 8th. You are simply the Greatest light weight of all time! GO! GO! GO! BJ!!!

  28. Martin says:

    Happy to see you are in good shape for this one BJ. Always going to support you no matter what. Just go in there and scrap like you always do. Then the outcome doesnt matter, you will always be a winner in my eyes after all you have accomplished. That being said, go, smash, win:P
    By the way, like someone else asked, What is the song in the clip?

  29. CalvinC says:

    I guess if BJ is 175 now, and it’s two weeks out till the weigh he doesn’t really drop that much water weight. I’m just used to hearing fighters dropping like 10 lbs of water weight the week of the fight.

  30. dave says:

    first of all bj is my fav fighter ever,,,however he looks good if he is going drop 20pnds an fight at lw..he does not belong in ww. rory is going do him just like gsp did..look who he training with…the best guy is jay the joke herien,,, this is a funeral..rory is cutting down to 170 fro 200,,i respect bj for having balls ,,but when will he learn there are weight classes for a reason

  31. […] started to see what BJ Penn was capable of when he took training seriously. A new video posted on BJ’s website shows an in shape fighter ready to go with two weeks before the […]

  32. MOHAMMED ISLAM says:

    BJ looks better than he ever did. Just need to be focused on beating his current opponent who is very good. You can do it BJ.

  33. Martin says:

    No one knows what song is used with the clip?
    Sounds cool!

    • Jacob says:

      Hey Martin,
      We are Orange Grove, song is called Haffi Fall Down. Album is Fingerprint.
      You can download all our music for free at ..we’re also on iTunes, Spotify etc etc.
      Working on the new album now.
      BIG UPS to BJ PENN and all his SUPPORTERS!

  34. Victor the Great says:

    BJ PENN,

    One of the greatest we will ever see compete. So much respect for fighting juiced up monsters. BJ Penn put the little guys on the map so whether you’re a fan of him or not, show some respect.

  35. Shady says:

    As usual he will give up when the shit hits the fan

  36. DBKlein69 says:

    i wish bj was fighting at 155 but this is exactly what seperates him from silva and st-pierre. he doesn’t give a sh*t how much bigger his opponent is. this has fight of the year written all over it.

  37. the dragon says:

    He doesn’t look that great, has anyone ever seen Thiago Alves? It’s not how he looks, it’s what’s on the inside and his cardio has always been bad. We don’t need oldschool Penn back, oldschool Penn had terrible cardio and fought one dimensional fighters, we need new school penn, footwork, cardio and at least a six pack, the penn that fought Sanchez

  38. Spencer says:

    Considering BJ is fighting at 170 he looks pretty good, he normally looks a little flabby at welterweight. Im guessing he puts some muscle back on. Yeah he doesnt look like GSP but hes not cutting 30 extra pounds of water weight to make 170. Also being “ripped” doesnt mean your some amazing fighter. Anderson Silva typically looks a little soft at 185 and 205 but has that made much of a difference? Not really. Former great champs like Shogun, Fedor, Hendo and valasquez arnt shredded by any means.

  39. Tony says:

    Uh…has BJ EVER looked like that? The reality of it is that BJ is better than Rory everywhere. Sorry, it’s true. Rory got lit up by Che Mills when they were standing and BJ has UNREAL takedown defense when in shape (see the destruction of Diego Sanchez for more).

    I was hesitant to jump on the Penn bandwagon earlier but I’ve got to eat my words…BJ wins by second (at latest) round destruction. This is not going to end well for Rory.

  40. Drewyoo says:

    Wow Man! BJ is looking ripped! Never seen the prodigy in this shape, didn’t think it was possible..Kick some Ass BJ!

  41. Joe says:

    BJ is really a 155 lb fighter , he is not that good at 170 and will get beat. his days of being a great fighter are way behind him and he will learn that. Hawiians are normally lazy people and he is no exception ( he does not train, likes to run around with yes people that just are kling ons and think he is a god.

  42. Marcus D. says:

    I get the feelin BJ gona come out better than ever for this fight and knock Rory’s nerdy ass clean out in the first.

  43. CombatRusse says:

    I think that being at weight this early before the fight proves that BJ will have a hell of stamina.
    Don’t count on tiring BJ you mother fucker Feraz.
    Hopefully BJ will destroy the face of Roidy. Then GSP will get fucked by the spider and then by Johny Hendricks. After that BJ will get the rematch of a lifetime where he’ll finally close his glorious fighting carreer by putting a Rear naked choke on GSP.

    • Drew says:

      That was pretty chilling dude cuz to bj that is his ultimate tip of the cap to finish his career and he deserves for all he’s done the sport and the community of hawaii

  44. Hot Sally says:


    Are you working the Fart Sniff Defense for this fight? What if Rory cuts the cheese? Will you be ready for it, brah?

  45. cubs says:


  46. Shadleigh says:

    BJ looks in really good shape. Usually whenever he fights at WW he looks soggy in his midsection and has a small gut. Right now he has a flat and toned abdominal area. He also looks like he has put on some upper body muscle. This is by far the best shape BJ has ever been in for a WW bout. I hope BJ actually being in shape translates to a win against a beast in Macdonald.

  47. joe mac says:

    Bj looks ripped. I always wanted to see a mike tyson-boxing style in the ufc. Would love to see bj using hooks and upper cuts. lots of head movement and footwork with rory.

  48. Dick Diaz says:

    WAR BJ!!!!!!!! KICK HIS BUTT!!!

  49. Jay says:

    I never seen BJ look that chiselled at 170 before. Wow!

  50. Nunya says:

    Im rooting for you BJ. This will be a great fight!

  51. kushites says:

    Rory said BJ was eating quarter pounders. The only McDonaldʻs that BJ is gonna pound is Rory Bwoy!

  52. davefl says:

    all u idiots talking about him being on weight is so great now…u assholes frget that for the diaz vs penn beating bj was drinking water and eating food to reach 170 …bj is a light weight,,if he was not lazy to cut 15to20 pounds ike the rest he would be chamo again,,but he is just a punching bag at 170..

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