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Monday, 02/11/2013, 10:12 am

EXCLUSIVE | TUF 17 Fighter Adam Cella Blogs For BJPENN.COM (PART 2) | UFC News


Blog for, Episode 3, “Embrace the suffering” By Adam Cella

What’s going on everyone? Its Adam Cella here again with this weeks blog, and its a tough one for me to write….. I think everyone knows why! We will start from the beginning. The show starts off with the fight pick being myself versus Uriah Hall. I instantly realized the potential of how great and entertaining of a fight we could possibly have, and I brought it to Uriah’s attention. I think that he realized at that point, I wasn’t scared of him, which I believe most people were at that point.

The next few scenes sort of show that Uriah has a few issues with Josh, and then cuts right to having a problem with King at practice. I started getting the idea that Uriah may not be as tough mentally as he is physically. He talked about being bullied as a kid, and I guess he thought Josh was “bullying” him. And with King, he got the better of Uriah while grappling (King is a black belt, Uriah is not…DUH! It happens), but he seemed to almost get mad about it. Then it all makes sense, he confides in Chael, that he has an issue with the mental part of fighting, in turn gets great advice from his coach. A few scenes of each team training, and we weigh in. I know Uriah has a tough time making weight, and in this fight, I had to cut zero weight. So we weigh in and he looks like an action figure, and I don’t!

Coach Bones came out to the house and brought dinner, and we all had what we call “fire talks”. Basically we all went around and talked about why we fight, and a little bit of our backgrounds. Just really got to know each other, remember it was only the second week together, so we didn’t really start bonding until that night.

Now, its fight time! We had a really good game plan of putting pressure on him the whole time, and he would get tired. And watching the fight back we started out like every other fight. Jabs, leg kicks, just a feeling out process. I feel like he won the first two minutes of the round, he landed a couple jabs and a few sidekicks that pushed me down, but didn’t do any damage. Then I feel like our plan was working and the pressure of me coming forward, was wearing him down and I was stealing the round back. Ten second clap hits and boom! Spinning hook kick connected and I was out! I woke up in the back of an ambulance and a lot of it rushed back to me and I realized what had happened…I got knocked out. I just wasn’t sure how. Everyone was freaking out so I assumed it was pretty badass to see, just sucks it was at my expense. Uriah showed what a class act he is by saying a few nice things at the end the show. Conrats to him!

The show concluded with the next week fight pick, which team Sonnen, had the choice again. They chose “King” Kevin Casey to take on Collin Hart. This actually ends up being one of my favorite fights, so tune in next week and check out all the craziness that goes with this fight.


4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | TUF 17 Fighter Adam Cella Blogs For BJPENN.COM (PART 2) | UFC News”

  1. Chris says:

    That was a tough KO to watch. Uriah was clearly upset as well and I was glad to see that. It showed the human side to fighters. I was super impressed that Adam wasn’t afraid of Uriah at all. I think a lot of guys would have soiled themselves. Uriah is a beast. He definitely is showing some cracks in his armor though. The mental game is huge in any sport, and MMA is no exception. I’m liking this season so far and look forward to the next episode.

  2. Ainokea says:

    That was cool, Cella being respectful like that. You took that like a man and I hope you can get into the UFC and do well.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    yeah Uriah keeps his hands To low. he is going to get KO’ed this season if he keeps it up… or keeps those hands down haha.

    Im going with the wrestler on Jones team. the guy that looks like beanie wells back up in Arizona.

  4. jayrod says:

    Adam is wrong Uriah is a Black Belt!! but everyone regardless of belt or not gets tapped out,,just part of the game,,training,,and the learning process,,Adam did show a lot of heart and did a lot better than everybody including myself thought he would do!! he should take the knockout as a lesson of the game and keep fighting on!!

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