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Thursday, 05/16/2013, 01:53 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Thiago Silva Doesn’t Like Fighting Brazilians Or Friends, But Vows To Be Even More Aggressive Against Feijao | BJPENN.COM RADIO

Thiago Silva, one of the more daunting figures in the UFC’s 205-lb. division, spoke with Radio Wednesday night to talk about his upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 10 bout schedules for June 8. The fight will be Thiago’s (14-3-2) first fight in Brazil since he moved to the US 7 years ago, and he will be facing a fellow Brazilian in Rafael Cavalcante (11-3).

This fight will be Thiago’s first of 2013, and the 30 year old Brazilian will be looking to make a statement against Cavalcante in order to pull himself from a frustrating couple of years. In 2010-2011, Silva went 0-2-2, a doubtlessly frustrating stretch of time for a fighter who began his professional career with 13 consecutive wins.

“The last two years were very frustrating for me,” said Silva. “I made my mistakes, and I paid for it. But the thing is, right now, I’m very focused on my fights, on my career, on my life. So what I want to do is just fight hard, because I think the best way to stay on top, you gotta fight hard, you know what I mean, you gotta train hard, you gotta keep your mind free and just do what you have to do. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m focused on my train[ing]. I’m keeping my head free. I stopped doing sh*t like I did.”

Having moved his training from American Top Team to the Blackzilian camp at the Jaco Hybrid Training Center, Thiago Silva is focused and ready to take on his next opponent, Rafael Cavalcante.

“Rafael, he’s a very tough guy, but I think I’m tough too, you know, I’m doing my job. I’m training hard every day. I see a tough fight, you know, both have a good stand-up; but I’m going to knock him out, that’s what I can say. I’m going to win, doesn’t matter what, I’m going to do my job… I’m OK with standing with anyone, you know? I think I feel comfortable on my feet, also I’m a [BJJ] black belt too. I would like to knock him out, of course, but a fight’s a fight- we never know. Of course I’m going to try to use the right opportunity to finish the fight. If I need to finish on the ground, OK let’s do it. But like I said, I feel comfortable on my feet, I want to keep this fight standing.”

Not only will Silva be fighting in his native country of Brazil, but he will be fighting a friend and fellow Brazilian in Cavalcante.

“You know,” Thiago said of the experience, “I’m very happy to fight in Brazil because I don’t fight in Brazil for like 7 years. Actually, since I moved to the US, I haven’t fought in Brazil. I’m living here for like 6, 7 years; so yes, for sure, it’s a great opportunity to fight in Brazil. To be honest, I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys, you know, because we are friends. I know Rafael. We are very good friends. We’ve known each other for a very long time. But this is my job, you know, I have to do what I have to do. It’s very simple.”

Thiago says that the fans can expect to see the same fighter in June, with his intense stare and aggressive style. No matter who his opponent may be, Silva says, he will be able to separate what he does inside the cage from his life outside the cage.

“Definitely you guys gonna see the same Thiago Silva, but even more aggressive because friends’ [are] friends, but business is business. He wants what I want, I want the belt, he wants the belt, you know, so I’m going to come after my dream. I want to be a champion, I want to fight hard, and that’s what I’m gonna do. You friend’s going to be your friend outside the cage, inside the cage it’s totally different. So definitely I’m going hard, I’m moving, I’m going offensive, I’m going to be very aggressive, I’m going to move forward as always I do.”

Thiago had a lot more to say in this interview about his training and lifestyle, so be sure to look for the next two portions in the coming days. You can listen to the entire episode of Radio here or in the player below.


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  1. Deathstriker says:

    Blackzilians? Ha good luck.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    I think he would be well prepared if he trained with Duke Roufus camp.Diverse his aggressive striking a bit,and sharpen his grappling.Feijao is a tough SOB so he better be prepared.Both of these guys are great fighters,but have been taking their lumps as of late.They’re both gonna wanna come in to make a statement on each other.I would say guaranteed KO from someone.

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