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Wednesday, 06/12/2013, 09:38 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Thiago Silva Willing to Move Up in Weight to Fight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva | Radio


| Our boys Pedro Carrasco and George Mathews were back in shop on Wednesday (June 12th) for the latest episode of Radio and they were joined by recent ‘Fight of the Night’ and ‘Knock Out of the Night’ bonus winner, UFC light heavyweight contender Thiago Silva. Silva is fresh off of the heels of a KO of Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante last Saturday at UFC on FUEL TV 10 in Brazil and the vicious striker was kind enough to stop in and discuss the latest news. Silva talked about his victory over “Feijao’, what he feels is next in his career, and, in lieu of Bigfoot Silva recently calling Thiago out following his win over ‘Feijao’, talked about Antonio and his strange threats and accusations toward him. Here are some of the highlights from that interview:

First Thiago spoke about how he was feeling now that the win over Cavalcante has had time to sink. He explained, “I feel good man, I feel happy.”

The conversation then quickly shifted toward the recent drama that has been kicked-up between UFC heavyweight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Thiago following his KO of “Feijoa”. Silva, who used to train at American Top Team with ‘Bigfoot’, addressed a possible fight with Bigfoot and seemed more than happy to make it happen, if the circumstances were right:

“I can’t say too much about Bigfoot, you know? We used to train together, I know him, you know, I think he’s a hater. He’s jealous because I just beat his friend. If he wants to fight me, its ok, come to 205. Or much better; I’ll give you an idea; we can do like a catch weight, you know, like 220 pounds, 230, I don’t know, if he drops. I’ll do it, no problem. I want to fight. I fight for money, you know, and I like to beat stupid people like him. So if he wants to fight me we can do a catch weight at 220 pounds and I’ll be ready to beat him. Bet on that.”

Silva, with his KO of Rafael Cavalcante, places himself in a very nice position in the UFC light heavyweight division. Although a catch-weight fight seems interesting, it may be better fr Silva to focus on toppling the competition in his own division. With that being said, what’s more exciting than watching a scrap where there is bad blood involved? The fight seems intriguing and Silva said he’d be more than happy to oblige but he also explained that he doesn’t really understand why Antonio is trying to pick a fight with him. He went on to explain why he felt that Bigfoot was trying to start beef with him:

“To be honest, I have no idea. I think it’s because I left American Top Team. You know, but he knows why I left America Top Team.  There’s no, nothing special. I left American Top Team because there’s no coach, you know, they don’t teach you nothing, they just give you water, you know? So, that’s why I left American Top Team. I don’t know, like I said, he’s a hater, he’s jealous, and he’s mad because I beat his friend. That’s what I think the reason is, you know? So, and then like I said, again, if he wants to fight me we can do a catch-weight, 225, I’ll be ready to beat the shit out of him, you know?”

Thiago then continued by explaining to the boys at Radio that picking a fight with him is not only unwarranted but it was also a mistake on Bigfoot’s part. He

“Ok, every sparring we did together, he never did nothing to me. So, I can say I used to beat him every day at the gym. And uh, yeah, I don’t know why he wants to fight me. He knows I’m better than him. He knows I used to beat the crap out of him, you know. So I don’t know. He’s mad and he’s jealous, like I said. So, he wants fight me I’ll be ready. I fight for money, you know? It would be awesome beating him again.”

Pedro Carrasco then mentioned the fact that Bigfoot Silva called out Thiago for leaving American Top Team for Boca Raton, Florida to settle camp with the Blackzilians but as a matter of fact Bigfoot did the exact same thing but left Florida to head back to ATT when Overeem started training with the Blackzilians as well. On the hypocrisy in Bigfoot’s judgments toward him he said,

“Like I said, I don’t want to give credit to him, you know? But he’s a hater. Everywhere he goes, he see’s someone better than him, you know, he feels like he’s in danger and he doesn’t want to stay, you know? Blackzilians gave the opportunity to him to join the team, you know, they treated him like a brother, you know, and he just left because of Overeem.”

He continued by stating, “He has no flag. He goes where people give something to him. If you don’t have nothing to offer, you know, he doesn’t go. He doesn’t respect nobody. He has no flag. So yeah, I don’t like the guy. Definitely I don’t like him and I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”

So what do you think, Penn Nation? Would you want to see a catch-weight fight between these two Brazilians or do you believe that Thiago has better fights to eye in his own division? Let’s hear you opinions, fight fans.

For more exclusive interviews and updates on Thiago Silva listen to Radio and stay posted to MMA News.

Jake Chastain




0 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Thiago Silva Willing to Move Up in Weight to Fight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva | Radio”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    Theirs some good match ups for him at 205.Mousasi,Shogun,Teixeira,etc.but this match up with him and Bigfoot seems intriguing tooThey have a score to settle?FCK IT,let ’em settle it like man,:And Get Paid For It!And what better place to settle it than the octagon.Let Thiago handle his biz at HW,and go back to his weight class

  2. Thom1 says:

    I dont think Bigfoot can even make 230

  3. JAYT says:

    I fukking love Thiago Silva, he’s the modern Wanderlei, hes beat the shiit out of every opponenet exept Lyoto. He slapped RASHAD around and Mauler is top LHW and it was back and fourth. TOO BAD he never had the fight with QUINTON AND SHOGUN, fireworks there. Hopefully they match him with Glover someday. If you’re a REAL Fan of MMA you have to respect the strikers for giving it all

  4. Tincat says:

    Jake Chastain,

    I love the interview and hearing about the rivalry… but that smashed together collection of font sizes, bolds, italics and color changes looks like you let your 8 year old loose to format your article.

    It was very VERY hard on the eyes to read.

    Great topic though and I hope we do get to see this match.

  5. Chiggz says:

    Make it Happen Dana!!!! Not a big fan of either, but Big Head is a douche and at least Thiago seems some what genuine and comes to scrap hard everytime…but that just might be the roid rage too.either way love to see Silva Ko him

  6. dave says:

    That pussy knows it’s physically impossible for Bigfoot to make 220, what a bitch

    • Tincat says:


      Bigfoot threw down the challenge saying he wanted to cut to 205 for a fight…

      Thiago in response knows that wont happen so is willing to catch weight at 220-230 to make it happen.

      That’s pretty much the opposite of being a bitch.

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